The European Union is a real open-air language school. From oral comprehension to written understanding, foreign languages such as Italian give the learner the feeling of being an integral part of a rich and varied fully anchored in our time. Nevertheless, according to a 2011 census, only 2% of all adults could speak Italian well enough to hold a conversation against 15% for French and 6% for German.

Those figures testified to poor knowledge of this language, which could be resolved by a short language test. Far from intensive courses, language courses, or individual courses, taking a placement test is often a good idea to place yourself on a foreign language scale. The question is how to organize all this.

Here are some tips to help you find out if the Italian language is the right one for your level, here we go!

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Why Test Your Italian Fluency?

From a European perspective, Italian is the fourth most spoken and therefore most useful European languages. There is even a strong chance that the "Italian language" option has been present in your school curriculum. This presence is due in particular to a beautiful and rich culture, but also to proximity with the UK. Indeed, Shakespeare's language and Italian share many Latin words.

It will then be more natural and easier for you to turn to Italian, which, despite having fewer speakers than English or French, will be able to open different doors for us.

Because the Italian language, through language training, an Italian online course, or even some grammatical lessons, will allow you to make rapid progress in different areas of everyday life. And among these areas, we find:

  • The professional field, to develop its capacities to the best of its ability,
  • Travelling, and the desire to be totally immersed in a country,
  • Exchanges with foreigners,
  • Develop intellectual and linguistic skills,
  • Work on his rigour and memory,
  • And many more!

Testing your level in Italian is, therefore, the assurance of wanting and being able to evolve, whatever your primary motivation to speak the language. But knowing how to position oneself in relation to one's language level is all very well, but several methods exist and coexist to best illustrate one's language skills.

Test Your Italian Fluency: Academic Tests

Regardless of your level of Italian, many people see their ambitions come true until they want to enter a school. Management, languages, marketing, many training courses open the doors to the professional world while allowing you to improve your oral expression or improve your Italian in class.

To do this, it is essential to take the entry tests of these schools, so that you can succeed, certainly, but also and above all to assess our fluency in Italian and check if you are indeed as good an Italian speaker as you thought. It is therefore quite an art, the art of perfecting oneself by realizing that one has the ability or not.

The competitions of schools, whether famous English universities such as Cambridge or Oxford or local like MOOC, are therefore good ways to conduct this language test, within a common European framework that requires more and more knowledge. Because learning a new language, its vocabulary, its grammar, phrases, verbs and pronunciation is often an easy thing to do, but determining your language level is much less so. Oh, and then, having a little competition, it's not that bad, is it?

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Test Your Italian Fluency: Basic Linguistic Tests

Well, if the school competitions leave you in turmoil, don't panic, other solutions obviously exist to find out if you are bilingual in Italian, or if the beginner level suits you a little better. Language tests are simply questions, and other exercises, that will help determine in which language group your skills place you.

These include the IELTS, as well as the CLIP (the equivalent of TOEFL in English, more intended for professional use), or the CILS (Certificate of Italian CILS from the University for Foreigners of Siena). It is this last test, set up and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that will attract our attention here, for the simple reason that it has established itself as a sure basis for evaluating its level.

Indeed, this test, which is not free (count between £100 and £160 to register), is, in fact, an Italian test open to everyone. No need to graduate, no age limit is set, everyone is free to apply, to assess their level.

However, those who are somewhat unclear about their abilities will be disappointed. Yes, CILS requires that you first register for one of the four levels of tests, from beginner to advanced, so you must master your skills at least a little bit.

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Test Your Italian Fluency: Tutors

Let's face it, sometimes Italian level tests don't fit everyone. By the principles, by the steps, but also because we lack this guiding figure, support and direction, which a teacher could embody. Indeed, through an objective look, the Italian teacher will, for the duration of a course, allow us to determine what would be the possible uses with our level in the Italian language.

And there are many of them, which is why a language course will best determine our written expression and our Italian culture in itself. A teacher is also and above all a person, whose advice and exercises will be adapted to our desires, our level, more than a simple test. Moreover, if the lack of time is felt, do not hesitate to consult an online teacher, on Superprof for example!

The Italian language is rich but also full of subtleties, which must be mastered. Gauging your level seems inevitable, which a teacher will know perfectly well, given your linguistic ambitions. Learning to speak Italian is great, but knowing if you speak it well is even better! So don't hesitate to consult the teachers' offers, it only costs one course, and it allows you to know your level.

Even if it is not your mother tongue, Italian is a very beautiful language, which allows us to open up to the world, whether we are foreign students or just an avid Italian speaker. Learning Italian is an accessory in the face of so many opportunities, but an evaluation test will make it essential. A good teacher will make us aware of this, to speak Italian like a native!

Perfect your Italian accent.

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Test Your Italian Fluency: Travelling

If there is indeed a way to test your level of Italian in the ideal conditions, it is obvious to go directly to an Italian-speaking country! Language learning and improvement also require a situation-based approach, which will allow you to learn idiomatic expressions, as well as to understand all words in Italian.

A linguistic level is indeed a mastery of the language, and what better way to find yourself lost in the middle of Venice to judge if you have the skills? Far from basic and face-to-face language training, travel is the safest (but also the most expensive) way to realize that you have the skills to face everyday life in Italy, or not! A real private life teacher!

Choosing a dish on a menu, asking for directions, booking a hotel room, having a philosophical conversation with a Neapolitan, all situations that, put into perspective, will give a fairly complete overview of what your level in Italian is worth. Because it is well known, the more we talk, the more we evolve, the more we progress! It's up to you now!

You will have understood it, testing your level of Italian is possible, and the ways to do it are mixed and varied. Indeed, in a few questions, it is possible to know if we are ready or not to find our ways alone in the alleys of Rome, while a teacher will know how to guide us in a more personal way. Nevertheless, the trip and stay on site are the most formative elements to take our linguistic temperature!

Get started and learn all the Italian phrases, Italian words and Italian verbs you can.

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