The demand for private tutors has remained largely unaffected by recent economic troubles.

In fact, according to Melbourne Child Psychology, "while the school curriculum is becoming increasingly academically rigorous, more and more children are falling behind… and the result is an increase in private tutoring for students around the country."
The need for specialised private tutoring services, to provide students with homework help, academic support and exam preparation is growing, not shrinking.

Many parents have made the decision for their child to seek tutoring services.

But what about if your child is already getting good grades? Would they still benefit from tutoring services?
Of course, every child is different, what advice might work for one child may not work for another. However, if you are interested in your child receiving tutoring but do not want to pay top dollar, consider finding the contact of an online tutor, who offers classes over webcam.

Are you concerned about the stigma placed upon a child who needs a private instructor?

In reality, it is hard for a student to excel in all their studies at school when every student has their strengths and weaknesses. These are the demands placed on children by the education system. A tutor can provide clarity in areas where the child struggles, so that their development occurs more evenly, giving the child more choices and opportunities later in life, such as when choosing between college or university courses.

An online teacher/instructor is always just an email away. Many students would benefit from help with maths work in particular. Many tutors offer guidance through difficult concepts such as geometry, algebra, calculus and trigonometry.

English and English as a second language (ESL) are classes where a lot of time must be spent studying in order to obtain the necessary writing skills to do well in an assessment. Some students, whose linguistic development does not meet the standards expected by the school, will receive the contact information of academic support staff to help accelerate a student's learning and build their English skills. Such academic support often takes place in the school’s library and is frequently subsidised by certain learning support programs. This sort of private tutoring can often get a student back to a level where they can participate in classes and no longer require academic support.

Writing is just one of the many skills that can be developed through private tutorials. Don’t underestimate the power of a teacher and student working as a formidable team.

Private Tutorials: Tailored Help

Foreign language study can also often be a problematic area for many learners. This is one area where there are many online and face-to-face tutors you can hire to give your child effective guidance and resources which may not be available to them at school, where the teacher must cater to the needs of 24 different students simultaneously.

So if your child has to catch up to others, or if they wish to get ahead, find a tutor who is available to come to your house and adapt their tutoring approach for your child. Offer to pay for one private lesson, with a centre or with a recommended tutor, where you can view their teaching style, and decide whether or not they meet the development goals of your child. Your child may enjoy the teaching style of the new person in their life, who they may also find more relatable than the teacher who is constantly telling them off.

This person is there to review the information which is studied at school, and to ensure the student has learned what is required of them, often by bringing in any external resources to make things easier to understand for the student. Once you view that your tutor and your child are working together in a team, you can know that the guidance will not only have a good impact on the child’s assessment scores, but it will also have a positive impact on the child’s health. That’s because we’re social creatures who often need to be taught things by someone who wants the best for us.

Study in private tutorials can increase the chances of a student getting into their desired university course. Just go to the library one day and you will see students learning from academic support staff.

Research suggests that tutoring will help you achieve your academic aims (Source: peakpx)


Research indicates that the best approach to tutoring is a ‘personalised approach’. This means that tutors:

  • Adapt exercises
  • Go more in-depth on general topics
  • Start the lesson with a question and allow the student to discover the answer on their own
  • Encourage their student
  • Provide examples to illustrate complicated concepts
  • Give student personalised feedback on writing
  • Liaise with school staff if the student has particularly complicated issues
  • Offer advice on university courses

The tutor is also a motivational coach whose mission is to create a curious, relaxed, passionate and autonomous learner who’s ready for their final exams.

In a nutshell, a tutor's job is to make the tutee passionate about the subject, to build up the students’ skills which need improvement, and to give information and advice which will improve the student's likelihood of success in the chosen course.

10 Reasons to Take Private Lessons

Lessons within a standard classroom are always aimed at the majority of students, without taking into account individual differences amongst the various members of the class.
For the teacher, it is simply too time intensive to teach each concept in a unique way to different students. Classes are therefore workshops that are standardised in a way which may be difficult for certain students to grasp.

For example, kinaesthetic learners, who absorb information by feeling or doing, won’t benefit as much from these standardised workshops.

That’s where private tutorials can help.

Ensure your child’s education provides a secure path to success (Source: peakpx)


Here are your 10 reasons to have private tutorials:

To catch up: Regardless of the reason for falling behind, private tutorials can help children catch up.

To consolidate knowledge: Tutorials are the perfect opportunity for going back over the day’s studies.

To get ready for an exam: Whether for VCE, QCE, SACE, or any other final exams, private tutorials are great for preparing for exams.

To aim for the top: An intensive academic support programme for gifted children could be what gets them into a top college or university.

To improve their grades: Whatever the subject or exam, private tutorials can focus on difficult subjects.

To learn how to learn: Tutees can form habits that make them better learners.

To build good habits: Supplemental instruction can make studying a habit and students will develop a great work ethic.

To tailor teaching: The lessons are for the student and nobody else, whether they’re a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner.

To learn how to love a subject: Tutorials can push students to fall in love with their least favourite subjects.

To learn new things: Private tutorials can assist in teaching new skills from outside the curriculum, such as speaking a foreign language, playing a musical instrument, or painting.

Why Should You not Take Private Tutorials?

There are a couple of reasons why people choose not to have private tutorials: the stigma of needing academic support, financial reasons, or disappointment with the service being offered.

These are all very legitimate and understandable reasons. Especially if the cost is too great for the family to bear, consider other ways to ensure that your child is prepared and confident for their exams.

If you are however would like to find a tutor for your child, check out companies like Superprof offering in-home academic support in your area. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Can you really afford not to?

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