Since the launch of our one on one tutoring start-up in 2013, we have emphasised the need for a relationship of trust between the Superprof team and the website’s users.

We believe that establishing this kind of relationship is fundamental for our tutoring website to succeed as well as those who use it.

Whether you’re looking for in-home tutoring with a one to one tutor, or you want to become a tutor yourself, we at Superprof want you to have a safe and stress-free experience.

This is why we help  our new tutors get started with their profiles. Whether you're teaching algebra, trigonometry and calculus, want to begin language tutoring or specialise as a science tutor, we'll support you in your teaching journey.

According to a survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics, 89% of people surveyed had recently used the internet, however internet users are aware than the world wide web can pose threats.

When it comes to protecting personal data online, it’s important to be vigilant and only disclose sensitive information such as bank details to trusted sites.

Maintaining strict security is part of our guarantees that build trust with our users
We never compromise the security of your personal information ¦ source: Pixabay - Pexels

The digital age has opened a whole economy for technology and its uses.

Unlike traditional home tutoring companies, all of Superprof's engagements between private tutor and tutee are organised online.

We appreciate the growing importance of the World Wide Web in our everyday lives and wish to be a part of this shift, embracing technological advancements to solve the problems this new age brings.

For this reason, as an online tutoring company, we want our users to be able to put their trust in us so that we may help them progress in their teaching or learning.

Our main objective from the start of the Superprof adventure is for everyone to have access to the sharing of knowledge.

Whether our students are looking to learn from scratch, get homework help, refresh their memory of a subject or perfect their study skills with supplemental instruction, this goal can only be met if we keep our promises.

For those who want our help on the way to academic success as well as those who are already regular users of Superprof, we would like to share our team’s guarantees.

Verified Reviews of Our Tutors

The opinions of other internet users make a big difference to those making a decision online.

Surfers are reading reviews in growing numbers before spending money on a product or service.

However, some of this same group would be prepared to enrol in a tutoring agency where the learner has no say in selecting their tutor.

At Superprof, we understand the importance of trustworthy, individualised tutoring services where students can find a tutor to suit their needs.

We believe that pupils should have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the methodology of each tutor, so that they can make a decision based on their strengths and weaknesses and whether they will be tutored according to their learning style.

How can you be sure that a tutor will be good at advising you academically?

What kind of exercises will your home tutor give you?

These questions will remain unanswered until you meet your tutor, but this is no different from contacting a tutor who has advertised in the local newspaper, for example.

If anything, finding a tutor with Superprof gives you a better idea of the teaching methods of an educator as you can read about their qualifications, experience and areas of expertise.

You may end up finding the tutor of your dreams, but, of course, the opposite is also possible.

This is why the Superprof team has been dedicated to revolutionising private tuition since its founding 4 years ago.

Find a tutor that suits your learning style
With Superprof, finding a tutor is never down to chance - the choice is yours ¦ source: Pixabay - ejaugsburg

One part of our mission is making sure students have the opportunity to ascertain that the tutor suits their needs before making any financial commitment.

The verified review system is our way of measuring the quality of our tutors:

  • the one on one tutor asks their past students to write a review on their profile
  • tutors, therefore, stay motivated and deliver high-quality teaching as good reviews means more students
  • reviews allow future pupils to read more about the tutor’s teaching style and make a decision

So, whether you’re looking for a math tutor, language tutors, or physics tutors in your local area, you can browse tutor profiles absolutely free!

Qualification Requirements to Become a Tutor with Superprof

Unlike many tutoring companies, Superprof does not require prospective tutors to hold a minimum level of qualification to begin mentoring.

This also means that you don't have to be a certified teacher and there is no minimum level of education, so you can teach at college level, as an undergrad, or as a peer tutor.

Anyone who has knowledge to share can teach. All we ask is that tutors be passionate about their subject and put thought into their lesson plans before they begin tutor jobs.

So whether you want to join out community of Spanish tutors or English tutors that help children develop their academic skills such as reading and writing, grammar, spelling and comprehension, we work to make becoming a tutor an exciting experience.

Our relaxed system is what allows self-taught tutors or professionals to be part of the tutoring community as they have valuable experience that could benefit learners.

Nevertheless, when it comes to academic tutoring, it is normal to want a tutor with the relevant qualifications to help you boost your grades.

For example, during the exam preparation period in the run up to GCSEs, you’ll want a tutor who has at least an A Level in the subject. Without this, their knowledge of your syllabus and exam technique will not be sufficient.

We check and approve the qualifications of each of our tutors so you know what you’re getting.

We do this by asking for scanned copies of their certificates or exams as well as verifying their identity to keep you safe.

Once our team has approved a tutor’s documents and identity, a badge reading ‘Tutor profile verified’ will be displayed on the left of their profile page.

An Ad-free Online Tuition Experience

A study carried out by Opinion Way in 2015 revealed that only 5% of internet users find online advertising to be relevant to their lifestyles, with only 3% finding it helpful.

At Superprof, we understand the annoyance that online ads can cause and work hard to make sure you're cared for.

Our website sees over 12,000 searches per day for academic tuition, sports coaching and even music lessons!

And of the 12,000 people looking for a tutor, how many have to put up with advertising? The answer is none at all!

Our website has been created with the user in mind to produce an ergonomic platform that is simple to use.

Personalised Search Results

Every search of the Superprof website is tailored to the student’s situation. The platform takes your geographical location into account and displays your closest in home tutors first.

So if you’re looking for a math tutor in London, we can assure you that your search results for face-to-face lessons will not feature any tutors from Manchester.

Superprof's profile verification system takes the stress out of finding the right tutor for you
We check tutors so you don't have to ¦ source: Pixabay - StartupStockPhotos

With over 1.5 million highly motivated and passionate tutors, Superprof is the largest tutoring community in the UK.

For this reason, you may be wondering how search results are sorted when you make a request.

Tutors are classed according to:

  • their geographical location
  • the subject they teach
  • whether their profile and qualifications match what you’re looking for
  • their response time (which is usually less than 24 hours)

Protecting Your Personal Data

Data protection is a high priority for the Superprof team, who work to maintain a relationship of trust between the website and its users.

We do all we can to ensure that your personal information is kept safe. Unlike other companies, we don’t commercialise your data and we will never sell it on to a third party.

When creating your Superprof profile, you will enter your full name, address and qualifications – but this information will remain strictly confidential.

How Private Tuition with Superprof Works

Some internet users may feel apprehensive about sharing information online – and with good reason. This is why we employ high security measures  to ensure that all users from students to tutors are protected.

Whether you’re a tutor or tutee, joining the Superprof community is simple:

  • you register with Superprof for free
  • you complete your profile with as much information as possible
  • you pay nothing when searching and contacting tutors or students

The only charges incurred by students are those for their hourly lessons, and tutors pay no commission.

Superprof is 100% free to use.

We offer the best tutors UK so that students can have the best possible experience with Superprof, and these guarantees are our promise to you.

All you need to do is sign up!

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