Starting VCE years with their constant focus on grades can distress some teenagers.

This is just one reason why finding a private tutor in high school and year 12 is a good idea.

This new step in a student’s academic career sees them make their first serious decisions as they think about potential career paths.

Increased academic skills and independence are generally expected of them by teachers and parents, which can put learners under pressure and cause them to worry.

The higher a student’s grades in VCE exams, the more choice they have in the future.

Exam results determine whether the pupil can continue their studies at a university or higher education institution, so it is in their best interest to be well-prepared in the run up to exams. In fact many people continue to use tutors at university.

Let’s have a look at how individualised private lessons can benefit VCE level pupils.

What Subjects do Tutors Teach?

Taking one to one lessons whilst studying for VCE exams gives students the opportunity to consolidate their newly-acquired knowledge and gain confidence in a given subject.

The final years of a teenager’s state education represent an important step in the level of specialisation which characterises study at this particular level.

Tutors can advise you with which subjects to take for your chosen career
Why not see if art takes your fancy? ¦ source: Pixabay - nataliaaggiato

As notions become more complex with each school year, students delve deeper into the details of each subject, which can cause problems for some.

The importance of each subject will vary depending on a pupil’s chosen career path, meaning some carry more value than others. Even though an 30+ score in maths and English is required for a lot of jobs and university courses, it’s important to keep your eye on the ball – so make sure you also prioritise the subjects you need to succeed in the future! According to Monash University in 2019, the lowest ATAR threshold was 70.3 - meaning that university placement has become increasingly competitive.

For those who want to study humanities further on in their academic careers, subjects such as English literature, languages and history are preferable. However, if you’re a budding scientist, you’ll need to study subjects like maths and science.

The disciplines which are not considered to be ‘core’ subjects can sometimes appear decisive. For instance, students who choose to focus on learning a musical instrument may worry that this might limit their options if people expect them to become a professional musician.

However, this is not the case. It is possible to take VCE exams in maths, physics, music and French and end up doing a humanities degree.

So, the subjects a student chooses to focus on is up to them and how they feel about taking them further depending on their experience or difficulties.

A private tutor can help students who wish to focus on a certain subject whilst maintaining a good balance with other, ‘core’ disciplines.

Mentoring from a private educator alongside school study is the best way to guarantee academic success. Superprof Australia can provide supplemental instruction on a frequent hourly basis according to your needs and their teaching capabilities.

When you set out to find a tutor, make sure you choose wisely.

Although the tutor does not necessarily need to be a certified teacher or hold any teaching qualifications, in order to become a tutor and provide homework help, private tutors should have attained a higher level of qualification than their students.

It is also worth noting that working through online tutoring sessions with a private tutor is also an option for students with less free time outside of school.

Private Tutoring for practice exams

Working through and writing in practice exams (whether it's math, chemistry, english, art, humanities or another science subject) can really test your academic skills and build up your grade average over time.

Practice exams are a great way for students to get exam condition experience and improve their overall grade for a subject. With practice exams, there is room to improve with little consequence if you're not achieving your desired goal.

As novelist and philosopher Charles Pépin once said:

He who has never failed has never lived

One to one tuition is an opportunity to take stock of the gaps in a student’s knowledge and the difficulties encountered as a result of these, as well as to identify areas for improvement.

Moreover, with private tutoring, you can learn exam skills for reading and writing (whether its a math test, chemistry test, etc.) so that you can work through examples easily.

Academic tutoring services can help students through difficulties and give them the motivation to bounce back stronger from their failure and succeed next time.

difficult high school subjects may require private tutoring sessions in order to gain experience and learn from past mistakes.

There is a multitude of reasons why someone might need to work harder on practice exams. For some students, struggling to understand key points can be their downfall. For others, personal difficulties such as bullying or a family bereavement can affect their performance in exams.

One to one tutors get to know each tutee individually to find the best way to move forward from whatever difficulties they may be faced with.

Working through and writing in practice exams (whether it's math, chemistry, english, art, humanities or another science subject) can really test your academic skills and build up your grade average over time.

With tutoring, you can learn exam skills for reading and writing (whether its a math test, chemistry test, etc.) so that you can work through examples easily.

Private Tutors for a Change in Career Path

It’s not always easy to decide on your future career as a teenager. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for year 12 students to do completely different subjects than what they studied in year 11 or change between subjects in the first few weeks of study.

Choosing a career path is rarely easy.

It involves drawing on your personal preferences and what you enjoy, but also considering where these could potentially take you. Whatever you have in mind, your parents and teachers will be able to advise you on the next steps to take.

However, don’t let anyone else’s opinions put you under pressure or turn you away from your ideal profession.

When students want to be sure about setting their study options in stone, taking private lessons can be a good way to confirm their interest in a subject before taking it further.

Home tutors are able to help students progress academically and unlock their learning potential by advising them on routes into their chosen career.

Perhaps you’ve realised that choices you made at the end of secondary school or the beginning of sixth form aren’t the right ones. Not to worry – a private tutor can help make the transition to the right track smoother.

To get yourself moving in the right direction, in home tutoring can provide encouragement, advice and certainty when it comes to test preparation, exam resits and choosing a profession.

Get Your Knowledge Up to Scratch with One on One Tuition

As we go through the education system, course content becomes more complex and understanding new concepts relies more on the fundamentals learnt lower down in school.

So, when difficulties arise, an extra helping hand can make all the difference in not allowing gaps in knowledge to widen.

During VCE, students are mature enough to recognise any areas in need of improvement which may affect their final results.

Get a tutor to help you through that final push to the end of exams
Stuck in a rut with your education? Academic tuition could give you the experience and encouragement you need ¦ source: Pixabay - Wokandapix

A home tutor will accompany along the way to achieving your dream by helping you to fill the gaps and overcome difficulties to build a solid foundation of knowledge for further learning.

Unlike school teachers, tutors are able to evaluate the learning style as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each learner and offer them a tailored learning plan to consolidate and further develop their study skills.

For example, those interested in mathematics college courses could choose to work on their calculus and algebra skills within Specialist Mathematics year 12. Private tutoring can really assist in improving math skills that involve reading and writing certain equations that might be on a year 12 exam - something that may not be offered by a regular teacher, which  can ultimately help math students achieve a high enough grade/study score.

At high school, pupils are at a stage in their schooling where teaching methods begin to evolve as more responsibility lies with the pupil. Students are expected to take their own notes from lessons rather than being dictated to.

New responsibilities for their education teaches students about taking initiative, which is highly valued in the eyes of educators and educational institutions.

Whether you are a generalist hoping to change to a technological path, or looking for some support with your learning, private tuition is an opportunity to build self-confidence on the way to achieving your goals.

Discover the benefits of starting private tuition at primary school from a young age.

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