Did you know that more than a million people in Australia study in language classes year after year?

At high school, university, language schools and with private tutors, Australia is a country full of people that love to expand their education through languages like Italian and German.

More than 200,000 of those people from coast to coast are learning French, taking courses at places like Alliance Francaise, or maybe with online tutors.

French is an exciting language, spoken by millions of people around the world, and used in incredible works of art.

Spending time to study French lessons can truly change your life, and provide you with opportunities you may have never considered before.

Wonderful things can happen if you take French lessons

Communicate with native speakers and other learners around the world

Besides being a beautiful language to speak, French is also extremely useful.

Around 280 million people speak French around the globe, and it's an official language in more than 20 countries from Ivory Coast to Switzerland.

Not to mention that it's one of the official languages for most international organisations like the European Union, NATO and even the Eurovision Song Contest!

Whether your level is quite basic, or you've spent years taking courses and speak the language fluently, having a working education of the French language can allow you to connect with people everywhere.

It can help you make new friends and to understand the life experience of others.

A whole world of career opportunities

French is an official language of the United Nations
Speaking multiple languages can help to find new and exciting jobs- Image by Mat Reding- Unsplash

Being fluent in a second language is something that employers view in high regard.

Not only does speaking and writing different languages like French, German or Italian open up your prospects for jobs, but it can also show employers that you have the commitment to spend years in classes.

If you speak a fluent level of French, as well as being a native speaker of English, your applications for jobs in France have a high chance of standing out.

In fact, knowing French can help you land jobs across the globe.

It can even be useful in Australia's major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

More than 100,000 French people visit Australia every year, not counting visitors from other French-speaking nations.

If you're interested in language classes or tutoring that will give you a leg up in the tourism industry, then French is an excellent option!

Make your dream of studying in Paris real

For many students in Australia, having the opportunity to go on exchange to Europe is a dream, whether during high school or university.

It represents an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone, become independent and have an experience that will stay with them for years to come.

However many exchange programs require approved certifications of language level.

Exams like the DELF and DALF are sometimes a prerequisite for admission into these types of program.

While they may not be easy levels to achieve, taking a private course with a French tutor over a year can be a great step to achieving a great result.

Besides being able to get into a program, if you're planning on attending university or high school in a French-speaking country, it's important to have a relatively fluent level.

It will allow you to feel more free and able in the country, dealing with bureaucracy and meeting new people more easily.

A new culture at your fingertips

The better you know French the more you can read
Once you reach a high level, you can unlock a world of culture- Image by djedj - Pixabay

Finally, when we take language lessons, we don't just learn grammar rules and vocabulary.

As your tutor will probably tell you, learning French is really about the vibrant and diverse histories and cultures that come along with it.

So much cultural heritage, from the Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen to Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain or some of the amazing French rap coming out anywhere from Geneva to Martinique.

All of this will be an important part of your education.

What you could learn in French lessons Brisbane

Every tutor has a different methodology and different passions for the language that they want to pass on.

At the same time, every student starts lessons for particular reasons and wants to focus on learning on specific things.

Each teacher will assess both the level of their student, as well as their goals in the first lesson.

Whether a student needs to work on writing essays for a university course, or just wants to get in contact for one hour a week for conversation lessons, a private teacher will provide the right material.

You can learn exactly what you need to reach your objectives.

A little background on the French language

You can learn about the history of the French language
The French spoken long ago at the time places like Notre Dame were built is not quite the French of today- Image by Adrienn- Pexels

For people who like using their lessons to learn interesting facts, learning about the history of the French language could be a great way to start.

It all starts long ago, in a region of Western Europe known as Gaul (present-day France and Belgium).

This language mixed with some Latin brought over by the Romans.

This then mixed with some Germanic to become Old French, which was used from the 8th to the 14th century.

It continued to evolve over hundreds of years, until in the 16th century, when one dialect, Francien, was established as the official language.

In the 17th century, the still running Académie française was established to keep an eye on the language year after year and protect it from drastic changes.

And this, along with a few other bumps along the road, gave us the French we know and love today!

Mastering the French language could be easier than you think!

Some students might be wary of starting private tutoring in French, as they've heard that it's difficult to speak, write and most of all pronounce.

Like any language, it takes time and constant effort both in and out of classes.

But the support of a private tutor can help every student reach their goals!

And there's some good news for native English speakers learning French for the first time.

There are tons of similarities between the two languages, especially when it comes to the vocabulary.

As students will see, many English words are actually just loan words from French, like dejà vu, avant garde and faux pas.

In fact, around 27% of the words are shared or have some lexical similarity!

Because of their Latin roots, English and French both also share some grammatical features.

During lessons, students might notice that lots of the grammatical elements, like adverbs, tenses, passive voice and more are structured in a really similar way in English.

In fact, as you learn about French grammar, you'll probably learn a little about English grammar too!

Of course, we're not saying it's easy, but with the right teacher and the right attitude to each lesson, learning French can become a rewarding (and hopefully even fun) experience!

How you can practice your French around Brisbane

While Melbourne or Sydney may be viewed as more cosmopolitan than their Qld counterpart, Brisbane is actually full of exciting events and places where students can meet tutors, as well as practice their skills in an exciting and creative way. 

A great example is the Alliance Française, which has offices all over Australia, even in Brisbane and is committed to French education.

This organisation offers different types of classes, from free trials to poetry and music workshops. For young students, they even offer Le Storytime, where children get to play and listen to a story, all in French.

If your passion extends all the way to the cuisine (a French loan word by the way) you're spoiled for choice, with amazing restaurants like Montrachet or Anise.

For a more engaging teaching moment, you could go for a meal with your teacher and practice ordering and socialising, all in French!

Talking of socialising, there are also great opportunities in Brisbane to put your French education to practice.

For example, the weekly French English Language Exchange at the Burrow Hotel.

You can go spend an hour chatting and making new friends.

One of the best parts is that it's often frequented by native speakers, wanting to practice their English in exchange.

If you want to take in some culture, you can look forward to the French film festival that comes to town once a year.

View some of the best new French language films, as well as a selection of old classics at cinemas like the Palace James Street.

Where to look for a French tutor Brisbane

If all of this has convinced you, then you can get started with your search to find the perfect tutor on Superprof.

On our website, you can find both native speaker tutors and those who have been learning for years.

They have experience teaching a range of students and you can check out all the important information by looking at their online profile.

Once you've chosen, it's just a simple click to contact them and get started with your tutoring.

After that, you'll be chatting like Marion Cotillard in no time!

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