“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” - Martha Graham

Many people in Australia have taken part in dance classes during their lifetime. Perhaps you even attended a few dance classes as a child!

Dancing lessons are fun and great exercise, as well as an outlet for your creative spirit.

But to take your dancing to the next level, you need the help of a dance instructor or private dance tutor.

Whether in a conservatorium, private dance school or one-on-one lessons with instructors, people all over Australia are moving their bodies and trying different dance styles.

You can also use Superprof to find personalised dance classes near you!

In this article, we'll take you through the different kinds of dance instruction for all ages and help you decide which kind of dance lessons are right for you.

Why Should I Take Dance Lessons?

Dancing has so many fantastic benefits! Dancing isn't only a creative outlet, it's also a great workout! With dance lessons, you'll be keeping fit, caring for your mental health and building personal confidence on and off the dance floor. 

Reasons to learn to dance
Improve your well-being and strengthen your mind and body with dance! (Source: Donald Tong)

Many people take up dancing to increase fitness and tone their bodies - there are even "ballet barre" classes for people seeking the lean, lithe muscles of a ballet dancer! However, if you are a beginner looking for these kinds of results, you'll need to take your dancing classes seriously! A single dance class definitely won't cut it, and once a week won't be enough either - you'll need to take classes several times a week and consider getting into a regular fitness routine.

If fitness is your gold, trying complementing your regular dance classes with dance fitness, cardio sessions, running or Zumba. If you're bored at the gym, dancing can be a great way to get the health benefits while exercising your creative muscles at the same time!

Where Can I Find Dancing Classes Near Me?

There is some form of dance class available in nearly every city and town in Australia. You can book in at a dance academy or school of dance. Alternatively, you can get in contact with a choreographer or dancer who offers dance classes in Melbourne for all ages. If you're already an experienced dancer, there may be masterclasses on offer through a local dance company. If you're a beginner wishing to dip your toe into the world of dance, many places also allow you to book in for a drop-in lesson.

How do you get into a conservatoire?
Advanced dancers wishing to enter a conservatorium or university program will be expected to audition. (Source: pixabay.com)

It's very important to choose the right dance class for you. If a beginner dancer books in for a class beyond their level or encounters an ill-suited teaching style, dance classes can quickly become a chore. Read any course descriptions carefully to be sure the class level and tutor's teaching style will work for you.

You don't need to start with a personal instructor - workshops, group classes and summer dance camps can also be great ways to learn to dance. Through these kinds of classes, you might learn to work with a dance partner or improve your confidence, communication skills and overall posture. Group classes are an excellent way to meet new people you click with, establish your current level and develop some personal goals for your dancing progress. You can share your struggles and achievements with your new circle of dance friends and help each other practice and stay motivated.

Here are some places you can contact to inquire about dance lessons in Australia:

  • National conservatoriums
  • Regional conservatoriums
  • Certified / private dance schools or dance studios
  • Cultural centres, gyms, or leisure centres
  • Dance organisations

These places offer specialised facilities, which means you'll receive a top-notch dance education. Many studios have open classes for beginners to try their style of dance for little or no cost.

On the downside, if you join a dance school, you need to follow their class schedule. If it's flexibility and quick progress you're looking for, you may like to contact a tutor for one-on-one dance tutorials. You'll learn quicker with a personalised approach and you'll be able to study between dance lessons with online or printed resources offered by your tutor.

There are dance tutors for all ages, whether you're looking for kids dance classes, classes for teens or adult classes.

Get more info on private lessons through:

  • Online tutor profiles
  • Local Facebook groups
  • Classified ads in newspapers
  • Word of mouth
  • Agencies offering private classes
  • Ads in school bulletin boards, newsletters, local

Learn to dance in the comfort and privacy of your own home allows you more autonomy to develop your dance practice, work on your choreography, and get individualized feedback on anything you've been struggling with specifically. Private lessons can also be held in a rented dance studio, but some tutors will come to you if you have a big enough space.

How Much Do Dance Classes Cost?

Taking dance classes can be a lot of fun - but how much will they cost you?

How much are private dance tutorials?
Experienced performers will command higher rates than new dance teachers. (Source: Thibault Trillet)

It's important to get familiar with the market so you don't overestimate or underestimate the hourly rate for a private tutor. With a little market research and some clearly defined criteria, you can find a fair price and get the service you're looking for.

Certain schools will offer discounts for students, the unemployed or children.

On the other hand, certain dance organisations expect an annual fee if you wish to join as a member, and you usually pay by the term. If you're not sure whether you like a certain style of dance, you may be able to check out a free or cheap intro class and see how you feel.

If you're more advanced, you can enrol in a university or dance conservatorium. You'll need to be committed to paying high fees for their courses and undertaking multiple years of study. 

Not sure which type of dance is for you? Check out our list of popular dance codes:

  • Argentine tango or Cuban tango
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Cha-cha
  • Breakdancing
  • Belly dancing
  • Broadway dancing
  • Contemporary dance or modern dance
  • Chacha
  • Dance fitness
  • Hip hop dance
  • Flamenco
  • Latin dance
  • Jazz dance
  • Merengue
  • Dancehall
  • Samba
  • Salsa
  • Swing dance
  • Waltz
  • Waacking
  • Voguing
  • Tap dance

Prices will fluctuate with demand - if a certain style of dance is currently popular - such as ballroom dance classes-, those wanting to take classes will need to pay more.

Your location will also affect lesson prices. If you live in a larger city like Sydney, with higher rents and a higher cost of living, you likely see tutors charging higher rates to make a decent living.

Keep in mind that many tutors on Superprof offer a free trial lesson or consultation. This is a taster session designed to help the student and tutor see if they click.

Total beginners can benefit from learning to dance with a private tutor who can aid you in building confidence. You could also take advantage of an introductory workshop if you feel comfortable taking a group class or can't afford private tuition.

If you're seeking a beginner or intermediate classical ballet class, there will be many dance academies near you offering group lessons. However, if you want to work on something particular, such as your footwork or posture, it may be worth seeking out private lessons for some one-on-one attention.

If you're seeking out adult dance classes for your children, you'll need to find a tutor who not only knows their dance styles, but also someone good at inspiring and motivating kids and teens to pursue the discipline.

Find the best prices for private tutorials on Superprof!

Child And Adult Dance Classes On A Budget

The experience of the tutor is the biggest determining factor when it comes to lesson prices. If you just want to feel more comfortable on the dance floor at parties, you don't necessarily need a highly-trained professional who has performed on Broadway. For this kind of purpose, it's possible to learn on a budget from a less experienced teacher who can take things at a slow pace. 

Another great way to save money on dance lessons is to employ a dance student who is taking on private students alongside their studies.

Word to the wise: dance students may be fantastic dancers, but keep in mind that they won't necessarily have the same teahching skills of a highly qualified, experienced dance teacher.

You may also find private tutors on Superprof who will offer discounts for online students taking lessons via Skype or Zoom!

There are also lots of places online where you can learn to dance for free. Check out these apps, consoles and websites that will help you learn to dance for free.

Finding The Right Dance Instructor

Your first big decision is finding which dance style to pursue. After you've settled on a dance style you're interested in, it's essential to select the right instructor or dance teacher!

Choosing a dance tutor or workshop can be overwhelming for beginners. We recommend thoroughly investigating the testimonials and reviews other students have left.

On the other hand, different teachers and teaching styles work best for different people. It's very important to book in for a trial lesson or intro session to see if a particular tutor or school works for you.

When choosing your tutor, you'll need to consider the following:

  • Dance qualifications
  • Style of dance
  • Experience as a dancer
  • Experience as a dance tutor
  • Reputation
  • Versatility
  • Teaching style
  • Levels they teach
  • Rates
  • Location (dance hall, gym, dance studios, etc.)
  • Dance equipment and resources they provide to their students

The free consultation or trial lesson with your Superprof tutor is the moment to evaluate your tutor. Do you prefer a calculated, careful approach working on the minutiae of posture and perfecting the basics? Or would a quicker, more intensive approach working on a full routine suit you better?

You can think of this trial lesson as you auditioning your tutor.

Many couples hire a dance tutor to prepare for their wedding dance. If you dream of an impressive routine set to romantic music to wow your family and friends at your wedding, you'll need the help of a trained professional.

So Many Different Reasons To Dance...!

If you've been investigating dance classes, you may have heard of "barre classes" a newer dance/fitness crossover style which is often more accessible than classical ballet classes.

With these kinds of classes, you can increase your fitness and get into shape whilst learning ballet moves. You'll work all parts of your body, toning muscles in your abs, legs, arms and shoulders. Barre classes are for those who dream of having the long, lean muscles of a ballet dancer.

It's also a great way to work out and stretch your muscles after a long, hard week. You can find dedicated barre studios or they may be on offer at your local gym or leisure centre.

Dancing is a great workout for both your body and mind, but if you're still not convinced, check out Superprof's top 15 reasons to dance.

Book in for your first dance classes today, and hone your skills with a professional dance tutor!

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