German is a very important language in the world. It’s just as important as English and French!

The German language is spoken natively by more people in the European Union than any other language. In fact, there are over one hundred million people who speak the language!

German plays an important international role and is particularly important in the world of science.

Now you know how important it is, do you want to speak German?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a student wanting to improve, or an advanced user wanting to go back over the basics, getting in touch with a private tutor or a language school is a great place to start. You can also use websites for free German language courses or you could go to Germany and explore Germany's many provinces as a kind of study-tour.

Private German lessons are very effective because they can be tailored to each individual learner and their personal strengths and weaknesses.

However, finding the right German teacher for you can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Here’s some advice on how to find the right German teacher.  Or rather, the right German teacher for you!

Clear Learning Objectives

The first thing to do before getting German tutorials with a private tutor is to work out what your level is and how well you know how to speak German.

While this might seem simple at first, soon you’ll see that it’s not as easy as it looks.

If you’re a beginner, then there’s no problem. You still have everything in front of you!

Two absolute beginners in the same class might have completely different abilities when it comes to mastering German.

A student who’s lived in Berlin for a year as part of their professional training won’t have the same German skills as someone who has only taken German courses.

Have you perfected your grammar and just need to improve your speaking, comprehension, and pronunciation? Have you got a broad German vocabulary but struggle with grammar? Are you preparing for your A-Levels?

Students come to teachers in all shapes and sizes. However, first, you need to clearly establish what you know and what you need to learn to get better at German. An appraisal is a good idea for working out where you are in terms of your German, trust me, your teacher will thank you later.

This will help you to narrow down your search for the perfect tutor as well as clearly state what you want out of your classes.

You can also take a level test to help you work out where you sit in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These results can be used to help you commence your German lessons.

Make a List of What Qualities You’re Looking for in a German Tutor

After you’ve worked out your needs, you need to clarify your expectations.

If you like marketing, this should put a smile on your face since it's basically market research. The ideas are the same!

Like a project manager looking for the best product for their customers, you’re looking for the best German teacher or school to help you improve your German.

Make a list of what you’re looking for in a German tutor in terms of your current German abilities and the skills you want to improve.

This list can also take into account factors like your personality and how good you are in terms of speaking foreign languages. For example, if you learned French in just 6 months, this information will be useful to your new teacher.

Are you a methodical and studious pupil who needs their language learning to be a serious process?

Perhaps you’ll need an experienced and professional tutor. In this case, your German exercises will have more of an academic feel.

On the other hand, do you need to speak a lot, discover the culture, and immerse yourself completely in order to learn German quickly?

Maybe contact a native speaker of German as the best option. This can work great. Native German tutors are often enthusiastic about sharing information about their country.

There are plenty of German students and backpackers living in Australia who'll be able to help you improve in their mother tongue.

To get the most out of your German tutorials, you can always make a sort of personality photofit of your ideal tutor.

You can then sort the tutors’ profiles and browse German language schools more easily to find German classes in Melbourne, Sydney or a city near you!

Define the Practical Aspects of the German Lessons

While the academic aspects are the most important when it comes to intensive German tutorials, you can’t completely ignore the practical aspects of your language course.

Firstly, you need to think about your schedule and when you're usually free during the day. This can save you a lot of time.

If you make your availability clear right from the outset, you and your potential tutor will know immediately whether or not they're free to teach you since private lessons normally take place at the student’s home and the tutor will have to travel.

You'll also need to decide which room in your house is good enough to learn German in. If you don't have one, it might be worth a spring cleaning!

Make yourself a study space where you can make the most of your German learning experience.

Don’t forget to take the geographic area into account to optimise the effectiveness of your searches. If you live in Melbourne, for example, make sure you're not wasting your time looking for tutors in and around Sydney!

Your tutor’s journey to your home is usually factored into the total price of the tutorials. Lessons tend to be cheaper if the teacher you contact can get there easily.

Establish Your Budget for Learning German

Even cheap private tutorials are a significant investment since private tutorials can range anywhere between $20 and $55 per hour.

melissa walker horn
Spend your cash wisely - find a good teacher (Source - pixabay).

Before you choose your tutor, you have to decide how much you're willing to pay for education. In most cases, cost of the job depends on their years of experience/education etc.

There are plenty of Germans coming to Australia looking for jobs, who would be more than happy to be teaching somebody their native tongue. If you choose a German student studying engineering, they'll probably charge less than an experienced German tutor who’s been teaching for years and years.

Remember that if you’re a private tutor, you need to declare your earnings! If you don’t, it’s illegal.

After you’ve worked out what you can afford, it’s time to find the tutor that matches your budget. It doesn’t hurt to negotiate with your tutor, either...

Choose the Right German Language Course

This step is essential when it comes to taking language classes. You need to choose the organisation that meets your needs.

If search German lessons online, you'll find there are plenty of academic support organisations around. Some offer only experienced tutors (with at least 3 years of experience in education, for example).

The approach is generally more thorough and professional. These organisations are in a good position to find you your ideal education. However, the rates tend to be above the national average for a basic German class and there’s often a registration fee, too.

With Superprof, you can get German tutorials from students, teachers, or native speakers.

The hourly rate depends on the type of tutor you choose. The contact fee is $39 per month and there’s no commission thereafter.

There are plenty of academic support organisations. Once you’ve listed the pros and cons of each, you’ll be ready to make your decision.

The Goethe Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural centre that promotes German culture around the world. It offers various different German courses.

You can also look for other German centres and groups in your region in order to find private German tutors. Don’t forget that word of mouth can also be really useful when it comes to finding private German tutors online.

Discover the German classes near me here.

Follow Your Instincts

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your German tutor. This means it’s essential that you get on well with them during your German tutorials. Follow you gut!

You’ll have made your first impressions right after your very first German lesson. If you’re not feeling it, you should start looking for another tutor or school, where you feel they do a good job of the teaching.

How can I find the right German tutor for me?
You have to find the right German tutor for you. (Source:

While this can make things complicated, you have to enjoy yourself in order to effectively learn a language. If your whole German education, the teaching, your school or the other students are not to your liking, find teachers who offer the courses that you want to be a part of!

As opposed to schools, the level is not determined by year, but rather by ability. So find a class with a good dynamic, who don't tempt you to speak Engish!

Make sure that your tutor meets your academic needs and you get on well with them. Once you’ve found the right tutor for you, you’ll start to learn German quickly and effectively.

Don’t forget that there are plenty of benefits to learning a foreign language. Just by deciding to learn German, you’ve already made the right decision!

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