“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Karl Lagerfield

Photography is one of the most utilized art forms in the world!

The reason is simple: anyone can embark on this artistic field since it is enough to bring your DSLR camera and to take snapshots of a cityscape or a wildlife photo, for example. In the digital age, learning photography is even easier!

Indeed, there are dozens and dozens of beginner photography lessons online, open to all. All you need is a good internet connection to discover the basics of photography and get involved in taking snapshots.

Discover why students take online photo classes!

So what exactly is an online photography course?

Why not begin the adventure of photography with an online course ?

In fact, many students who have tried online photo training are more likely to prefer this method of teaching, thanks to the diversity and ease of organization of the lesson. The whole thing is to learn to work independently by doing practical work between each course, to progress quickly in portrait photography, landscape photography or film photography.

A short description of a classic course of online photo classes:

  1. Photo initiation course, during which the teacher explains the content of the course and the student defines his objectives
  2. Setting up and understanding the necessary photo equipment (tripod, focal length, photo lens, camera, etc.)
  3. Learning  photo techniques with the teacher
  4. Sharing your work and ideas with the tutor
  5. Choosing which photos to keep and edit
  6. Final assessment and analysis of the student's progress.

Before starting the course, students must choose a place that is conducive to their learning, with the best remaining a quiet and comfortable office dedicated to the learning of photography. Finally, remember to bring a good computer but especially to acquire a good Internet connection to avoid possible disruptions during the lesson!

Let's not forget that photography is above all an art one must master in a self-taught way. The course will be above all an opportunity to learn the techniques, but especially to be able to take beautiful pictures throughout the week!

Why not take the chance to learn about the History of Photography?

Learning the history of Photography is an essential way to ensuring that you get a sense of the direction of this art and also an idea of the possibilities of it. In the words of Thomas Edison ¨I have seen so far for I have stood on the shoulders of giants¨this is a poetic way of saying that without the knowledge accrued from the study of the past his vision into the future would have been limited!

What are some of the advantages of an online course in Photography ?

Distance or on-line learning  has many advantages, whether for a beginner, intermediate or advanced level photographer!

Keep smiling and shooting thanks to the freedom of online courses!

The online photo course is particularly recommended for neophytes of this art or young students. Indeed, this online photo course takes place in a much more relaxed atmosphere than a traditional face to face photography lesson, breaking the sometimes too studious side of private lessons.

Feeling more confident when learning, the student will be more likely to take pictures regularly, in automatic mode or in manual mode, and will discover by himself some functions of his camera (shutter speed, balance of white, soft focus )

Note: You can search Superprof for online photography courses.

Check out some of the many benefits of online photo classes:

  • Friendly atmosphere: relaxed than in School run Photo classes
  • Instant chat and feedback with the teacher
  • Prices often reduced
  • Schedules not pre- arranged and thus more flexible according to your needs
  • Save time (no need to take public transport)
  • The ossibility to hire professors in the whole of The United States and beyond!
  • A wider variety of topics and specializations suited to your individual learning needs

Unfortunately, the teaching of photography in an  association or  Photo school  remains only accessible to the students living in large cities. Online photo training can avoid the pain and difficulty of having to move in order to get high level qualified training.

The student can make a long-term commitment with his teacher by pursuing a personalized  agenda geared towards improving his tailored needs in digital photography or photo editing  or post treatment - anything, basically, to get you on the right course towards becoming a professional photographer!

To check if the photographer you want to hire as your tutor is an educated pedagogue, the student can consult the many comments left by former students of the tutor on Superprof. He or she will then be able to determine if the profile of the photographer corresponds indeed to his or her expectations!

Finally, consider determining what price you oare willing to pay in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. With all this information in mind, it will be easy to find a photography tutor without taking away too much of your precious time.

Feel free to do your own research on some of the most famous photographers!

So How do I take an online photo course ?

I get the benefits, now what do I do? 

An online photography course can take place in small groups as well as individual courses: it's all about finding the right platform that speaks to you. The first step is to choose the direction of the photo course (night photo, wedding photo, culinary photo) then to compare the prices according to the teachers.

The great thing about online photography courses is that it is suitable for all budgets; there are also paid courses and internships with qualified teachers with tutorialsand free photos downloadable directly on his computer!

Here are ways  to sign up for an online course in photography: 

  • MOOC courses with different specialities such as the History of Photography, framing, composition, lighting and many many more!
  • An online Photography tutor
  • Online schools which specialize in this field
  • Photography learning softwares
  • Photography training applications
  • Online photo tutorials

On Superprof, hundreds of teachers offer their services for their online courses. The process is very simple when trying  to find a professor:  type your course  in the search tool(for example, "light painting", "studio portrait" or "black and white photo") and access the available teacher profiles.

Just take a look at the left of his profile to check if the professor accepts the distance learning photo course. Once the teacher is chosen, the student can get in touch with him directly and organize the first online lesson.

So, are you ready to get starting with your online photography lessons taught by only professionals? 

Here is a link to some of the work of our teachers .

How to choose between two online photography course ?

To hope to progress quickly and achieve a quality improvement in your photography, you  must above all else show seriousness and commitment during the lesson, but also between classes!

Check for online photography courses here.

With the right amount of dedication and commitment you'll be amazed at the incredible learning curve which you´ll achieve! What is it? O yeah, you reap what you sow!

During an online photo workshop with a professional teacher, the photo tutor will take care to follow the progress of the student step by step. The student must, beforehand, clearly define his final objectives, whether to sell his photos or to improve the editing of images. The teacher can then recommend certain resources and exercises to the student according to his selected objectives!

 There are different ways to choose between two online photo classes:

  • Taking pictures every day with your SLR camera
  • A Post (Edit) intensive course
  • Train in post-production image processing,
  • To study the different techniques in photographs (focusing of the diaphragm, against the light, natural light)
  • Build review sheets in photography
  • Aquire renowned Photographic manuals
  • Download photography apps
  • Do practical exercises with the websites dedicated to photography
  • Organize photoshooting sessions in a studio or exterior location

As you can see, the photo course brings many benefits, but sometimes requires more involvement than a face-to-face course. And so much the better, since the student will be able to develop his artistic autonomy more easily, a quality essential to one day becoming one of the great photographers of this world!

Some teachers also have photo blogs or social media  sites where they showcase and share their work. Remember to take a tour of their photography web pages to immerse yourself in their world and deepen your knowledge of photography! This way you will also know more about what the teachers offers and will then be able to better find a tutor that emphasizes or even contrast your needs. Online photography courses are such a tailored made experience also becasue you get to choose between so many tutors!

So how much is an online photography course?

Does online photo courses cost more or less than a traditional course? The answer is ... it depends!

In reality, it is quite possible to take a free photo course through online photo tutorials or educational applications. Nevertheless, this free is sometimes onlya  facade: it will often be between 20 euros and 30 euros for a monthly subscription to a quality photo application, a price equivalent to a traditional course!

Become a TRUE master of photography thanks to the incredible advantages of an online course.

On Superprof, the average price of an online photo courseis 34 Dollars, a rate comparable to a traditional course. However, the student can access more experienced teachers here than in a face-to-face lesson and can also find state-qualified teachers with years of teaching experience.

These qualified teachers generally offer price reductions as part of an online course. Indeed, teachers do not have to budget travel or rent a photo studio at their expense, which sometimes explains the consequent drop in price between an online course and a conventional course.

With a more selective online course you will be able to space lessons and thus save some precious hard earned Dollars!

Also note worthy is  that on Superprof more than 92% of teachers agree to give a first free photo course. That should be enough to test this new teaching method !

Finally, keep in mind that the student and teacher can agree to implementing a sliding scale with the teacher as part of a long-term photo course.

So, why not go into photo learning with online photography training?

There are many books out there that can help you get a btter sense of Photography! Check them out!

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