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Adelaide is a fine city when it comes to education.

It boasts some of the best universities in the world, as well as a highly regarded public education school system. As maths is not a subject that comes naturally to everyone (it certainly didn't come naturally to me) sometimes we need a bit of extra help. Let's take a look at your options for finding tutors, classes and resources to take your maths skills to the next level.

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At Primary and Secondary Level

Maths is regarded all around the country as perhaps the most important subject alongside English. There is a strong mathematical program in Australia. In Adelaide, it is no exception. The state curriculum dictates that math and English must be taught throughout all of the primary school and secondary school. This even includes SACE, the South Australian Certificate of Education, where you must achieve a C grade or higher in mathematics to fulfil the numeracy requirement.

Maths is important for everyday life
Maths is one of the two most important academic subjects in the South Australian education system.

In primary school, maths is taught from Prep to Grade 7. It starts from learning numbers and by the end of grade 7 students can solve algebraic equations.

See here for an example of the grade 7 curriculum. 

Of course, it doesn't matter at which point your child runs into some hurdles, help will always be available. In Adelaide, you have many options to aid your child in mathematics, to give them that extra help outside their classroom.

Kip McGrath is a tuition agency based around Australia with centres in Adelaide. They provide live and interactive lessons tailored to your child's needs, both online and in one of their centres. They are specialised in tutoring kids at the primary and secondary level, and they will provide qualified teachers with experience and a free first lesson assessment. Their hourly rate for private tutoring is $63.

LearnMate is an Australian online and in-person tutoring company also specialised in lessons for primary school-aged students. They guarantee that their tutors are qualified and possess a Working With Children card to ensure the safety of your child. They offer both individual and group lessons either online or in one of their centres. If you are unsure about whether to choose online or offline classes for your kids, check out the section further down below where the pros and cons are discussed.

In high school, the amount of work increases across all subjects and across years, with math being no exception. It is important that you or your child stay up to date with class and don't risk falling behind, as it becomes demotivating very quickly to not understand how to solve problems. If you feel like your teacher doesn't explain things well, or you don't get enough help in class, why not consider finding another teacher to boost your confidence and knowledge?

In Adelaide, the market for maths tutoring secondary students across all years is well established. Many tutoring companies will provide you with trained tutors, or experts in the field to give you that extra edge for your next exam.

You may also want to consider looking for a maths club or group program inside of the school as these are often available in public or private schools, but you may have to sacrifice a few lunchtimes. Your time at high school are some of the most important years of your life, so make sure to take it seriously!

Learning online or offline? Scroll down to find out which option would be best for you.

Always ask questions if you're struggling to understand maths concepts
Maths class can be challenging, it's OK to seek help outside of your regular class! Source: Pexels

At University Level

By the time you reach university level, maths is of course not compulsory, but for many courses, it lays a foundation in first or second-year courses.

Many bachelor degrees, such as Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science and of course Mathematics will have many courses in maths.

To obtain a bachelor degree in Australia is not easy, you will face many challenges while studying. If you are just starting out you may want to consider finding extra tuition.

Many students with high SACE scores can still struggle to adapt to studying at the university level, but luckily there is a lot of help out there for a student in your situation. For a cost-effective help for your bachelor degree or masters, first look into any study groups or resources available at your university library, or any student organisations and clubs that might be running.

Is Learning Maths Online or Offline Better?

Depending on your budget, available time, type of work or where you live, finding a tutor to learn maths can be better to learn offline or online. Let's take a look at the advantages for both.

Online Learning

Learning online is all the craze these days. There are so many resources available on the internet to help people of all ages access learning material, and for mathematics, it is no different. For free material, first and foremost you can find a whole range of math tutorials on Youtube. Find channels to meet your exact needs. It's perfect to practice for an exam when you know exactly what you need to learn, maybe even the night before the exam!

If you are really struggling and need some more assistance, it may be necessary to hire a tutor. Online you can communicate with people from all over the world, people who are willing to assist you. Of course, there is a price to pay, though it pales in comparison to the prices set by tutoring companies.


What qualifications do tutors need?
Help your kids really engage with their subjects by hiring a trusted tutor... online! Source: StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Online tutoring gives you all the tools you need to learn from the comfort of your own home. No more time wasted on travelling to and from your lessons. Through video conference platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and even custom built education platforms, learning online has never been easier.

Tools such as screen-share, interactive whiteboards, emojis and hand signals are all making teaching online an enjoyable experience for both teachers and students.

Another great advantage is that you get to choose your teacher.

On platforms like Superprof, you can choose from hundreds of tutors in your area. They all have a profile where you can see their various credentials and experiences.

Choosing a tutoring agency online 

Several businesses around Adelaide offer tutoring online too. With agencies like Grace Simpkins for example, they will provide you with tutors. The advantage of choosing an agency is that the companies provide background checks and teachers go through an interview process, so there is quality control. The flip-side however is cost. With agencies usually offering lessons for $50+.

Tutoring agencies usually offer other academic subjects like methods, chemistry, physics, biology and English.

Offline Learning

Just because half the working world shifted online in the year 2020, it doesn't mean you have to learn maths online too!

Offline learning is particularly great if you or your child works better in small group situations. Some people need other learners around them to be motivated to learn. Home can be full of distractions, you may be tempted to pick up something in your bedroom, or have loud siblings nearby who are distracting. Many places in Adelaide offer offline learning environments to help you or your child boost your math scores.

Tutors SA are leaders in Adelaide for providing academic instructions at their centre in Campbelltown. They run small group classes (maximum 10 students), at a very competitive price of around $25 per hour. Maths is their specialty, and they have programs across all school-age groups.

You can also find a tutor online, but still meet them offline! Why not meet a tutor in a local park or cafe? This way neither student nor teacher has to provide a learning space at home, and you can meet in a casual environment and even have some fun while doing the lesson.

You can have your maths lessons anywhere
Why not meet a tutor at a cafe or a park? Changing up your place of study can be refreshing.

Free Maths Help

If you’re interested in getting help in mathematics for free, whether it be linear algebra or primary level operations, there’s no better place than online maths guides, games and tutorials. This can be a great option for those that simply don’t have the budget for maths tutoring services.

One of the best online resources to study math is Khan Academy. This online tutoring platform hosts a number of videos, lessons and guides relating to a diverse range of math categories. Walking you through concepts and examples step-by-step, you’ll be able to learn concepts with the help of experienced tutors.

Another great site to check out is Youtube. There are hundreds if not thousands of channels on there that are dedicated to teaching maths. You won't have to pay a cent, as content creators make their money through ad revenue. Some of the biggest and most popular channels are Mathmantics, Patrick JMT, Math The Beautiful, Numberfile, and Professor Dave.

It may take some time to find the channel that best suits you or your child's needs. Most of these channels will offer playlists on certain math topics such as:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Functions, graphs, series and sequences
  • Geometry and vectors
  • Trigonometry
  • Differentiation
  • Integration

If you're a student who prefers one-on-one tutoring, you may want to check out your school or local library. Schools often have tutoring centres or even math labs led by peers and staff dedicated to providing maths help for those who need it. Many libraries offer tutoring programs that can often be found either at the location or online.

Don't forget this doesn't just apply to maths, you could also find resources or a program for other popular subjects like English, biology, chemistry, physics, methods and more. So get out there and enjoy your studies again!

Check out more maths tutoring services throughout Australia!


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