In a British Council meeting, David Grabbol confirmed in 2007, “The world is becoming polyglot and Arabic and Spanish are the languages of the future.”


Faced with the growing ascent of the language and its undeniable influence in the world, especially in the business world, it’s thus natural that more and more students want to learn it.

Do you speak Spanish at a very high level? Are you perhaps even a native Spanish-speaker or simply bilingual following your numerous language-immersion trips?

If you are patient and have good teaching skills, you have certainly already thought about using your time to offer a Spanish class to earn a little pocket money!

Since Spanish courses are in demand, becoming qualified to give quality classes to a group is a great way for a native speaker in an English speaking country to make some extra cash.

You could offer these courses to University students hoping to get the best marks possible, or even to high school students learning Spanish! Your time would be highly valued by these people, who could accelerate their learning by a degree of years by relying on your tutelage.

The hard part is finding your first clients. How can you make yourself known?

Here is some advice for finding your first group for Spanish speaking classes!

Classified Ads for Spanish Teachers

The oldest methods are often the best.

Classified ads are still a sure way to find people who want to master the Spanish language.

So, place ads in numerous places and soon you’ll be the teacher for many group and individual Spanish speaking classes!

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Local Businesses

Make the rounds of the businesses in your area: coffee shops, bakeries… The places that get a lot of traffic and who can make a difference.

Leave a short note near the cash register or on a bulletin board explaining that you offer Spanish lessons for anyone who would like to perfect or improve their linguistic skills.

Local newspapers

Have you thought about local newspapers?

For a fee, some newspapers allow you to leave a personal ad with your contact information.

finding new students tutoring
Local newspapers are en excellent way to make yourself known as a private tutor!

How to go about it? It’s very simple – either you contact the newspaper directly, or you look online:

  • Go to the website of the local newspaper
  • Register
  • Write your ad
  • Choose the publication date
  • Pay online
  • All you have to do is wait for a confirmation email!

Which newspapers to choose? It’s easy: do some research on which newspapers are the most popular or most read in your town! If you would like to become a Spanish professor in Melbourne, choose The Age or The Herald Sun, for example!

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The Internet is still the largest source in the world for information.

So definitely don’t skip out on the most popular international sites!

For those who would like a small list of ideas:

  • Gumtree is a great place to post an advertisement as a teacher of Spanish courses. It’s simple, free, and accessible – it can’t be beat!
  • eBay Classifieds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Post your profile as a teacher on Superprof!

Word of Mouth

Finally, there is the method of word of mouth.

It’s not to be underestimated. You certainly have friends who have friends of their own who know a family whose parents are looking for a Spanish teacher for their son in school!

The few minutes it would take to approach someone about offering classes to their child could really save you many more minutes of creating ads online and putting up flyers! The personal touch really is the best way to find people who want to link up with you on their learning journey.

There’s just one rule: TALK TO PEOPLE!

ways to find students for tutoring
Tell your friends that you have excellent Spanish skills and that you would like to become a private tutor!

Why not mention it on your social media channels? Likes and Retweets might lead to a surprising result!

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Organizations for Private Tutoring

Organizations for private tutoring are more and more sought after.

However, in the current day gig economy, better use of your time than handing out CV's may be to look for organisations to host your advertisement, rather than provide to just provide you with a class directly.

That way you can choose who is in your class, what year levels you teach and whether or not you teach to university students. Just read the many profiles already available online to see what type of format your post should follow.

The global private tutoring market surpassed $102.8 billion in 2018, and still continues to grow.

Experienced teachers with a bachelor’s degree charge around $40-$50 per hour, while less practised teachers charge closer to $25 per hour.

Regarding your status and experience level, each organization has its own rules. You might be expected to know how to organize a Spanish lesson.

In the majority of cases, you will be hired as a salaried tutor and will be able to enjoy the advantages of being part of a larger organization.

So what are some of the most well-known organizations?

how to teach spanish
The organizations for academic help employ each year several thousands of private tutors.
  • In Melbourne, for example, there are many ways to be hired as a private Spanish tutor.
    As previously mentioned, you may choose to be a self-employed tutor and post your teaching profile on websites such as Superprof. The average rate per hour for a Spanish tutor in Australia is $30/h.
  • Dedicated Spanish language schools such as Learn Spanish World, El Patio and The Spanish Cat are three well-established and reputable Spanish language schools in Melbourne's CBD. These institutions pay their teachers and tutors handsomely for lessons to English speakers, however they require their each teacher to be highly qualified and skilled before accepting you into their ranks.

Online Platforms for Spanish Lessons

As you see, organizations for scholarly help offer tutors a certain amount of security. With their numerous students you are guaranteed to have work.

The drawback?

You are constrained by the rates for Spanish lessons, the hours, the choice of your lessons...

If you want a bit more freedom, online platforms seem like the ideal solution.

Learning Spanish online is fashionable right now, and in the era of technology it’s an excellent way to find students!

Less onerous than a language school, online platforms are a great way for students to progress.

Are there any downsides?

Yes, there are downsides to online platforms too.

The biggest drawback is that of status.

Generally, it is advisable to declare yourself as a freelancer.

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But be warned: freelancers have to pay a lot in taxes every year.

You only have to pay these taxes if you earn a certain amount, but the taxes are not negligible, and should certainly be taken into account when you set your rates.

The second drawback is directly linked to your source of revenue: finding students.

You will have to be clever and creative and employ business savvy to distinguish yourself from and market yourself better than your competitors.

How can you do that?

  • Fill out your profile! List all your degrees, your experience, your hobbies, and all the skills necessary to be a Spanish professor.
  • Make sure you highlight your professional experience, but also your personal experience: do you like to travel? Have you been to South America? These elements are important and might make the difference between you and another student—you will be able to enrich the culture of your student.
  • Explain your methods. What makes you a good teacher?
    What do you offer? Lessons for adults, review, beginner lessons, business Spanish, etc. What is your specialty?
  • Offer competitive pricing: why not offer your first lesson for free?

So which online platforms should you choose?

Superprof is the go-to platform: review, test prep, improvement of oral or written skills…

Each professor offers their teaching specialty.

You can set your rate at whatever you want. Get an idea of the other rates in your region before you decide.

What makes this site different? Students can leave public reviews and ratings for their professors.

If you prove yourself, your protégés will soon sing your praises on your profile, allowing you to easily obtain new clients.

Registration is simple, the lessons are simplified, the payment is direct: there’s no reason not to give it a try!

Creating Your Own Website

If you want to launch your career as a freelancer, you will need to find ways to make yourself stand out.

How can you do that?

Simply create your own website.

how to get students spanish tutoring
Creating your own website will allow you to display a more professional profile.

Much better than a resume, your website will be a powerful tool to promote yourself.

However, it won’t be useful unless it is noticed by those on the Internet.

To get your website noticed, you will need to optimize it for search engines.

Register with WordPress to create a website rapidly at the lowest price.

If you are a novice in website building and the term “SEO optimization” only vaguely means something to you, why not ask a professional to create your website?

Superprof has many IT specialists at your service who can create your website. Why not compare the various offerings and prices, taking note of the reviews of past users.

With a website that’s organized, modern, and clear, you won’t have to do any more work, the students will come to you!

You will need to gain a certain visibility, which will come with good SEO optimization, before you see the results.

  • Don’t forget to demonstrate your value: your experience, your university degree…
  • Outline your method, your approach: learn Spanish online via games, in-person academic lessons, Skype conversations, etc.
  • What tools do you use? Do you give your students Spanish vocabulary lists, Spanish grammar worksheets? Videos or audio?
  • Indicate your hourly rate.
  • Also offer some deals. What about a special student rate?
  • Adapt your prices: night courses, weekend, weekday afternoon…
  • Specify your target audience: children, students, adults… Are you able to give Spanish lessons for beginner, intermediate, or advanced speakers? For all levels?

All of this needs to be mentioned if you want to attract the largest possible number of students!

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