Aren’t we lucky we live in a time where any amount of information we could possibly want or need is virtually at our fingertips?

Imagine students of chemistry a century ago, whose only fonts of information were their professors or their campus library – and, at that, such sources may have been so terribly out of date due to some fantastic discovery recently made elsewhere in the world.

Personal letters, conferences and publications were the ways scientists stayed current on scientific knowledge but those events didn’t happen every day, let alone at any given moment.

Contrast that with our modern practices: email and teleconferencing, collaborative work platforms; document sharing software and near-instantaneous publication online...

And the mightiest librarian ever; the keeper and dispenser of information: the search engine.

Just as you might query a human librarian for books on a certain topic – whereupon s/he would send you chasing down your elusive tome, search engines respond to your queries by throwing up possible results that most closely address the keywords you typed in.

Here at Superprof, we are much more focused on bringing you everything you could ask for with regard to education, from a wide selection of tutors to articles dealing with specific school subjects mandated by our national curriculum.

This article follows that trend by delivering a list of resources to help you master what some think is a most challenging subject: chemistry.

Apps and podcasts; videos and more: your Superprof taps into the vast resources available online to bring you the best chemistry review materials on the ‘Net.

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GCSE Chemistry Revision Resources

So many chemistry review apps; so little storage!
You have a wide selection of chemistry study apps to choose from! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

As the science portion of your exam is actually a three-parter dealing with Biology and Physics as well as Chemistry, it would be understandable that you would dread that segment of your upcoming ordeal.

Test anxiety is a very real phenomenon and one of the best ways to combat it is by being secure in the knowledge that you know your subject matter cold well before you enter the testing room.

Which means that the time to start preparing is now!

Naturally, we’d never recommend sitting for hours with your textbook open in front of you; diversifying your learning experience will cement your knowledge of chemistry so much more efficiently.

To that end, you might like...

Apps to Help you Retain Chemistry Particulars

At the top of this list must surely be the Royal Society of Chemistry’s periodic table, an interactive utility that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about every single element on the chart.

Roll your mouse over any given block to discover its electron configuration, key isotopes, and density.

Click on any element to learn who discovered it and when, its history, its pressure and temperature data and a host of other resources such as videos and podcasts directly related to that specific element.

You may bookmark that page on your computer or download the app; engineered for both Apple and Android operating systems.

Incidentally, the Royal Chemistry Society also hosts a wildly informative podcast!

Complete Chemistry provides a strong foundation of the science through a systematic progression from one level of understanding to the next.

This app provides you with quizzes, questions, and tutorials, from basic formulas to bonding, but is only available for Android operating systems.

Beware that there have been some negative reviews, mainly because of grammatical errors and sentence structures. The chemistry, however, is sound and this app’s functions are decidedly helpful in mastering chemistry concepts.

Are you a bit bewildered about how to calculate the enthalpy and theoretical yield of a chemical reaction?

What about computing the properties of gases using various gas laws?

Indeed, a good part of chemistry is maths, but with Wolfram Alpha’s Chemistry Assistant, you might let down your guard enough to master these and other step-by-step calculations as the app performs them.

Perhaps its best feature is the customised keyboard that permits you to enter an element’s symbol directly, rather than type it out from a standard QWERTY keyboard.

Of course, if that’s the keyboard you’d rather use, you are welcome to do so – the app incorporates both.

This Chemistry Assistant can save you time doing your chemistry homework, too! Just be aware that if your teacher expects you to explain your answer, you are able to do so.

This app is formatted for both iPhone and iPad and can be used on an Android system as well.

Are there any chemistry revision websites that could compare?

Podcasts for GCSE Chemistry Review

Besides the above-mentioned Royal Chemistry Society podcasts, we found GCSEPod to be particularly helpful in preparing for the exams.

Whereas most other science podcasts tend to lump all physical sciences together, these two podcasts treat chemistry as a discipline unto itself.

Even better: GCSEPod is specifically tailored to test prep, covering all five exam board specifications!

A one-year subscription starts at £200; that fee increases depending on the number of subjects you sign up to receive podcasts for.

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Listening to chemistry podcasts is a great way to study on the go!
You'll be happy to know there are several engaging chemistry podcasts for you to listen to on the go! Source: Pixabay Credit: Pix1861

A-Level Chemistry Revision Resources

If you are an A-Levels candidate, you might find certain applications we’ve already mentioned helpful, such as the Royal Chemical Society’s table of periodic elements or the formula calculator.

However, there are plenty of apps and other chemistry review resources available targeted to those studying at your level.

Helpful Apps for A-Level Students

Although school curriculum does a fair job of separating the various sciences, the fact is that physics and chemistry are intimately intertwined and nowhere is this more evident than with Atoms in Motion.

This app, designed for the iPad, demonstrates how atoms work in the full of their trajectory.

We are all well-versed in the two-dimensional representation of atoms: their structure and their bonds; what attracts or reacts with what and why such actions occur.

What we are less familiar with is how one atom seeks out another to form a molecule, in the vast soup that is the environment, to become the elements that we study so ardently.

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Atoms in Motion gives us atomic theory at its visual best: an interactive simulation that performs computational chemistry even as you watch the atoms move.

You can play around with them, too: increase the temperature or the pressure, choose the element you wish to examine and perform simulated experiments.

It’s not all watching atoms swim around, either. There is text to go along with any calculations or experiments you launch yourself into.

Surely, by this point in your studies. you have already been introduced to software that will help you draw molecules and design chemical formulas, right?

Unless you’ve been working with Molprime+, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Starting from scratch, you may design any molecule on your study list and, once complete, name it and save it to your data bank. You may also upload to email and share it!

Once you have created your desired compound, simply click on its icon to read all of its molecular properties:

  • hydrogen bond acceptors

  • hydrogen bond donors

  • molecular weight

  • rotatable bond

  • chemical formula

Of course, life is not all about atomic structure; if you need a break from your organic chemistry studies or nuclear chemistry, simply access their built-in game to let off a bit of steam.

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Podcasts for Chemistry A-Level Review

Nobody expects anyone to sit for hours, in the review of test material. Still, you can review fundamental chemistry while on the go by downloading podcasts targeted to your area of study – and it just so happens that there are some good ones out there.

Naturally, you should check out the Royal Chemistry Society podcasts as there is abundant material to help you succeed on that site.

Beyond that, you may steer yourself to Podbean, who has created a series of 20 podcasts meant especially for A-Level candidates that you can download from their app, available for Android and iOS.

Are you confused over covalent bonding? What is so special about alkalane combustion?

Pop your earbuds in and go for a run; soon these chemistry topics and others will become crystal clear and you’ll feel great!

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With chemistry review apps like these, you're sure to stay glued to your phone!
These chemistry review applications are sure to keep you glued to your phone! Source: PixabayCredit: Nature Addict

Other Resources for Chemistry Review

For getting a visual on sticky chemistry topics, you may take a break to view a few videos on Crash Course Chemistry.

There, you will find a video library stocked with everything from solids to buffers to carbons, with the history of atomic theory thrown in for good measure.

Each video is around 10 minutes long and narrated in American Englishbe sure to tune your ears!

And, as long as you have them tuned, why not make use of Khan Academy’s impressive collection of chemistry instructional videos?

There, you will be treated to explanations of concepts such as stoichiometry and redox reactions. Each topic’s video comes complete with exercises and a quiz to help you determine your grasp of the material.

Chemistry blogs might come in as a last resort – after all of the reading you do to understand your subject matter, why take on more?

Because getting a different perspective of the discipline will permit you to embrace it more easily!

And these blogs make embracing chemistry easy, indeed.

Top-rated Chemistry Blogs

Scholarly Kitchengeneral discussions about social and technical impacts on the scientific realm
Compound InterestExploring the chemistry of everyday living
Just Like CookingResearch tips and techniques, jobs, paper reviews
The Chronicle FlaskDispelling junk science; chemistry around us
Science communication mediahow to publish findings; how to ask for research grants

We now round out our list of resources by including games with a chemistry theme.

Top-rated Chemistry Games

SpacechemProduce chemical molecules to create circuitsyes
ChemCaperA role play adventureyes
Professor Why ChemistryConduct experiments in a virtual laboratoryno
Backside AttackOrganic chemistry game with a focus on SN2 reactionsno

Poring over chemistry revision books and too much studying can be as harmful to your test result as too little review would be, so remember to mix things up a little – with all of these options, you’ll have no trouble doing just that!

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