Have you decided to learn Italian? That's a very good idea, congratulations! As with all foreign languages, learning and improving your Italian is sometimes part of the plan. Between tutor, budget and time, the learner must be motivated on a daily basis, and this is not always easy.

For this reason, Italian culture can help us to learn the language. Far beyond Italian cuisine and the Vespa scooters, Italian culture is very rich, and thanks to total immersion, it allows you to develop your linguistic skills in this field.

Today, with 70 million native Italian speakers around the world, it is tempting to think that speaking Italian, beyond being useful, makes it possible to tame a culture in its own right, and to improve yourself on a personal level.

Here are some tips for learning Italian through Italian culture!

The 10 Most Famous Italian Songs

Music softens hearts, it is well known, and in Italy, this phrase takes on its full meaning. Indeed, with artists as unavoidable as they are talented, the Italian language is embodied to perfection and makes learning Italian a pleasant experience.

We can, therefore, summarize Italian culture with some famous Italian songs, of which there is a small top 10:

  • Ti amo by Umberto Tozzi
  • Con te partirò by Andrea Bocelli
  • Sara perch ti amo by Ricchi and Poveri
  • The Italiano by Toto Cutugno's
  • Solitudine by Laura Pausini's
  • Bella Ciao
  • Vivo per lei by O.R.O
  • Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) by Domenico Modugno
  • Cosa della vita, by Eros Ramazzotti and Tina Turner
  • O sole mio by Luciano Pavarotti

In a few titles, it is possible to learn how to speak Italian while having fun. A new language that opens up the field of possibilities, and allows words in Italian to be seen as a means of progress. Music is therefore also a real language course!

However, Italy is a dense country, and the culture that this country has does not stop at music, quite the contrary! More contemporary culture is also all over the place, thanks to the Italian TV series. This support acts as a great learning tool when it comes to learning Italian vocabulary.

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Learn to speak Italian through music
Italy has an incredible amount of eclectic artists bringing Italian culture to life.

The Best Italian TV Series

Learning the Italian language is a real experience of immersion in the country's culture. Between Italian grammar, Italian expression, Italian alphabet, TV series allow you to have a real linguistic stay, without ever denying you the pleasure of watching TV!

Among the best Italian series, we find Raccontami, a historical series composed of two seasons, but also Gomorra, taken from a book of the same name, and telling the story of a drug lord. We can also talk about The Young Pope, an Italian series shot in English, around Pius XIII, a newly appointed pope.

Italy and its culture, therefore, make it possible to master the language as well as possible, like Corleone, this mini-series set up as part of the mafia. A real success, like L'amica geniale, inspired by the eponymous book that everyone knows. A story of friendship developed in Naples, which allows you to immerse yourself in the language.

Suburra is also part of these Italian series, which are also available on Netflix, and tell the story of life inside Vatican city. On Netflix, the Italian language is also present with Baby, whose recent creation features the world of Roman prostitution.

Finally, we can also mention Squadra Criminale, a police television series that follows Inspector Valeria Ferro in her professional and personal career. Each series is a universe, where different types of languages coexist.

These different types of languages place us in a particular linguistic climate, where it is possible to learn Italian differently, thanks to the characters, the social environments, or the language registers. Practise Italian speaking in front of the screen and improve your oral expression.

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Which are the best local Russian radio stations?
Italians love to talk, not surprising that they have hundreds of different radio stations.

The Best Italian Radios

You can also practice your Italian speaking skills by listening to the radio. Popular medium par excellence, it is well represented in Italy and allows you to get to know different parts of the country's culture, without ever forgetting that you also work on your Italian grammar.

Some of the best Italian radio stations stand out, particularly for their editorial line and musical programming. Although it is in itself, listening to the radio is a beneficial activity on many levels, starting with learning Italian.

Because yes, learning Italian in Italy is a constructive idea to start with. Radio is the medium that perfectly embodies this combination of pleasure and Italian lessons. And among the most famous radio stations, but also the most formative in this field, we find:

  • Radio Kiss Kiss Kiss, the Italian radio station in Naples,
  • Radio 105 Network, Milan Radio,
  • Radio Italia, the country's third-largest radio station,
  • Radio DeeJay, a popular song station,
  • M2O and Radio Capital, two complementary stations within the same group,
  • Radio Dimensione Suono, an Italian pop music radio,
  • R101, the eleventh music radio station listened to in Italy,
  • RAI Radio 1, the most listened radio station, favoured by Italians,

All this shows us that Italy is a country rich in culture, which gradually reveals its identity to us, and allows us to tame it linguistically in the most beautiful way possible. Between information, traffic info, music, or even horoscope, everything is an excuse to take Italian language courses, thanks to the radio!

The Best Italian Quotes To Get Motivated

So the media is a very beautiful medium in Italian and a very good language school, but sometimes we want, we need to be motivated. Small sentences, taken from the Italian language, allow us to draw strength from ourselves to continue this or that action, and here are some small Italian quotations to motivate us.

Among the most famous Italian proverbs, which will allow us to learn free Italian, are different short sentences, which often revolve around the same themes and values:

  • Tutto è bene quel che finisce bene, a positive Italian proverb, whose translation would be "All is well that ends well",
  • Finché c'è vita c'è speranza, a universal Italian quote, translatable as "As long as there is life, there is hope",
  • Chi asperttar puote, viene a cio che vuole, an Italian quotation full of optimism, translated as "Who can wait, will eventually arrive",
  • Chi sta bene con sè, sta bene con tutti, an Italian proverb for personal development that will be translated into English as "Who goes well in his own skin, goes well with everyone",
  • Chi la fa, l'aspetti, a quote full of hope and promise: "Whoever does something, must expect something",
  • Con la pazienza s'acquista scienza, a promising Italian adage, which will be translated into English as "Patience leads to science",
  • Roma non fu fatta in un giorno, Italian patience in a quotation, translated as "Rome was not built in a day",
  • Chi cerca, trova, or how to motivate yourself in a quote: "Whoever seeks, finds",
  • Gatto rinchiuso diventa leone, the Italian power in a quote, translated into English as "A locked cage will become a lion",

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Spending a good amount of time surrounded by the Italian language will do wonders for your language skills
Discover the century-old treasures that Italy has to offer. ¦ source: Visualhunt - Ulf Bodin

And many more!
Italian adages are therefore all centred around common but also universal values, which will allow us to understand the Italian language in the best possible way, but also and above all the culture and state of mind of a warm country.

Positive thinking, valuing effort, hope and self-confidence are the cornerstones of a culture, a country and an identity, which will undoubtedly serve the language and our motivation. Far from intensive courses, language learning is naturally done through quotations.

You will have understood that the Italian language is a gold mine when we decide to cultivate ourselves at the same time. Music, series, quotations, all these supports are an opportunity to learn and initiate oneself to a linguistic form different from ours. Italian is a language that reflects the image of its country: rich, varied and resolutely warm.

While learning Italian may be a little less academic and more flexible, the echo of the fun and entertainment of an original serial episode will be a thousand times more formative than soulless private lessons. A real language exchange!

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