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Talking to your children about what to expect is vital

Tips For Heading Back To School This Year

The Advice You Need to Send Your Kids Back to School Safely This Year At this time of the year, across the country parents and their children are contemplating an idea they've been putting off during the summer months: going back to school. Every year, the end of the summer holidays represents different things to […]


Written on 30 January 2022

6 minutes reading time
How do you play chess?

The Best Tips For Learning Chess

Everything You Need to Learn How to Play Chess Chess is beautiful enough to waste your life for. — Hans Ree Did you know that 62 million households tuned in to Netflix to watch The Queen's Gambit in the first 28 days after it was released? Were you one of them? Did it ignite a desire […]


Written on 22 October 2021

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Finding a quality tutor is key to learning online
Online Tutoring

Where To Find Online Lessons For Any Subject

Getting Help From An Online Tutor The tutoring market in Australia is a growing $1.3 billion industry, used by a quarter of the students in Australia to support their own education or that of their child. It is widely believed that private tuition fills an academic gap that overworked teachers in increasingly large classes cannot. […]


Written on 1 September 2021

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changing careers as a teacher is easy
Advice for Tutors

Jobs For Ex Teachers Who Need New Careers

Time for a Change? Options for Careers After Teaching It doesn't matter how long you've been a teacher, at some point, you will probably realise you need to get out of the classroom. The attrition rate in the education sector is alarmingly high — up to 50 per cent of beginning teachers resign in the […]


Written on 26 January 2021

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Where can I study nursing in Perth?

Nursing Courses In Perth

So, You Want To Study Nursing in Perth? Nursing school. One syllabus at a time. One class at a time. One exam at a time. One clinical at a time. Keep going …  Unknown If you want something, you have to work for it; sometimes, it can be challenging. That's life. Whatever career you are […]

2 August 20226 minutes reading time

Where can I study nursing in Adelaide?

Nursing Courses In Adelaide

Everything You Need to Know About Adelaide Nursing Courses The character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses. Carolyn Jarvis Nurses are built of tough stuff! They need to be — for all they see and do and for all the knowledge and skills they possess — yet the core of […]

1 August 20226 minutes reading time

Where can I study nursing in Canberra?

Nursing Courses In Canberra

Study Nursing in Canberra Nurses are there when the last breath is taken, and nurses are there when the first breath is taken. Although it is more enjoyable to celebrate the birth, it is just as important to comfort in death. Christine Belle Nursing is indeed a noble, compassionate and, at times, thankless profession. Luckily, […]

1 August 20227 minutes reading time

How to find psychologist jobs

Job Prospects for Psychologists in Australia

Psychology Jobs in Australia Are you a psychologist looking for jobs in Australia? Or maybe a psychology student wondering about your future career and job prospects once you graduate? No matter what stage you are at on your psychology professional and academic journey, this article will help you understand what it means to work as […]

30 July 20227 minutes reading time

An abstract park. Nursery books for kids can encourage children to use their imagination

Poetry For Kids

Where Can You Find Poetry Resources For Kids Having strong English skills is a crucial part of your child’s development. Although, understandably, a lot of focus is given to English language learning during a child’s early years, there are certain aspects of the English Fcurriculum that can often go overlooked. One of those areas is […]

15 June 20226 minutes reading time

An open book with images of a field and stream on either page. Poetry devices can help bring a poem to life.

Poetic Techniques And Devices

Poetry Techniques and Effects to Enhance your Poetry The world of poetry can be complex, confusing, and overwhelming for some, but it can also bring great insight, raw emotion, and rich imagery to readers. The use of poetic techniques and effects is what makes this written genre shine. They allow one piece to stand out […]

31 May 202215 minutes reading time

How to find multicoloured fabrics cheap.

The Best Places To Find Cheap Fabric For Sewing

Caught the Sewing Bug? Now You Need to Know Where to Buy Cheap Fabric Did you learn to sew at school? Way back prior to the 1850s, very few Australian children attended school and those who did were mainly boys from well-to-do families. However, this began to change in 1854 when 'ragged schools' — named […]

31 May 202215 minutes reading time

Life drawing sketch.

The Essentials of Life Drawing

Everything You Need To Know About Life Drawing What is 'life drawing'? Does it consider form? Is it done on paper? Do you only sketch humans in various positions? What if the work is only small, not large? To put it simply, it is an art form also known as 'figure drawing' and represents the […]

31 May 202216 minutes reading time

What uni courses are available at my local university?

Considerations When Choosing A University

Available Uni Courses and Other Considerations Before Starting Tertiary Education We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunities meet with preparation. Thomas A Edison ~ As you approach your high school graduation, you'll think about and prepare for your next steps in life. Will you move straight into full-time work? Do you want […]

19 May 20226 minutes reading time

What are the disadvantages of uni study?

The Pros And Cons Of University Study

How Much Does University Cost? (And Other Questions You Should Ask) The best university is the university of life. Henrique Capriles Radonski  That may be so — we should not discount the importance of life experience when it comes to a rounded education — however, there are some career paths that require a university education […]

18 May 20227 minutes reading time

What is the best university in Australia?

The Best Universities In Australia

Choosing the Best Degrees at the Best Universities You're in your final year of high school and have decided to pursue a career in engineering, the sciences, economics, education or business management — or any other career that requires you to have a bachelor degree or similar. Or perhaps you are interested in pursuing a […]

17 May 20226 minutes reading time

What degree should I study to guarantee a job?

Australia’s Best Degrees

What Should I Study at University to Maximise My Career Choices? Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Confucius Confucius makes a good point but if only it were as easy as simply choosing a job. Unfortunately, passion for your work is often the last […]

17 May 20226 minutes reading time

Swimming will help you quickly get in shape

Swimming for Rehabilitation

Swimming to Feel Better The popularity of swimming only grows with time and that is perfectly understandable. It is one of the best exercises to tone all your muscles improve your cardiovascular system and simply relax after a day of sedentary work. As more and more swimming pools are opened all around Australia, swimming become […]

25 July 20227 minutes reading time

Swimming is an outstanding activity to stay fit

Swimming for Weight Loss

Swimming to Improve Your Fitness We can safely assume that nowadays, we may not move that much in our daily lives. Thanks to cars and public transport, we need to walk less than before and the Internet allows us to carry out thousands of tasks right from our desks. Undoubtedly, those inventions make our life […]

24 July 20227 minutes reading time

Swimming is a great exercise for children of any age

Swimming for Kids

Swimming Lessons for Children As they grow up, kids usually have a lot of energy. They want to run, play games and move a lot in general. A great way to spend that energy usefully is to do sports. Exercise can help children improve their coordination, become more tenacious and build their physical strength. Nevertheless, […]

24 July 20227 minutes reading time

Swimming is a great activity for any age

Swimming Classes for Elderly People

Swimming as an Adult It is sometimes said that children can learn to swim much more easily than adults and the elderly. One of the main reasons for that is that when we are young we often don't think about the risks awaiting us when we get into the water. Children are likely to take […]

23 July 20227 minutes reading time

What is IELTS?

What To Know About Taking The IELTS Exam In Perth

Tips To Help With Your IELTS Preparation Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is ranked as one of the world's most liveable cities — particularly for international students. The cost of living is cheaper than in other major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the climate is wonderful all year round, the crime rate is […]

25 June 20226 minutes reading time

Can I do the IELTS test online?

Finding An IELTS Course In Adelaide

Benefits of Working with an IELTS Tutor in Adelaide So, you've decided to sit the IELTS exam because you want to apply to enrol in an Australian university, perhaps one in Adelaide? Good on you. When English is not your first language, studying at a tertiary level in English is a huge challenge. The exam […]

24 June 20226 minutes reading time

Where can I sit the IELTS exam in Canberra?

Preparing For IELTS In Canberra

Take An IELTS Course in Canberra The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognised English proficiency test that ranks non-native English speakers in terms of their ability to succeed academically should they undertake tertiary study in an English-speaking country. It is one of several exams of this nature, the others including the […]

24 June 20226 minutes reading time

Where can I do IELTS in Brisbane?

Getting Ready For Your IELTS Test In Brisbane

IELTS Classes Near Me in Brisbane Safe, friendly, warm and affordable — Brisbane is the perfect place for international students to study. The capital city of Queensland is also known as the most inclusive place to study in Australia and kicks this off with the annual Brisbane Welcomes International Students Festival, the largest orientation event […]

23 June 20226 minutes reading time

how to find drum lessons in australia

Take Drum Lessons in Australia

Where to Find Drum Lessons in Australia? Do you want to become an expert drummer and wow everyone with your drumming skills? Or maybe you are thinking of forming a band with your mates and building a career in music? If you are interested in learning how to play the drums and are wondering what drumming […]

9 June 20227 minutes reading time

How can you sing a cappella?

Singing A Cappella

Learning to Sing without any Instruments When it comes to music, there are plenty of different musical styles each with their repertoires including rock, soul, funk, blues, etc. A cappella music is a different type of singing altogether; it involves several singers, a choral group, or soloists singing together without any instrumental accompaniment. This type […]

17 March 20227 minutes reading time

Discover the best websites for learning how to play bass

The Best Websites To Help You Learn Bass Guitar

Learn the Basics of Bass Guitar With Online Websites and Resources If you're new to learning bass guitar and are looking to save a bit of money on tuition by doing some self teaching, then you'll need to know all about the best websites and online resources that can help you on your journey to […]

27 January 20227 minutes reading time

Playing the bass has never been easier with YouTube tutorials

Helpful YouTube Channels for Learning How to Play Bass

The Best Channels to Find Bass Lessons on YouTube If you're a musically inclined individual who has recently decided to take up the bass guitar, you might be looking out for different places where you find resources to help you learn the different techniques and styles of the instrument whilst you practice at home. Luckily […]

27 January 20228 minutes reading time

Discover the best online resources for studying law

Discover The Best Ways to Study Law Online

The Best Online Resources For Your Law Exam Revision It can be hard to motivate yourself to revise consistently in the time before your upcoming exams, so it's important that we make the most out of any time that we do have for revision. Nowadays, most people will have a smartphone in their pocket or […]

31 January 20227 minutes reading time

Find the best study guides to learn law

Revision Guides to Help You With Legal Studies and Law

Useful Guides to Help With Your Law Revision Revision time can be stressful for every student at both high school and university. There are many subjects to balance a workload for, and you still want to have a little bit of a social life! Luckily, today there are a selection of mediums that facilitate law […]

30 January 20227 minutes reading time

Law books may be long but they hold a lot of information

Books to Incorporate to Your Law Revision

Discover How To Study Law With The Best Books We all know that you can revise with textbooks and past exam papers, but something great about studying law is that you can do valuable research by simply reading a book! There are plenty of books out there that will tie into your law or legal […]

29 January 20226 minutes reading time

Studying can be easy if you have the right resources

Legal Studies and Law Resources to Help You With Revision

Helpful Resources to Help You Revise For Law Exams Choosing to study and practice law as your career is an excellent decision that will set you up for life. As well as offering a high salary, a career in law is rewarding and helps uphold the standards of the criminal justice system. There are limitless […]

29 January 20226 minutes reading time

What will I learn in Chemistry?

Chemistry Careers Beyond The Classroom

Teacher Salary in Australia v Other Career Options Choose a career you love and you will never have to go to work. Denis Waitley There are two schools of thought when it comes to careers — go for the career that makes you the most money or for the one that brings you the most […]

8 August 20226 minutes reading time

Where can I study chemistry?

Benefits Of Working As A Chemistry Tutor In Australia

Tutoring Students Through Their Chemistry Courses: A Great Life Chemistry has been termed by the physicist as the messy part of physics, but that is no reason why the physicists should be permitted to make a mess of chemistry when they invade it. Frederick Soddy Frederick Soddy, a British chemist who won the Nobel Prize […]

7 August 20226 minutes reading time

Is chemistry useful to get a job?

Finding Students As A Chemistry Tutor

How to Find Your Ideal Students and Give Lessons in Chemistry Did you know: there is enough carbon in the human body to provide "lead" (actually, graphite) for 9,000 pencils? every hydrogen atom in your body is around 13.5 billion years old because they were created when the universe began? glass is a liquid, not […]

6 August 20226 minutes reading time

Where can I get chemistry tutoring?

How Much To Charge For Chemistry Tutoring In Australia

What Can a Chemistry Tutor Earn? As a student, if you always did well at school in various subjects, like science (particularly chemistry, physics or biology), maths and English, and were the person other students in your year turned to for help, you might find you enjoy teaching or tutoring. Let's take a look at […]

6 August 20227 minutes reading time