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Finding a quality tutor is key to learning online
Online Tutoring

Where To Find Online Lessons For Any Subject

The tutoring market in Australia is a growing $1.3 billion industry, used by a quarter of the students in Australia to support their own education or that of their child. It is widely believed that private tuition fills an academic gap that overworked teachers in increasingly large classes cannot. However, not everyone agrees with this, […]


Written on 1 September 2021

7 minutes reading time
Learn math, physics, French and music online
Online Tutoring

Tutoring Online: Learn New Skills

The digital world has revolutionised the way we think about learning. No longer is it just textbooks and blackboards. In the modern-day, everything uses technology in one way or another, including education. From the tools we can use in the classroom, to how we can study from home. It really is a revolution.  More and […]


Written on 6 August 2021

8 minutes reading time
English tutors have a lot of opportunities
Advice for Tutors

How To Tutor English In Australia

Teaching and tutoring can be rewarding and demanding in equal proportions. Before you decide to become an English tutor or a private English teacher, it is advisable to find out exactly what is involved. Tutors are always in demand for academic subjects or recreational classes, however, the ability to offer tutoring in the English language […]


Written on 1 May 2021

10 minutes reading time
changing careers as a teacher is easy
Advice for Tutors

Jobs For Ex Teachers Who Need New Careers

It doesn't matter how long you've been a teacher, at some point, you will probably realise you need to get out of the classroom. The attrition rate in the education sector is alarmingly high — up to 50 per cent of beginning teachers resign in the first five years of their career. Out of those […]


Written on 26 January 2021

15 minutes reading time
World finance leaders finally take FinTech seriously

FinTech: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin initially operated under a cloud of suspicion and distrust it never meant to create and never anticipated earning. When Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin in 2009, thus establishing the world's first blockchain, the system was meant to be as open, secure and democratic as possible. Conducting financial transactions away from any established financial […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

Why Work in FinTech?

Here's a random, by-the-way admission: when my students ask me what the best career fields are; the ones that offer the most stability and security, I always tell them: "maintenance, medicine and academics." Food is also on my list of stable jobs. However, low pay, high turnover and abysmal working conditions make any work from […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

FinTech Courses

"What do you think of Bitcoin?" This is a question students from all over campus keep asking me. The frequency and diversity of the population asking that question - from freshmen to those working on their Masters' theses, tells me two things: people are wildly interested in cryptocurrencies and they are woefully underinformed about them. […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

It's anyone's guess what the future holds for finance and technology

When did FinTech Begin?

'Have card, will shop' is the modern consumer's motto. These days, we're actually encouraged to pay using our bank cards - debit or credit, rather than hand over cash when we make a purchase. Indeed, the pandemic has made those payment methods an essential  component of our lives. But even before COVID, consumers had begun […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

Enter a poem in a contest - you never know what might happen!

Poetry Competitions in Australia

Poetry is a popular creative outlet for all types of people, but attitudes towards one’s own work can vary greatly. While some might prefer to keep their poems private, others are interested in sharing their work publicly. One common way that emerging poets share their work is by entering poetry competitions. There are lots of […]

14 January 20226 minutes reading time

Shakespeare and Co. has hosted many famous writers, from Ezra Pound to Ernest Hemingway.

The Most Famous Poets And Poetry

Humanity has been writing poems since the ancient time of the Greeks. It is a writing genre that has passed the test of time and it is still very popular today. Like any literary genre, it has evolved differently across the planet, from the classic Greek prose of Homer and the Odyssey to the most […]

31 December 202112 minutes reading time

Where can I take a sewing class in Australia?

Easy Sewing Tutorials for Beginners

Are you looking for the best sewing classes for beginners and easy sewing patterns to get you started in this world? Sewing can be both a career and a hobby and definitely a skill that is super useful for people of any age and background. Can you imagine making your own clothes? How about creating […]

25 December 20217 minutes reading time

Tips for using a sewing machine and sewing tools

Sewing Machine Tips

If you are interested in becoming a pro at sewing and are ready to buy a sewing machine, sewing tools and start researching sewing patterns to make your own projects and creations, we are here to help you take the plunge. Sewing is a favourite hobby for many and a career for others (fashion design […]

24 December 20215 minutes reading time

Which are the best books for studying Mandarin?

10 Best Chinese Learning Books for Beginners

While the digital seems to have the wind in its sail, it’s taking a little longer for it to find its way into education. In fact, there are still echoes of “turn to page 44” in modern foreign language Mandarin lessons where students complete exercises out of printed textbooks rather than on iPads or digital whiteboards. […]

5 February 202112 minutes reading time

Create the best home education for your child.

How is a Home Tutoring Course Conducted?

Are you based in Australia, at the start of your homeschooling journey and have no idea where to start? Do you feel unsure of how to create the ‘right’ curriculum for your child? Or how to ensure that you cover all parts of their educational development to give them the best possible chance of succeeding […]

19 April 20218 minutes reading time

How do you homeschool children?

Homeschooling Tips

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” - Gandhi Let’s start by saying that there’s no such thing as a typical day of homeschooling and that’s probably why you’re interested in it. These tips are here to help, but you don’t need to follow them […]

29 March 20217 minutes reading time

Why should you use smartphone apps to learn?

Reasons to Use Apps for Revision

“The unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates No matter what kind of smartphone you have, you should be able to enjoy a variety of useful apps. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have plenty of apps that you can use online and offline almost anywhere. Our phones are almost part […]

29 March 20216 minutes reading time

How do you homeschool childre?

How to Homeschool Kids

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela 2020 saw a lot of parents having to homeschool their children more than they’d probably planned to. With the pandemic, some parents might be just thinking of keeping their children at home and teaching them themselves. Legally, it’s […]

29 March 20216 minutes reading time

what is rehab training

Exercises for Rehabilitation and Health

After an illness or injury, it is often difficult to regain the same level of fitness you worked so hard to achieve. You may feel like your body has failed you, and you are just not yourself when unable to train each day. Everyone’s situation is different, but you generally need to start your training […]

12 January 20226 minutes reading time

how to start working out at home

Personal Training at Home

If staying active is an important part of your life but you are not too keen about going to a gym or a fitness class, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to go about the whole at-home workout thing. What is the best way to do personal training at home? Should you build a […]

12 January 20227 minutes reading time

How to find exercise motivation?

How to Find Exercise Motivation

Are you looking for exercise motivation as part of your New Year's resolutions? Or maybe just looking to get back on track with exercise after dropping out of your routine? You have come to the right place. If you are looking for the best exercise motivation tips to get your exercise motivation back, we have got all […]

11 January 20226 minutes reading time

How to work out after pregnancy

Post-natal Exercises and Routines

Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, all of which apply equally to the new mother as at any other stage of life. These benefits include assistance with weight loss, increased aerobic fitness, social interaction and psychological wellbeing. Exercise after giving birth can also hasten recovery, and assist with muscle strength and toning. If you are […]

10 January 20226 minutes reading time

The Japanese homeland is itself written with a special purpose.

The Story Of Japanese Names

Japanese parents may choose a name or names for their child depending on what characteristics they want to imbue their son, daughter, or baby with. Some names are popular, and some names unique, but they all have one thing in common: their meaning is related to a key element of Japanese culture, and are generally a good indication […]

12 January 20226 minutes reading time

Japanese writing has a lot of purpose and function

Japanese Alphabet And Writing System

Much like the rhyme we learn for our ABCs, the syllables (consonants and vowels in combination rather than letters) of the Japanese Kana chart are memorised row by row and column by column using songs. The Kana systems are the closest to Latin or Cyrillic alphabets in that they're the basic, small sound syllables that are a Japanese […]

12 January 20226 minutes reading time

Reading isa great way to get used to contextual linguistic correctness

Key Words And Phrases In Japanese

これは何ですか - Kore wa nan desu ka? - What is this? トイレはどこですか - Toire wa doko desu ka? - Where is the toilet? 私はXです - Watashi wa X desu - I am X (my name is X) Some key Japanese phrases that would be good for you to know, speak, write and understand in their own right when […]

11 January 20227 minutes reading time

Counting in Japanese is more logical than English

Writing Japanese Numbers

ichi, ni, san, yon, go, roku, shi, sen, kyuu, hyaku? That doesn't sound right... What about: ichi, ni, san, yon, shi, go, sen, roku, shichi, kyuu, juu?  Still not right... Oh man, please, help us learn Japanese numbers! (ichi, ni, san, yon / shi, go, roku, nana / shichi, hachi, kyuu, juu is the correct sequence for […]

10 January 20227 minutes reading time

The Best Drum Solos of All Time

"But, I don't think any arranger should ever write a drum part for a drummer because if a drummer can't create his own interpretation of the chart and he plays everything that's written, he becomes mechanical; he has no freedom." - Buddy Rich Drumming is one of those unique pastimes that has the ability to […]

29 October 202111 minutes reading time

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Left hand technique piano

Learning to play the piano isn’t easy. How long does it take to learn the piano? It depends, one of the hardest things about playing well isn’t necessarily being able to follow the music and read notation and read music theory impeccably, but about what you do with your hands. Coordination is key for pianists, […]

16 October 20216 minutes reading time

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The importance of studying music theory

Whenever you hear the words ‘music theory’ together, you may just feel a yawn rising up, threatening to come out. It’s not your fault.  Most of us when we hear ‘theory’ alongside any other word get a shiver down our spines, as we imagine that we’re about to be subjected to endless tedium. After all, […]

16 October 20217 minutes reading time

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Piano songs for each level

When you’re first starting out on your journey to learn to play piano, you’re going to have to commit some time to learn piano sheet music and music notation. How long does it take to learn piano songs? This all depends on how much effort you put in, and whether or not you work with […]

16 October 20217 minutes reading time

Cash, cash, cash! Get your accountant to help you get it.

Understanding Financial Accounting

There is a specific period of year when we become aware of finance and accounting and our assets and liabilities are at the forefront of our mind: tax time. An analysis of cash flow (among other details) in and out of our account, or that of a big business, will become the focus of much time […]

31 December 20216 minutes reading time

Find it hard to forget work even on holiday? You're not alone

Tips For Keeping a Healthy Work Life Balance As a Lawyer

For many people, feeling stuck in a job that they don't enjoy can take a toll on their mental and physical health. People thrive when they are engaging in meaningful activities, this can look different for everyone. However, it is important that you find a job and career that you enjoy given that we spend […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

Make sure you get an even share

The Ins and Outs of Management Accounting

Let's face it - the costing and analysis that accountants use their skills for to crunch data and figures aren't very sexy. We know it's a career more on the practical level than the exciting one. Don't be fooled though because time, work, skills, and experience are really needed when it comes to the business of […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

Working in law is a great career choice

Learn More About Studying To Become a Lawyer

We all have to attend school in our childhood and teenage years in order to learn the basic skills and knowledge that are required to help us in adult life and allow us to get jobs or start a career. Whilst school is compulsory up until your year 10 exams in Australia, you have the […]

29 December 20217 minutes reading time

Be safe online

Online Tutoring and Skype: Risky or Not?

Everyone has experienced the ups and downs that come with living through the Covid19 pandemic, it has been difficult to find some semblance of normality, stability and routine during these ever changing times. With the onset on the pandemic, the world has seen an increased reliance upon technology and devices in our homes. With this […]

17 January 20226 minutes reading time

Organise yourself!

Tutoring Tips: Online Lesson Planning Explained

As someone working in education whether as a tutor, coach or teacher you're probably already someone who recognises the importance of a growth mindset when it comes to teaching, learning and even university studies. For this reason if you're someone who is aspiring to be or already working as a private online tutor you may […]

17 January 20226 minutes reading time

Remote learning requires extra support

Online Tutoring and Working With Children Checks

Online tutoring is a service that provides often school-aged children with education support. Online tutoring can cover a wide range of subjects such as; History, English, Maths and even some hobbies like Pottery or Knitting! No matter the subject you are choosing to teach online, if your students are under the age of 18 you […]

16 January 20226 minutes reading time

Choose your topic to specialise in

Tutoring Techniques: Becoming an Online Tutor

Are you someone looking to improve your teaching and tutoring skills? Look no further! In this article, we're going to find out how you get started, find work and how you can provide the best support for your students during your lessons. If we've already caught your attention, then keep reading to learn about how […]

15 January 20226 minutes reading time