Have you ever asked yourself why guitarists seem so relaxed and at ease on stage? What is it about the guitar player that is so zen - playing guitar chords like it's the easiest thing in the world? Some guitar players even appear immortal, like Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

Is it that they have better doctors than us normal folk? A healthier lifestyle? Surely not….

So read on to discover how playing a chord on a Fender can stimulate your gray matter, wipe away your stress and even boost your sex-appeal! Because a guitar teacher isn't just unlocking your knowledge of tablature and the pentatonic, but is doing you all sorts of favours that you'll appreciate later on!

Why You'll Never Regret Learning How to Play Guitar.


Whatever the time period, the guitar has always been an attractive, even captivating, musical instrument. It’s the ideal tool for seducing as well as for expressing oneself freely through one’s own compositions or playing classic guitar tunes.

There is no ideal age for playing the guitar: whether you’re 8, 18, 38 or 68 years old, age makes no difference. From the moment that you feel the urge to play the guitar, once the motivation is there, well that’s the right moment to get started.

What’s more, you can play all the musical styles that you want to on the guitar, like blues, rock, pop, reggae, funk, punk or even classical music. You do have the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, and the classical guitar for a reason!

You just have to choose the appropriate guitar. This advice will help both absolute beginners and even more advanced players.

All the same, to be certain that the sounds you’re making aren’t tempting your family and neighbors to cry, we recommend learning the basics of this instrument by taking guitar lessons and watching guitar videos. Don’t, obviously, forget to tune your guitar. But you'll have to learn a bit of everything - from power chords to the major scale, from fingerpicking to advanced guitar tricks - to ensure you are getting everything you can out of your new guitar.

Whether they are online courses, guitar lessons with a private instructor, or classes in a music school, the training should correspond to your individual needs.

Once you’ve acquired the guitar basics, from learning to read music and develop a fingerstyle and strumming patterns, you’ll happily discover that you can play several pieces of music. From easy songs, basic chords, and barre chords, you’ll soon make your way to more advanced guitar solos!

But, beyond that, whether it’s from the pleasure of playing or copying tunes, playing the guitar has numerous other affects, notably on our wellbeing and health.

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It’s a Scientific Fact: the Guitar Brings Pleasure 

Let’s be clear, it’s not just the guitar – all musical practice brings real pleasure.

According to a neuroscience study at the University of McGill in Montreal, Canada, listening and playing guitar liberates wellbeing hormones like dopamine, the hormone of happiness as it’s popularly known.

Guitar playing makes you happy!
Guitar playing makes you happy!

According to this same study, playing the guitar and listening to music triggers the same chemical process at the level of the brain as having a sexual experience.

So while it sounds strange, some say that playing the guitar is a sort of musical masturbation.

The word comes off a bit strong, but the facts have proven it: the more you listen to music or play the guitar, the more pleasure you take from it, as your brain secretes the hormone dopamine. Time to get started on those guitar scales and octaves!

So forget all your preconceived ideas about the guitar! It's not all chord progressions, guitar tabs, and songs to learn. Or, at least, it is - but it's a lot more than that too.

Playing Guitar Releases Stress

We all have really full days from time to time, and whether it’s in our private sphere or professional milieu, some are more stressful than others, right?

Between your boss who aggravates you, bills that come at the worst time, traffic jams, bad weather, terrible dates, there are a thousand and one reasons to be stressed during the day.

Start taking guitar lessons online.

A woman on the floor playing the guitar
Need to take a moment for the self by playing guitar?

Fortunately, once you have your own Gibson Les Paul guitar or your Telecaster, plug it into a Marshall guitar amp and you strum those first guitar strings, the stress will fade away in no time at all.

Wit a few indispensable guitar accessories like a pick, capo, and metronome you are ready to go! You’ll be playing like Clapton soon enough…

Whether you take guitar courses with an instructor, follow an online guitar course, or you play alone in your room, the effect is the same: you’ll loosen up by playing those six strings (and this goes for all styles, be it on a classical bass, acoustic bass, blues guitar, rock guitar, or rhythm guitar). Whether it's jazz guitar you play or the chord progression of your favorite songs by Hendrix you practice, all of this will help.

If bass guitar is more your thing, take bass guitar lessons online.

According to a double study led by Loma Linda University in California and its School of Medicine, stress is significantly reduced as soon as one plays an instrument like the guitar.

And these virtues have been recognized since the origins of the guitar!

This manifests itself on a genetic level: musical vibrations impact our blood pressure and immune system, which helps us fight viruses.

The guitar is good for the health! If that's not a reason to learn how to play the guitar, I don't know what is!

The Guitar Takes Away Pain. 

If you have chronic pains, or are suffering physically or psychologically, learning the guitar and listening to music allows your spirit to disconnect, considerably reducing pain.

Man plays guitar with girls singing along.
Enjoy playing the guitar.

By focusing on intonations, musical vibrations, music theory, or on memorizing guitar songs, you’ll focus less on pain, allowing your body to relax and your spirit to escape.

A study at the University of Utah with the Center of Pain Research illustrated these effects of music on the body.

The Guitar Boosts Brain Activity

A recent Scottish study illustrated that if you play the guitar – true for any musical instrument – you are more able to sharpen your cerebral functions and activity.

Someone playing the guitar
Playing the guitar heightens mental alacrity! Photo Visual Hunt.

This is notably beneficial for the fight against mental degeneration in the short and long terms.

So, “fret” no more! Stop taking pills for increasing your cerebral activity, and instead tune a guitar, take guitar lessons, consult your tablatures, study and play scales, and your brain will thank you. Are you fantasizing about that fretboard yet?

Guitar Playing Improves Your Heart

Did you know that rockers have rock-solid cardiovascular systems?

Indeed, Dutch researchers have discovered that people who practice a musical activity like guitar playing for at least 100 minutes per day have significantly reduced blood pressure and cardiac rhythm when compared to those who don’t play music.

This fact was included in another study by Boston’s Berklee School of Music led by the chair of the Music Therapy department, Suzanne Hanser.

Playing music has real impact on our health, especially for the elderly as it slows down the heart, and lessens stress, anxiety and depression. Time to start researching those free guitar lessons…

While you’re completely rapt up in your guitar playing, left in a trance by your music, your blood pressure falls to normal levels, and you feel more relaxed.

And if you learn to sing at the same time as you play, this will also have a positive effect on your lungs, by making them work to their full capacity of oxygen.

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The Guitar Boosts Your Self-Confidence

The guitar is an excellent outlet.

While singing brings an immediate health benefit, in general, playing and creating your own music allows you to freely express yourself, your emotions, ideas, and you who are to others.

A boy practices how to play the guitar.
Find your confidence by playing those 6-strings! Image Visual Hunt.

In expressing yourself completely and without censure on your guitar, you will liberate a strong emotional charge, which will heighten your self-confidence.

Singing a song or playing a piece of music may prove to be easy for some, but creating, composing, and inventing one represents an entirely different personal challenge. As soon as you’ve done it, you will have gained an enormous amount of confidence in yourself.

Every songwriter has the knowledge that he or she is fully capable of inventing something unique.

Haven't you heard? A confident person is almost as sexy as guitar music!

Guitar Playing Improves Your Creativity and Your Concentration

Simply start with Guitar 101. The more you play guitar, the more your brain accumulates information: as soon as you’ve acquired all the guitar basics like the main chords, playing with a pick, finger placement to pull off chords sequences or play your first solos, you’ll realize that you want to keep on learning.

It’s as though you put your finger inside gears and it’s impossible to get out of them.

A woman learning to play the guitar
Bring out your creative potential by taking guitar lessons! Image: Visual Hunt.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques by taking guitar classes, for instance, you’ll be able access the more creative part of guitar playing.

According to an important study from the prestigious University of Cambridge, musicians and especially guitarists continue to be creative even when they’ve stopped playing their instrument.

They’ve invested so much into their music that their entire environment becomes a pretext for composing or making changes to their music.

It’s often during a walk, or during an evening with friends, when you hear a sound, a rhythm or that you feel a certain emotion that you want to put to music.

The Guitar Increases Your Power of Seduction

Yes it’s a cliché. But it’s also a scientific fact.

The guitar reinforces your power of seduction. Ah to be a guitarist! It’s a whole other world, isn’t it?

Researchers in psychology have made music-based studies that illustrate how women more freely associate musical capacity with intelligence, commitment, determination in work and physical prowess.

An artwork depicting a man playing guitar to a woman
Learning to play the guitar can make you really quite attractive.

Why do women love guitarists, who are unrivaled in comparison to other men?

Here are three reasons that show why the guitar is ideal for flirting:

  • Guitarists are seen as being more creative and imaginative than other people. This also has to do with the amount of charisma they give off.
  • The neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explains that music played on the guitar draws most of the lobes of the brain and the emotions that it generates. In sum, guitar music connects with our deepest emotions that are impossible to control.
  • The myth of the bad boy/girl: it’s pretty much a fact that the guitarist is synonymous with freedom, even at the expense of social rules. Ever heard of the famous saying “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”? Enough said!

And what if we said that learning guitar is a remedy for aging?

In conclusion, we can affirm that the guitar is the best medicine against ennui and depression. So what are you waiting for to buy a guitar?

It relaxes guitarists and brings numerous physical and mental benefits.

So be kind to your neurons by strumming the strings of your Gibson or Fender Stratocaster like the famous guitarists!

Take your daily dose of serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin by getting that guitar out!

You can even give lessons eventually!

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