As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia but with a population of over 2.4 million, it is still small enough to be welcoming and friendly. With over a third of the population born overseas, Brisbane is truly a diverse and multicultural city with something to offer everyone in terms of food, arts, leisure and education.

Its location means there is an average of 283 days of sunshine a year and the efficient transport system and compact nature of the city means you can finish school or university for the day and be down at the beach in minutes.

What public transport does Brisbane have?
Travelling to your private tutor in Brisbane is easy with the city's efficient public transport network | Source: Pixabay - Andy Leung

Brisbane is home to three world-class universities, each offering a unique and comprehensive educational experience to local, national and international students. In addition, there are a number of other niche university and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) campuses in and around Brisbane, and a comprehensive private and public primary and secondary school system.

Primary school and high school sites number over 500 in Brisbane alone and data shows there are well over 100,000 university students living in the Queensland capital. When you consider these numbers, it is not surprising that a 2019 study by Queensland University showed over 60 per cent of parents have accessed some form of tutoring for their children, often in maths, English and science fields such as biology, chemistry and physics, but also in a range of other subjects.

Depending on the school subject and student year level, private tutors can set you back between $30 - $50 an hour. Some tutors may offer cheaper rates, especially if the tutor is a high school or university student who tutors part-time for some extra income. Others, such as a qualified teacher or a tutor with extensive experience in a specialised subject, will often charge significantly more for their expert help. Rates may also be dependent on to whether the private tutors work on a freelance basis, as part of a tutoring agency or via a tutoring platform such as Superprof.

Weekly private tutoring lessons may seem like a lot of money but if they're going to help you or your child catch up, get ahead or prepare for that all-important exam, surely it will be money well spent?

So, what is the best way to find a private tutor in Brisbane?

You could start by doing an internet search, using the keywords 'find a tutor Brisbane'.

Alternatively, you could keep reading and let Superprof help you narrow down and refine your options.

The Types of Tutoring Brisbane Offers

It would be impossible to name every type of tutoring available; the list is limited only by your imagination. No matter the skill, concept or subject—there will be a teacher who can provide you or your children with the help you need.

Not all tutoring is academic, although areas such as maths, English and science do constitute a large percentage of tuition on offer, particularly through agencies. Tutors who work with international students studying English as a second language are also very popular. However, a wide range of other subjects are catered for, particularly tutors who work for themselves or offer tutor services through community associations or other groups.

Perhaps you are interested in cooking lessons for a particular cuisine or want to improve your foreign language skills conversing one-on-one with your tutor. You might want some extension work using chemistry or physics in a practical way or to gain some musical performance experience before auditioning for a band.

Typing 'find a tutor Brisbane' into your browser will give you endless lists of tutors and tutoring agencies.

Where, though, can you find less formal tutoring in a more recreational subject?

  • Evening or weekend small group classes run by your local senior secondary school or university
  • 'Come and try' events organised by community groups and associations
  • Freelance tutors advertise their services on community noticeboards in public libraries and shopping centres
  • Online tutor platforms, such as Superprof, attract tutors for almost every skill you can think of

Academic Support: Find a Private Tutor in Brisbane

Tuition for children

There is an ever-growing market for tutoring for children in everything from NAPLAN preparation and selective school exams, through to maths or English language tuition and private chess tutors.

Who does tutoring for primary school children?
Parents of primary aged children from Years 1 through 6 are more frequently seeking tutors for their child | Source: Pixabay - picjumbo

Some agencies that specialise in private or group tuition for primary and secondary school students include:

  • Exam Success — online tutoring tailored to provide exam preparation training for a wide range of assessments, including NAPLAN (national assessment for children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9)
  • Kip McGrath — maths and English support in structured small groups or private lessons, aimed at children from Years 3 through to 12
  • A Team Tuition — online or at the student's home, subjects include maths, English, history, science (primary level, plus biology, chemistry and physics), music and physical education
  • High School Tutoring Brisbane — all subjects, plus life skills and vocational topics, for children in Years 7-12

Tutors for university students

As a student, once you reach the tertiary level, you will likely be looking for more specialised help in niche subjects or skill areas. Depending on your needs, you will probably be wanting to employ a tutor with more experience and expertise.

Many university students will want to seek out a qualified teacher for tutoring, although a new graduate who has recent experience with the subject and exam strategies can also be a good choice.

A few options to consider include:

  • Student Services — they will almost certainly have a database of students offering tuition or a noticeboard full of adverts
  • online tutoring hubs, such as the Student VIP page on the University of Queensland website, where students and outside tutors provide their service details and specialisations
  • asking other students or your lecturers for recommendations
  • placing an advertisement yourself on a platform like Gumtree

Again, search through tutor profiles on the Superprof platform. They will almost always list their experience and qualifications. The hourly rates are reasonable and the first lesson is usually free.

Tutoring for adults

Perhaps you left school early, or you want to retrain? Maybe you just love learning? There are a number of reasons adults pursue tuition and the options are just as varied as for younger students.

  • Place advertisements
  • Enrol in a short course
  • Search for an agency
  • Check Superprof

When you're looking online, keywords like adult tutoring Brisbane and adult education Brisbane can be useful to narrow your search.

Private, Small Group Classes, Online — What Do I Choose?

The form of tutoring you choose can be dependent on a number of factors including your personal learning style, your needs, the actual subject and your finances. The array of options available may seem overwhelming at first, but once you have clear answers to a few questions, your decision should be easier.

How do you like to learn?

Some people prefer to receive individual attention, while others need the stimulation of other students. Some students learn more effectively through physical experiences, while others are more auditory or more visual learners.

Consider your learning style. If, for example, you are motivated by other learners and enjoy hands-on experiences, you are probably better suited to small group classes in a face-to-face environment.

What are your goals?

A student who requires tutoring to prepare for an important audition or to catch up on chemistry or biology concepts they missed as a result of an extended absence will have very different goals from a student who wants to learn the art of Japanese tea ceremony or meditation.

Consider your goals and the reasons for looking for a teacher to help you. If you are preparing for an audition to an elite music academy, you'll probably benefit most from private tuition.

What subject are you learning?

Some subjects or skills lend themselves more to a group learning environment — performing arts or a team sport, for example. Others need you to have access to an array of expensive equipment and materials, such as practical chemistry.

Where can you find general science tutors?
Practical science fields, including chemistry and biology, often require specialised equipment and tutors may need access to a lab | Source: Pixabay - Gerd Altmann

Consider the subject you are learning. If you don't have all the equipment you need, online tutoring is probably not going to work, whereas group classes in a properly set up lab or studio will.

What is your budget?

Tutoring fees can really add up. What can you afford? Shopping around to find tutors who meet your needs as well as your budget can take a little time, but is well worth your while. This is where Superprof's tutor profiles are useful—you can easily compare rates with qualifications, specialisations and experience.

Consider your budget. How much can you afford on a weekly basis? Do you only need fortnightly sessions with your tutor? If you are looking to save money, group lessons and online tutoring are both cheaper than private face-to-face tuition.

How do I find a private tutor in Brisbane?
Whether you're learning biology, chemistry or maths, studying outdoors can bring great benefits | Source: Pixabay - StockSnap

I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days...

∼ Henry David Thoreau ∼

Sunshine is conducive to happiness, good health and good spirit and Brisbane has it in bucketloads. No wonder it is such a popular place to study. And, if you need help on your learning journey, in Brisbane, you won't have too far to search.

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