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The beginner’s guide to taking private guitar lessons

By Jon, published on 05/03/2018 We Love Prof - AU > Music > Guitar > Take Guitar Lessons

To truly learn how to play an instrument, we recommend taking lessons, as much to master the instrument as to understand the various subtleties of a piece of music.

The same goes for the guitar: even if an instrument seems simple at first glance, it is essential to attain a good musical foundation, as well as learn how to properly handle the instrument.

What are the desired end goals of a guitar lesson?

Whether you are a budding guitarist or an established musician, taking guitar lessons is an essential part of your learning process and your path to becoming a guitarist.

Still, an amateur might not have the same wants and expectations as a seasoned guitarist.

Some will simply wish to learn guitar basics, the main chords, while other learners will want to study solfège (an education method to teach pitch and sight singing), and others still may want to perform their favorite musical passages or refine their style.

The important thing, whatever your reasons may be for taking guitar lessons, is to have realistic, concrete and attainable aims.

The objectives of a guitar lesson are numerous:

Make the best use of guitar lessons

  • Gain a solid theoretical and practical foundation: solfège and guitar practice
  • Improve specific techniques in musical style
  • Widen your music culture by discovering new passages and music genres
  • Learn how to improvise when playing
  • Learn how to surpass your level, to improve and advance by overcoming challenges with the support and advice of a guitar instructor.
  • Have concrete aims streamlined to your own development: to play at a more rapid tempo, do an arpeggio exercise, learn a bar chord progression, etc. etc.

How to make the most of your guitar lesson

Taking guitar lessons with a professional instructor, whether in a music school, in the context of an association or private lessons at home is wonderful, but what can you do afterwards with this knowledge and skill?

How can you make the most of your guitar lessons?

Several possibilities are available for you to capitalize on your guitar lessons:

Make the best use of guitar lessons

  • Develop technically: explore new techniques and learn new scales (pentatonic, harmonic, seventh chord, etc.).
  • Widen your musical repertoire: discover new music styles like blues, rock, jazz, funk, reggae, heavy metal, etc.
  • Share your passion: once you’ve mastered the guitar basics, you’ll be able to bring your friends into your universe. Think about putting on small concerts in cafés or in even grander settings.
  • Complete your training: using your basic guitar knowledge, attain the next level of mastery through resources like Internet video tutorials, or even ebooks and online courses.

Our advice for finding the right private guitar instructor

But in order to take high-quality guitar lessons, you must first find the right instructor!

So how can you do this? Where can you go to be sure to find the ideal person?

Before all else, it’s important to define your ideal guitar teacher: some will prefer a professional who guides them on playing their instrument, others will choose an educator in solfège with a more specialized teaching method.

As they say, to each his own!

The right instructor is the one who corresponds to your needs and who responds to your music aims and personal character.

The importance of selecting a good guitar teacher

First thing’s first! Educate yourself on the music style that you’d like to play on the guitar: don’t go to an instructor of Flamenco guitar if you want to learn the blues, you’ll lose time and money.

Once this question is settled, here are various possibilities for finding the guitar instructor who is best suited to your needs:

  • Music schools: private or public, numerous instructors propose high-quality guitar classes
  • Neighborhood associations, and youth, cultural and other community centers
  • Classified ads found in music shops or at your city hall
  • Internet: online classes and tutorials
  • Scholastic support platforms: intermediaries between guitar instructors and students

Costs of a guitar lesson

Now we come to the important question of price.

To help you, we’ve provided this article on the cost of a guitar lesson.

There is a large variety in terms of rates! How can you find and select high-quality instruction at the best price?

What is the average cost of a guitar lesson by city? What age bracket should you aim for?

We will respond to all of your questions so that the cost and payment of a guitar instructor will no longer remain a mystery for you.

And of course, we’ll analyze the different types of guitar instructors, especially in terms of their age and guitar playing experience.


How to take guitar lessons via webcam

If you don’t have the time to get yourself to a music school or make the rounds of music shops to find the best guitar instructor, you are left with another solution: using the Internet and your webcam.

Indeed, thanks to the software Skype, you can learn to play the guitar from the comforts of home.

Guitar lessons at home

The advantages are numerous:

  • A lower cost in relation to traditional classes
  • The opportunity to have individual lessons accompanied by an instructor as though he or she were really in front of you (who can correct your playing and posture thanks to the camera)
  • Skype is free
  • Registration is very simple: it only takes a few clicks!
  • You’re in a familiar and non-stressful environment because classes take place in your own home

How to do it?

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, a camera connected to your computer or tablet, and you’re ready to learn!


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