Currently, with greater pressure being put on Australian students to do well in school and university, the need for a private tutor has never been so prevalent.

With today’s competitive industries, it is no wonder so many of those enrolled within courses are turning to one-on-one lessons outside of the classroom in order to improve their grades.

Not only that, private tutoring can also:

  • provide motivation and confidence for students
  • Help students pass exams
  • Provide good study habits
  • Improve a student’s learning and education

With many students unsatisfied with their current education, the market for private tutoring is growing every year. Find out why private tutorials are the future. 

With all of this being said, you might be wondering how much do private tutorials cost?

Costly Over Time, But Helpful In The Long Run: Why Most People Benefit From Private Tutorials

Regular fees for private tutoring may appear to be costly and unnecessary to those who may be unfamiliar with the educational benefits of these private lessons. Furthermore, there is a common misconception that tutoring outside of school/university is reserved for those with a higher socioeconomic status. 

This is of course a generalisation, as the overall cost of private tutoring solely depends on the rate of the tutor, and the duration you choose to have assistance from your tutor. 

For instance, hiring a professional tutor with a low hourly rate for only a semester is certainly worth the investment if it means the difference between passing an important exam and failing.

private lessons may seem costly, but there's always a way to accomodate your budget
the money you invest in private lessons could very well change your life for the better.

The great thing about private tutoring is that there is sure to be someone out there providing one-on-one lessons for almost any subject, which can range from subjects taught in high school to specific areas of study taught within university courses. You may want to get tutoring for the following subjects: 

  • English
  • French
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Legal Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Media
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Music 


The price of tutoring services can vary wildly, so it pays to look around and do your research before making a long-term commitment to these private lessons. 

If you’re concerned about budget, there are many options available to reduce the cost of private home tutoring or online tutoring. 

For instance, you may want to restrict your search to tutors who provide discounts for multiple lessons, or perhaps you’d like to find a tutor who hosts group lessons which can significantly reduce the cost of each lesson. 

Tutoring at home isn’t a big deal, nor is it always pricey. However, you may be left asking “ what is the correct price to pay for a tutor?”

Ensure you do your research and find the right estimate - having expensive lessons does not always mean the quality of the classes will be better.


Give Students Confidence with Professional at Home Tutoring 

While Australia’s education system is certainly not poor compared to the rest of the world, the results and methods implemented in schools suggests that there is a lot of room left for improvement. In fact, according to studies, “Australian school system is one of the most unequal and socially segregated among the rich countries of the world”.

This isn’t necessarily the fault of our teachers, but more so the fault of other factors within the education system such as:

  • Poor learning environments
  • A syllabus that does not inspire interest or engagement from students
  • A lack of teacher resources 
  • Bureaucratic structures preventing further change


Helping A Student Get Back On Track 

Not all students are in the same situation, and therefore there should be educational resources and professional tutors made available to those that are struggling with their education.

The education a private tutor can provide can be monumental for a struggling student’s future and can ultimately lead to a positive change for the rest of their lives. 

Unlike learning in a packed classroom, private lessons can help to easily identify the hurdles blocking a student’s understanding of a subject and can lead to greater confidence through positive reinforcement - because the student is the sole focus of the lesson, a private tutor will have more time to identify problems and correct them. 

When hiring a private tutor, you can expect a learning experience that is more focused on:

  • A respectful and open dialogue between teacher and student
  • A less stressful environment that allows students to learn from their mistakes
  • Monthly progress notes in order to illustrate a student’s improvement over time
  • Setting realistic academic goals
  • Providing feedback that is constructive and useful
  • Providing methods of teaching based on knowledge and experience of the subject

Hiring a private tutor is by no means a golden ticket to success, however it can significantly increase a student’s academic skill level and ultimately, their chances of achieving their goals for the future. 


Why Private Tutoring Is Beneficial

Holding classes in a large classroom or lecture hall is great for educating many students at once, but seems to come at a cost - with less one on one learning engagement, the likelihood of every student fully understanding concepts and ideas is far less likely. 

Unfortunately, this means many students are left behind and have no way of keeping up with the rest of the class. Shy or anxious students are less likely to ask questions if they do not understand the learning material in public, open classroom conditions - this may be out of fear of embarrassment and not wanting to look clueless in front of others.

This is why private tutoring is crucial for confident learning, as it sets up a low-pressure, educational environment that removes the stigma associated with not understanding subjects or concepts. With a private tutor, it is far easier to open up about your lack of understanding and they will try and provide you with helpful and compassionate advice.   

Unlike teachers and university lecturers, private tutors have time on their side and are not bound by the pressures of the education system - this means they are more likely to focus solely on your academic performance as a student.   

Moreover, A private tutor’s training and flexibility gives them a few major advantages over regular teachers, such as:

  • Making use of smartphone applications used for teaching.
  • Being able to conduct classes remotely via webcam.
  • Having a study plan that pinpoints areas that need to be improved.
  • Having the freedom to hold classes in a range of open air public spaces such as an outdoor library, cafe or park.
  • An open schedule to have lessons throughout the convenient hours of the day. 
  • Organising group tutorials with other similar like-minded students.
Working as a private teacher is an extremely rewarding pursuit with many benefits.
Learn anywhere! Private tutoring is often far more flexible than traditional classes

Progressing and improving your education through private tutorials provides a great deal of satisfaction, and can therefore elevate your mood and make for a far more enjoyable experience overall. 

Getting Better Grades

The openness of a private tutors schedule means that you can contact them to arrange a lesson throughout the semester break, holidays, evenings or weekends to keep your knowledge fresh and prepare you for any future exams or important assignments.

The consistency and regularity of these lessons, more than anything, is intended on improving a student’s overall grades. A private tutor wants nothing more than to help their student/s achieve this goal and go from being an average or below-average student, to a high achieving grade A student.

But what kind of methods would a tutor incorporate into their lessons in order to achieve these long term goals?

 More often than not, a tutor will assess a student’s exams and past study habits in order to identify the gaps in their knowledge.

For example, if a student is struggling a subject, a tutor may want to ask a few questions:

  • Are there common mistake patterns in past exams?
  • Is the student putting in enough study/practice?
  • Has the student dealt with a variety of questions/scenarios?
  • Is the student struggling to manage their time during an exam?

If a student is consistently dealing with these problems, it can help to explore private lessons via SuperProf. Even if it’s not a core subject such as maths, english, science, etc. there are a wide range of specialised tutors available to help.  

For these aforementioned problems, a student may want to find private classes that focus on 

  • Exam preparation
  • Study skills
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Memorisation

For those looking to refine their search, there are more specific subjects taught such as mathematics, legal studies, history, media, music or design.

One on one lessons can alter your study routine and improve your grades
Private tutors can improve your grades by correcting gaps in your knowledge and adjusting your study routine.

The work ethic and newly found revision techniques students adopt through private tutoring equips them with the knowledge and skill set to ace future exams and see an overall drastic improvement in grades.  

Whatever education level you’re at, you’re bound to see positive results when having private lessons with a tutor. So why not be part of the booming private tutorial business today? 

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