Drawing is the favourite art form of many Australians

Like music, drawing engages the creativity and imagination of an individual, stimulating the right side of the brain. When this happens, concentration and patience are improved.

Patience is something you will need to learn basic drawing skills. Whether sketching some basic body parts or learning to create realistic oil paintings, you will get through a lot of blank paper trying to get the result you want! It's all part of learning to free your drawing potential.

Maybe you've been sketching with pencils and paper long enough and feel ready to get top tips from an artist near you, who can put together a fun lesson where you really learn to draw.

But where does one find the right teacher to pass on the skill of drawing?

Many artists and art teachers are offering drawing lessons throughout Australia.

  • How can you know that you are choosing the best teacher for you?
  • Where can you find this kind of teacher?

Here are some bits of advice and tips on finding the right drawing teacher and tutorials for you.

What Makes a Great Drawing Tutor?

You’ve always loved sketching and to learn artistic techniques, or at least the idea of learning them, but you need a teacher to guide you on your path to artistic proficiency.

When taking visual arts classes, especially drawing, you will be taught two-point and three-point perspective, how to use colour to bring your drawings to life, and how to work with different drawing mediums (pencil, chalk, colour, sanguine, pen, painting, charcoal…)

Step one is selecting the optimal teacher for you!

But what makes a skilled drawing guide?

A good teacher, whether they are teaching violin, Spanish, graphic design or drawing, first needs to have a good handle on their own material and understand the techniques.

They don’t need to know the origins of drawing and the history of art, but they need to know the basics and master multiple artistic styles before passing the art down to others. A skilled teacher must be able to teach their student artist both theory and practice in their tutorials.

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learn perspective in art
A good drawing teacher will assist you to learn the basics of line drawing and perspective. Photo by thebristolkid on Visual hunt


Even though the teacher may have the knowledge and the practice down to their own art,  that doesn’t necessarily mean they can impart it. The teacher must be a good pedagogist. Not everyone will do this intuitively, many need to teach for a while before they get a handle on this.

Being a good pedagogist means going at the student’s pace. Everyone learns in their own way and in their own time… Someone trying to teach you all the tips in the same class may not be the best art teacher for you.

Your drawing instructor should be able to give you constructive criticism during your tutorial. It is important that their feedback is helping you grow and improve your artistic instincts.

The good art teacher will also show support, and introduce the student to a range of techniques and artistic styles in each tutorial, that will help the student create their own identity as an artist.

Of course, proper drawing supplies are necessary to achieve your artist goals!

From ages old to the present day, many artistic styles have revolutionised and defined art history – Dadaism, impressionism, romanticism, neo-classicism, Nabis, fauvism… By taking a journey through these styles you will find inspiration and feel immersed in the culture of art. This is why art is taught to children from the earliest ages in school.

Learning darwing at a young age is beneficial.
Art classes and free drawing in school are good for the proper development of childen's abilities. It is also an easy, simple, fun way for kids to express themselves hands-on. Photo by Lee Fenner on VisualHunt


A good teacher will know how to encourage different abilities in his student by asking them to replicate artworks from different periods of history and showing you how to recreate them in different styles. However, a good teacher will never ask his student artist to follow a course that doesn’t inspire them.

A good teacher will have projects for their learners ready to go, but will always leave it up to the student if they would like to propose a different project that piques their interest more. The top way to improve is to stay motivated, without feeling like your drawing tutorial is not fun. You need to learn and draw what you enjoy.

Be sure to select drawing teachers based on your wants and needs. Some are more skilled in some areas than others. A teacher that specialises in manga style, or figure drawing, may not be the right teacher to help you learn oil painting or shading in pencil. It’s about finding the right teacher with the right list of skills for you.

Learn Arts with Superprof Private Tutors

When drawing, it’s important that you have fun in your lesson while you're learning.

There are so many reasons to take drawing classes, but finding the right teacher is not always simple, and the ideal teacher may not be working in your area.

Intensive art courses and visiting weekly classes are a great way to begin your drawing journey, but they are hard to fit in to a tight schedule.

Learning to draw through online video tutorials, although free, is limited because it lacks the back and forth of working with another human. It's not easy when you don't have someone to offer you live critique and give you personalised tips.

Learning to draw with a private art tutor is a fantastic, simple, flexible alternative.

It’s important to have a good rapport with your drawing teacher and be on the same wavelength, for the purpose of creating a good atmosphere to develop and work in. The most sure-fire way to do this is to select the teacher yourself.

Private art classes are more intensive.
Private art teachers can focus on your needs and help you learn and develop your drawing and creativity outside of just free sketch and design. Photo by Len Radin on VisualHunt


Superprof offers drawing teachers all over Australia. You can choose between over 465 drawing teachers on our website. It's simple to visit us online.

As you explore, you will realise each teacher’s profile offers something slightly different.

Whether you are interested in acrylics, shading, watercolours, landscapes, pastels, still life, portraits or anatomical drawings, you are sure to find someone who can assist you on Superprof! Every one of our tutors introduces themselves on their profile page. A potential student can instantly see what the teacher offers and where their expertise lies, meaning you can find the best teacher for you online.

Take a moment to really consider what styles of drawing you are most interested in, and choose you teacher based on those considerations.

Selecting you tutor on Superprof also means you have a wide range of realistic prices available to you

A one-hour tutorial typically costs between $10 and $70 – meaning there is a teacher out there that will best suit anyone's budget.

Private lessons are a fantastic way to ensure that your classes fit in to your life, rather than trying to fit your life around some classes! You even have the freedom and time-save of being able to take classes at home. It's a simple, easy way to create your artist journey.

Even if you have doubts about the internet, Superprof can reassure you. It is the foremost platform for sharing knowledge, with many people using it happily on a daily basis. The reputation of Superprof comes from it’s tutors.

If you are still considering, don’t hesitate to visit Superprof online and read the comments that have been left by other students on our tutors profiles.

Make a list of all the teachers you might like a tutorial from.

Locating Art Students to Teach You

Art students are well versed in many different forms of visual art. From painting, portrait, sketching, illustration, live model, design and landscape drawing. Often student artists make great drawing tutors, because they are passionate, involved and hands-on when it comes to art.

But what types of students are there?

There is a range of art schools that cater to student artists looking at various professions:

  • Fine Arts schools to be an artist
  • Architecture schools to learn how to design buildings
  • Graphic arts schools to learn marketing design and format
  • Universities to become a professor or study museum work or the history of art

These student artists are educated in three-point perspective, the different techniques (pastel, colored pencil, pen and ink, shading, tempera, digital painting…) and master the basics – such as pencil sketches or still life’s – perfectly.

To summarise, students artists master both practice and theory. That’s why they enjoy giving beginner or intermediate classes to earn some extra money and reaffirm the skills and techniques they have learnt.

Students are often versatile across a range of mediums and can introduce you to wider art forms such as sculpture, painting, modelling or collage.

Since they are still studying, their lessons from school are still fresh in their minds, which makes it easier for them to pass on what they have learnt, having not long ago been in the student position themselves. This understanding of the learning process can bring new ideas about how to drawing lessons that meet the needs of each student and help you learn to perfect your drawing skills.

Art students make good drawing professors.
Art students can give a very good drawing tutorial as they are very much immersed in the learning process themselves. Photo on Visualhunt


Student artists live art in their daily lives and will love passing on the skills to you. It’s a way to feel as if you have gone to art school, by learning from an art student.

Don’t think twice about contacting a student artist for a beginner drawing class or to improve on what you know.

The prices for their drawing lessons are often more suitable than those of an art studio near you.

Posting to Find Affordable Drawing Lessons

These days it is easy to locate a drawing teacher on the internet, but you can also choose to put out a classified ad if you are looking for something in particular.

You can advertise for a tutor to teach you to draw either on the Internet or in different shops. You simply need to decide what you are looking for in terms of content and teacher, then put it on paper.

Once you have decided and written your ad, you just need to find some places to post it where the right people will read it.

Classified ad websites 

Online there are websites you can visit such as Craigslist or Locanto, which will host your ad in a dedicated “jobs” section. It only takes a few minutes to get this done and is a simple, easy way to advertise online.

Social networks

Twitter and Facebook may be just what you need. Putting a request in your status means not only will your friends and people that follow you read it, but so will your friends’ friends and all the people that follow them. It’s an easy way to cast a wide net.

Shop Windows and Noticeboards

Of course, you can’t forget shop windows and noticeboards – especially if you have a specialty arts store somewhere near you. Student artists and teachers will regularly come in to buy material, they will see your ad. You can even put up a sign at your local art school or university. There is bound to be someone looking to make a bit of extra money and pass on what they have learnt by giving life drawing classes Melbourne

After that, the last step is just to decide on a date for your first drawing class! You'll create a masterpiece in no time. Take basic drawing lessons and learn to draw from a tutor you found on Superprof. Visit us online at Superprof to find an artist offering a lesson near you.

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