The role of a good fitness trainer is to accompany the student in their personal fitness training program: explaining the right gestures and movements in order to progress and, also extremely crucial, clearly identifying what that student should not do in order to avoid injury!

Imagine this: a new, potential client injures himself during one of your personal training sessions... oh the shame!

Whether the objective is weight loss (burning calories, slimming down), sculpting your body (muscle toning, muscle gain), reinforcing your glutes, improving core strength or attaining an attractive figure, every personal training session must be accompanied by healthy eating habits!

Therefore, you should instil nutritive eating and prevent your student from the classic pitfalls of going to the pub directly after training to enjoy some delicious fish and chips with by a frothy pint!

Exercising well can bring great results
Being a Personal Trainer can be enjoyable if you follow these instructions! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Abdominals: Wrong Movements That Need to be Eliminated

Abdominal exercises are classic when it comes to fitness classes, individual or collective, and they need to be practised with care in order to avoid any injuries, especially back injuries...

To achieve your goal and to have those beautiful, coveted six pack abs, it is very important to have a schedule and be regular in your abdominal exercises!

For example, with at least one or two abdominal sessions per week!

A back or neck injury is enough to discourage you and cause you to indefinitely abandon any type of personal training exercises.

While practising the crunch, one of the simplest and most effective abdominal exercises, correctly place your fingers behind your ears to make sure your head is well supported by your hands, while you lift your chest up. During your exercise classes, think about using a towel to support your head while you lift your chest up from the ground.

Another recommended abdominal exercise is the flutter or leg kick!

However, be careful, there is a risk of injury while doing this exercise: lowering your legs too low and digging your back into the floor while you are kicking your legs. This is not good at all!

To obtain a more defined abdominal area, it is important not to forget all the diverse exercises that can be done with different positions on ab-machines or reclining benches with the appropriate weights. However, be careful, you are not Arnold Schwarzenegger yet, so don't use too much weight, you could risk hurting a back muscle!

Muscle gaining or resistance training is an amazing exercise to tone your muscles. However, be cautious while doing the plank, the most common exercise done to gain and tone muscles, in order not to damage your joints or back muscles.

While performing the plank, it is extremely important to contract your abs and glutes in order to support your body weight on your arms and toes.

Check out this article of 10 Forms of Resistance Training That Strengthen Your Muscles. It's a great read and you will learn about new exercises, other than the plank, to help you gain and maintain your muscular strength.

During all exercise sessions and at home personal training, be sure to breathe well. Here is a technique that every good personal trainer london should know and have memorized:

 "Exhale from the mouth and contract your abdominals while you lift your chest up. Then inhale from your nose when you lower your body back towards the ground."

Weight Training: Situations and Positions to Remember For Your Personal Training Sessions

The shoulder joints are the most unstable of the human body...

Unfortunately, they are also the most used in upper body weight training, because you work your biceps, deltoids or pectorals while doing bench presses.

During weight training sessions, be sure to stop the movement when the shoulder joint rises and passes the extent of a 90° angle. Don't go any farther, you'll regret it later...

That is one of the main mistakes to avoid while weight training!

The face pull is an exercise to avoid if you have not yet completely mastered the movement, because it could damage the scapular joint, a major joint in the shoulder. An accredited home or online personal trainer near you could show you the correct moves in order to not get hurt. Personal trainers have a passion for health and fitness and they would be their pleasure to create a fitness plan tailored to you!

Bench presses are a classic exercise included in many peoples workout routine. They are crucial in order to define the pectoral muscles. The bench press boasts fantastic results but is not without its abundance of potential errors. The squat, that is performed during resistance training exercises or CrossFit based fitness program needs to be executed well in order to avoid any potential back injuries. If you keep your back straight and do as the personal trainer says you will turn heads on the beach this summer!

Working through the pain in order to gain
Bench press exercises come with many potential errors but when done right they can boast great results. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Generally speaking, while using weightlifting equipment in gyms, remember to warm up all areas that you will exercise during your personal training session and don't hesitate to consult with a qualified fitness professional to determine what equipment to use.

Logically speaking, lifting 200kgs of weight on a bench press during the first session is impossible! Baby steps... Remember that Rome was not built in a day. The same can be said about that perfect body you envision. Motivation will help you get there very soon. Whether you are athletic or not getting yourself in shape and developing a healthier lifestyle with be a rewarding experience that will help you build your self-confidence.

If your clients are of a certain age, let's say 65+, you should know that weight training is not a lost cause. Many studies have shown that resistance training and bodybuilding can fight against sarcopenia (decrease in muscle mass) and can strengthen bone and tendon structures.

With an ageing population, why not develop specific fitness classes with senior citizens in mind?

Personal Trainers: Advice Not to Give for Weight Loss

Never promise super fast weight loss to your clients because this is not realistic and it could put their health in danger. 

The principal inconvenience of a quick diet is the yo-yo effect: to lose weight quickly, you have to create a trauma in your body. The problem is that your body develops the bad habit of storing all your fat when you go back to a normal diet.

This is one of the main errors when trying to lose weight!

Another negative effect of quick weight loss: is the extreme fatigue you will feel and the bad breath you will develop due to the notable lack of saliva. These two things will not contribute to a very successful work life and plus chicks do not dig it!

Finally, rapid weight loss trains your body to remember. The body remembers the things you deprived it of and the more dieting you do, the more difficult it will be to lose body fat.

To lose weight in a more durable and permanent way, think about the different kinds of cardio-training that are favourable to the cardiovascular system, like:

  • jogging
  • rowing
  • outdoor biking
  • the treadmill
  • and the indoor stationary bicycle that is available at any fitness near you.

Cardiovascular exercises should always be associated with muscular reinforcement training:

  • General Physical Preparedness (GPP)
  • Muscle Toning
  • Squats and abdominals
  • Fitness classes such as pilates and yoga

To achieve great results and to be assured you are doing the exercises right, hire a professional sports coach uk. Many have a trainer certification, and it is there goal to have you achieve your goals.

Choosing a certified personal trainer for group training at a sports club can be intimidating for some. With that being said, you could easily become an at home fitness instructor to give one on one sessions that are customized and personalized to the student's distinct needs.

If you are overweight, don't think that running is to be avoided like the plague. You may just need to follow a few tips from Superprof to avoid injuring yourself!

Personal Training: Things not to do During Cardio Training!

Cardio is definitely the solution to burning cellulite and unflattering excess fat, but be cautious not to fall into the trap of doing whatever seems right during your cardio training!

As a personal trainer, you need to guide your students and help them avoid the common misconceptions that be heard about in fitness centres or health clubs around the globe.

It may seem completely obvious, but training with an injury is absurd and very dangerous.

How many fellow runners do you know that have continued to run and train for kilometres despite their various aches and pains? 

If minor injuries are the case, stop doing the activity in order to prevent more serious injuries (fractures, muscle tearing) and focus on trauma-free sports such as:

  • swimming
  • indoor biking (only if your knees aren't injured)
  • yoga (be careful of certain delicate positions)
  • and less physically challenging gym exercises that don't strain the body.
Race you across the bridge
Cardio can be done in many entertaining ways such as hiking, jogging or swimming. (Source: Visual Hunt) provides a great article detailing the 3 most effective running workouts for losing weight. The article suggests aerobic intervals these are useful running workouts to torch a lot of calories, burn fat and boost your metabolism.

Intermittent fasting is all the rage right now. If you are a disciplined and controlled person, fasting can reap wonderful weight loss results for you.

Whether you are a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of person or an Olympic athlete, never forget this piece of advice: your training program needs to be progressive and consistent! Don't give up, you need to stay motivated!

If you want to progress and reach your fitness goals, you need to respect and understand that gradual and consistent training sessions are the secret. Also, don't forget to give your body the rest it needs. This is essential to have success in your future exercise sessions and it will make your body more resistant.

You're a great athlete and a fan of jogging, biking, marathon running and swimming but you will go nowhere if you do not abandon smoking right away. Cigarettes are endurance athletes worst enemy. Smoking rapidly diminishes lung capacity as well as the gas exchange with the blood. If you care about your wellness, want to stay healthy and be a top athlete, STAY AWAY FROM THE CIGS!

Consider that by saving 2 packets of Marlboro's a week, you could treat yourself and buy that carbon fibre bike you've always dreamed of. Isn't that worth quitting the addiction?

A Nutritional Diet: Be Aware of the Advice Some May Give!

If you wish to get the best result from your personal training, it is also necessary to discuss your student's diet and eating habits.

However, be careful of misinformed advice about dieting! Find a personal trainer or dietitian near you for help.

A nutritional diet is a great help. Fruits and vegetables need to be incorporated along with healthy proteins after each exercise session in order to build strong, toned muscles. 

Healthline has brilliant nutrition plans and gives great advice about post-workout nutrition, such as what carbs, fats and proteins are best to eat after each workout. There are also some delicious sample post-workout meals.

Bon Appétit!

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