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Talking to your children about what to expect is vital

Tips For Heading Back To School This Year

The Advice You Need to Send Your Kids Back to School Safely This Year At this time of the year, across the country parents and their children are contemplating an idea they've been putting off during the summer months: going back to school. Every year, the end of the summer holidays represents different things to […]


Written on 30 January 2022

6 minutes reading time
How do you play chess?

The Best Tips For Learning Chess

Everything You Need to Learn How to Play Chess Chess is beautiful enough to waste your life for. — Hans Ree Did you know that 62 million households tuned in to Netflix to watch The Queen's Gambit in the first 28 days after it was released? Were you one of them? Did it ignite a desire […]


Written on 22 October 2021

7 minutes reading time
Finding a quality tutor is key to learning online
Online Tutoring

Where To Find Online Lessons For Any Subject

Getting Help From An Online Tutor The tutoring market in Australia is a growing $1.3 billion industry, used by a quarter of the students in Australia to support their own education or that of their child. It is widely believed that private tuition fills an academic gap that overworked teachers in increasingly large classes cannot. […]


Written on 1 September 2021

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changing careers as a teacher is easy
Advice for Tutors

Jobs For Ex Teachers Who Need New Careers

Time for a Change? Options for Careers After Teaching It doesn't matter how long you've been a teacher, at some point, you will probably realise you need to get out of the classroom. The attrition rate in the education sector is alarmingly high — up to 50 per cent of beginning teachers resign in the […]


Written on 26 January 2021

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Chemistry Tutoring In Adelaide

Studying SACE Chemistry and Where to get Support Chemistry is one of those subjects students either love at school or tolerate because they have to study it. Up until the end of Year 10 in high school, chemistry is mandatory. From Year 11 onwards, students can either choose to continue studying it or move in […]

6 May 20226 minutes reading time

Mathematics plays a bigger role in your life than you might think

Why Maths is Important in Everyday Life

Maths in Everyday Life Mathematics! The discipline that sends many a student into a cold sweat, from primary school to high school and the HSC: Some students brave it and venture into maths in higher education, at degree level or beyond. Maths is everywhere. Whether you aspire to study sociology, psychology, physics, biology or even economics, math […]

5 May 202216 minutes reading time

Oligarchies all practise tyranny and have great wealth

What Do Oligarchs Have to do With the War Economy?

Oligarchs and the War Economy Until very recently, hardly anyone gave oligarchs any thought. That's not just us saying that; Collins' trend line shows lookups for 'oligarch' were on the rise as early as 2008. Elsewhere around the web, more recent trend graphs show more immediate record heights. Our neglect of oligarchs and their realms […]

15 April 20227 minutes reading time

Geopolitics and economics were upended by COVID

The Battle Against COVID

How Fighting COVID Cost the Economy There were warning signs. Asian countries had battled a terrible and widespread SARS (sudden acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak that started in 2002 and lasted for two years. A decade later, the first case of MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) was reported. Meanwhile, African nations, still battling AIDS after all […]

15 April 20227 minutes reading time

Cooking lessons in Perth

Finding Cooking Classes in Perth

How to Find Cooking Classes in Perth Perth is most well known for its year-round warm climate and beautiful beaches, to accompany the beautiful landscape there are plenty of amazing restaurants, cafes and events dotted around the city where you can taste cuisines ranging from Spanish, Italian, Indian, French and not to mention the fabulous […]

13 March 20226 minutes reading time

Prepare your own breakfast

Cooking Classes in Adelaide and Where to Find Them

Learning How to Cook in Adelaide Adelaide and South Australia are very well known for its local and beautiful wine regions, however it is also fast becoming well known for its food and restaurant scene. With plenty of up and coming cafes and eateries in and around the city, Adelaide is definitely a city to […]

12 March 20227 minutes reading time

Baking from scratch

Where to Find Cooking Classes in Canberra

Cooking Classes and Restaurants in Canberra Australia's capital is fast becoming a city held in high regard for its blossoming food scene. For lovers of fine dining, cooking classes, intimate wine bars and cafes Canberra is a wonderful city to seek out these kinds of experiences and more. If you are someone who is passionate […]

12 March 20226 minutes reading time

Get started on your culinary journey

How to Find Cooking Classes in Brisbane

Where to Find Cooking Classes in Brisbane Knowing how to cook is a life skill that sometimes is thought of more as an obligated task rather than an enjoyable experience unless you're a passionate chef in a restaurant. Cooking is about more than just preparing food, for many people the kitchen is the heart of […]

11 March 20226 minutes reading time

gender identity pronouns

What is a gender identity pronoun?

How important are gender identity pronouns today? Language changes according to the needs and changes that society is undergoing. We see this happening in every field and context with expressions, expanded vocabulary, but also in how we address one another. Some changes might happen faster than what we can understand, and this might make language […]

3 May 20226 minutes reading time

Gender identity for kids

How to talk to your child about gender?

How to address gender with children as a parent or teacher? The conversation about gender is constantly improving and evolving, making younger people more aware of the gender binary than a decade ago. However, not every parent is properly equipped or informed to address the gender binary with their kids or pupils. This article will […]

3 May 20227 minutes reading time

kids and the gender spectrum

How to raise your child beyond gender roles

How to raise kids beyond gender expectations? As our societies evolve, gender roles are being questioned by younger generations and new expectations are coming into place. These changes in behaviour, roles or rules, and identities are everywhere, being informed and aware of them allows you to raise your children beyond gender expectations. What is gender? […]

2 May 20226 minutes reading time

Gender dysphoria

Supporting your child with gender dysphoria

How to support your child through gender dysphoria? Understanding gender is constantly evolving, and this can make it very challenging when having no experience with gender-expansive children. Here, we will give you an overview of how to best support your child through dysphoria. A very important step in understanding gender, gender identity and sex are: […]

1 May 20226 minutes reading time


Ten Steps for Your Boxing Fitness Training

Train Like A Boxer in 10 Steps “Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” – Sugar Ray Robinson There aren't a million different ways to progress in a sport! You have to sweat and be motivated: if you're lazy and prefer your […]

4 May 202212 minutes reading time

Finding the right boxing coach for your training regime

How to Box with a Boxing Coach

Learn How to Box with a Private Boxing Coach! “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali You’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally you’ve decided to put yourself to […]

26 April 20226 minutes reading time

The Most Ideal Boxing Classes for Women

The Most Ideal Types of Boxing for Women! Boxing has long been perceived as a predominantly male sport, and it's so easy for any of us to start rattling off the names of male boxers: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather....see my point? However, boxing is now being seen more and more as a sport […]

25 April 20226 minutes reading time

Women’s Boxing Classes

The Benefits of Female Boxing Classes Boxing is a total body workout, with both physical and mental benefits. And it’s not only men who can reap the rewards but women too! Here, we will explore the numerous physical benefits of boxing for women: cardiovascular, respiratory, and also muscular. After all, you might already be ready […]

24 April 20227 minutes reading time

Japanese pop culture

What Are the Most Popular Japanese Films?

The Best Films of Nippon Japanese entertainment is, without a doubt, one of the best in the world. From classical Japanese art like Kabuki, a type of theatre drama on UNESCO’s list of Intangible World Heritage, to modern-day anime and video games, like the widely popular Super Smash Bros of Masahiro Sakurai - Japanese culture […]

4 May 202210 minutes reading time

How to find spanish tutoring in Australia

Spanish Test in Australia: How to Get Certified

Find a Spanish Teacher to Pass your Spanish Test Did you know that Spanish is spoken by no less than 440 million people worldwide? It is the second most spoken language by the number of native speakers and for this reason, more and more people both in Australia and around the world are rushing to […]

24 March 20229 minutes reading time

How to speak Spanish?

How to Speak Spanish With a Tutor

Spanish Lessons: How to Find the Right Tutor? How to speak Spanish? Is learning Spanish hard? How can I pick the best Spanish lessons in Australia? For many English speakers, Spanish is one of the most obvious languages to learn. But how to know if you are making the right call about learning Spanish and choosing […]

24 March 20228 minutes reading time

Where to find spanish lessons

How Much do Spanish Lessons Cost?

What is the Price of a Spanish Tutor? ¿Quieres aprender a hablar español? ¿Estás buscando un tutor para aprender español? Where you able to understand the above questions? Good for you! Are you absolutely clueless about what they say? Then maybe it's time to start some Spanish lessons. If you are interested in starting Spanish lessons […]

23 March 20227 minutes reading time

How can you sing a cappella?

Singing A Cappella

Learning to Sing without any Instruments When it comes to music, there are plenty of different musical styles each with their repertoires including rock, soul, funk, blues, etc. A cappella music is a different type of singing altogether; it involves several singers, a choral group, or soloists singing together without any instrumental accompaniment. This type […]

17 March 20227 minutes reading time

Discover the best websites for learning how to play bass

The Best Websites To Help You Learn Bass Guitar

Learn the Basics of Bass Guitar With Online Websites and Resources If you're new to learning bass guitar and are looking to save a bit of money on tuition by doing some self teaching, then you'll need to know all about the best websites and online resources that can help you on your journey to […]

27 January 20227 minutes reading time

Playing the bass has never been easier with YouTube tutorials

Helpful YouTube Channels for Learning How to Play Bass

The Best Channels to Find Bass Lessons on YouTube If you're a musically inclined individual who has recently decided to take up the bass guitar, you might be looking out for different places where you find resources to help you learn the different techniques and styles of the instrument whilst you practice at home. Luckily […]

27 January 20228 minutes reading time

The best mobile apps for leaning bass guitar

A Few of the Best Mobile Apps to Learn Bass Guitar

Learning to Play Bass With Apps Fifteen years ago you would have had to walk around with a phone, a Walkman, a calculator, a torch, and many other bits of tech just to have some of the capabilities that a modern Apple or Android mobile phone has. Today you can get an app for pretty […]

25 January 20227 minutes reading time

Discover the best online resources for studying law

Discover The Best Ways to Study Law Online

The Best Online Resources For Your Law Exam Revision It can be hard to motivate yourself to revise consistently in the time before your upcoming exams, so it's important that we make the most out of any time that we do have for revision. Nowadays, most people will have a smartphone in their pocket or […]

31 January 20227 minutes reading time

Find the best study guides to learn law

Revision Guides to Help You With Legal Studies and Law

Useful Guides to Help With Your Law Revision Revision time can be stressful for every student at both high school and university. There are many subjects to balance a workload for, and you still want to have a little bit of a social life! Luckily, today there are a selection of mediums that facilitate law […]

30 January 20227 minutes reading time

Law books may be long but they hold a lot of information

Books to Incorporate to Your Law Revision

Discover How To Study Law With The Best Books We all know that you can revise with textbooks and past exam papers, but something great about studying law is that you can do valuable research by simply reading a book! There are plenty of books out there that will tie into your law or legal […]

29 January 20226 minutes reading time

Studying can be easy if you have the right resources

Legal Studies and Law Resources to Help You With Revision

Helpful Resources to Help You Revise For Law Exams Choosing to study and practice law as your career is an excellent decision that will set you up for life. As well as offering a high salary, a career in law is rewarding and helps uphold the standards of the criminal justice system. There are limitless […]

29 January 20226 minutes reading time


All The Facts About Getting Japanese Tutoring Jobs

How to Become a Japanese Teacher in Australia Spoken by more than 127 million people, Japanese is today the 9th most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers. Thanks to its impressive cultural growth, Japan is attracting more and more 'Western' visitors, who flock to Tokyo and Osaka to discover and experience […]

9 May 202212 minutes reading time

How much should I charge for swimming lessons?

How To Set Your Swimming Lesson Prices

Pricing Your Swimming Class and Private Lessons Do what you love and the money will follow. ~ Marsha Sinetar ~ Swimming instructors and coaches don't exactly earn top dollar for their classes when compared with high-flying professional careers like medicine and law, however, the wage is not insignificant when you consider the work. reports […]

8 May 20227 minutes reading time

Where can I find swimming instructor jobs?

How To Find Students For Your Swimming Lessons

Infant To Adult Swimming Lessons and Everything in Between The Australian aquatic industry suffered during the height of the covid lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. Every pool and aquatic centre around the country was forced to close right at the start of the lockdown period and were then among the last of the fitness centre […]

8 May 20226 minutes reading time

What are the benefits of working as a swimming instructor?

The Benefits Of Being A Swimming Instructor

Pros and Cons of Swimming Teacher Jobs If you love swimming and you enjoy sharing your knowledge of this popular sport and your experience in the pool, you may have considered becoming a swimming instructor. Whether you're working at a swim school or running private 'learn to swim' lessons, and whether you're teaching adults, teens, […]

8 May 20226 minutes reading time