“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won” – Winston Churchill, (Quote source: Brainyquote)

As a parent, it is your job to guide and direct your child towards a life of success. Academic success now means so much more than just passing grades and a photo at graduation. Student success opens the doors to go to colleges, universities, then on to a successful career and life. The level of your child’s academic performance now leads to the number of options that will be available in the future.

Your child’s academic performance now may set the foundation for the psychology that they adopt as adults. Without academic support and encouragement, students may spend years at school struggling, suffering from anxiety, stress and low self-esteem. This hopelessness may teach your child that they cannot achieve success, they may give up easily and grow up to be adults who continue to go through life underachieving.

Let’s take a look at how private tuition may help your child get back on track, and promote their academic skills for maximum success and intellectual development while minimising their weaknesses.

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Improve your child’s academic performance
Student success opens the doors to a successful education, career and life. Photo Source: Unsplash

Educational Support For Student Success

In school, your child’s classroom is full of other students who are all trying their best to do well. But most classrooms have just 1 teacher, there is no one on one time, the teacher can not slow down or speed up at the request of your child, If your child’s retention is low, or they are struggling in class all the teacher can do is highlight this issue in the child’s homework, tests, exams and parents meetings.

The most crucial developmental years of your child’s life are when they are in school. If they are not learning the prerequisites of the curriculum as it is taught in the classroom. Then perhaps you have to consider new ways to encourage their educational development.

An academic support tutor can work with your child in a number of ways. No matter what struggles your child is having there will be a qualified expert tutor who can create a strategic student centered curriculum to navigate them through their challenges and towards academic excellence.

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10 Benefits Of Academic Support Tutoring

A key benefit of private tuition is that your child will be able to work with an expert in the field of study. An individualized learning program can have incredible effects on your child's developmental performance. One on one tutoring services can raise the engagement of your child and empower them with study skills, positive academic habits, confidence, motivation and academic achievement.

A principal drawback of private tuition is the financial side. One to one tutoring is expensive, and because the tutor will work at the pace set by your child, it can take time to get the outcomes that you are looking for. Critically tutoring works best as a long-term option to support your child during the academic year, weekends or school holidays but this, of course, comes at a steep price.

Another critical drawback is that your child will lose precious free time just to enjoy their childhood. It is essential to study, but there is more to life than just the student life. As the parent, you will be responsible for time management and deciding the balance between exploring and enjoying free time.

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Improve their ability to learn in lessons with their class
Tutors can seamlessly work with your child’s primary educational institution. Photo Source: Unsplash

Checklist For Why To Get A Personal Tutor

  1. Tutors are experts at working with students to empower them. They can work at the pace set by the child which ensures maximum retention of all of the information learnt. This helps to raise the child’s confidence and in turn increase their commitment and engagement to their education.
  2. Tutors can offer a very flexible schedule, they can work with a routine weekly schedule, an ad-hoc timetable for drop-ins, they can provide online tutoring or local face to face tutoring, in a one on one session or in small group workshops. They can facilitate peer to peer mentoring and can work with adults or children.
  3. For international students who don’t speak or understand English confidently, an ESL tutor could work wonders. For the international student who speaks English as a second language excessively struggling in class may feel like the norm. With this barrier to student learning, they will require extra support to guide their advancement with the language and subject matter. Helping with homework, textbooks and giving them the study skills necessary to ensure that they can become a good student.
  4. Professional tutors will typically have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, so you don’t need to be concerned about the security of who you are letting into your home or trusting to educate your child.
  5. Many private tutors specialize in specific subjects on the national curriculum such as Maths, or science. They can also prepare your child for exams for college or university coaching them through test anxiety and providing test-taking tips, they can support with scholarship or internship applications, organise for private school enrollment and admission or support your child with career goals and hobbies such as athletics. If your child requires help in a particular subject, you will always find a tutor who is able to provide that support.
  6. If your child has a learning disability, there’s no need to let that slow them down. A disability support tutor who specialises in a wide variety of learning difficulties will be able to work with your child during the school term to help with any academic issues. If you are able to arrange it with the school, the academic support tutor may be able to sit with your child and help them while they are actually in their lesson.
  7. Tutors can seamlessly work with your child’s primary educational institution, if your child is in a mainstream school, college or university, or if they are homeschooled. Tutors can work with teachers, parents and student services to create an enriching meaningful and collaborative learning environment.
  8. Study strategies for learning will be essential for your child, while they are studying. For them to become academically independent and improve their ability to learn in lessons with their class. They will need to work with their tutor to understand how to maintain the outcomes that are achieved in the tutoring sessions. With an aim to maximise the information taught in the classroom. Retention and engagement in the classroom is key to achieving successful outcomes. Skills like note taking while in the lesson, often reviewing what has been taught, time management for completing assignments or preparing for exams, personal study and research, active listening, peer tutoring and many other skills. Can secure your child’s learning experience and actively support them to become independent learners.
  9. Learning skills, study habits and etiquette to maximise learning strategies are also very important. The tutor can give the tutee orientation into setting up the best possible environment for learning. Things such as turning off any distractions such as mobile phones, creating a great study space that is comfortable and motivating, understanding that taking regular breaks is good for the brain, exercising to release stress and tips to avoid procrastination and bad habits which can ruin progress. All of these learning skills will support the student in becoming consistent in their results.
  10. The skills that a tutor teaches are not just crucial for academics and education, but they are also the backbone for many life skills that your child will learn. Life skills such as being honest, hardworking, persistent, focused and motivated will be the underlying message of all of the skills taught by the tutor. Most importantly your child will learn that any challenge that they face in life can with small steps be turned into a success. These success strategies will empower all parts of your child’s life and lead them to believe in an outcome of achievement in whatever they put their minds to.

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Your study group will help you with anything that isn’t clear.
Often your school will set up study groups facilitated by a teacher. Photo Source: Unsplash

Your child naturally wants to succeed, and they are born with all of the energy and motivation to do so. But so often outside circumstances and experiences can dull that bright spark that shines within children. It has to be our priority in our commitment to our children and to a better future that they are supported to shine as brightly as they were meant to.

Education is a lifelong pursuit, and if we are gifted with the tools to create a learning discipline, we will be able to go as far as our imaginations can take us. This is the power that additional academic support can provide to learners of any age but especially children. We have to oversee our child’s talents and natural abilities and be the driving force to assist them in realising their highest potential.

Tutors are available to teach our children to learn to take advantage of every opportunity and to become strong enough that when they face challenges such as anxiety stress and struggle. That they have the tools to circumnavigate any blocks on their path and continue exploring on the road to achievement, success and personal fulfilment.

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