In recent years, personal training has become more popular than ever before.

Did you know that the International Coach Federation found the market for sports coaching to be worth approximately 1.1 billion euros?

Regardless of whether it’s at home, at a gym, or outdoors, fitness coaching is catching the attention of more and more people.

According to Thierry Gaches from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, there are 4,600 fitness instructors in France alone.

1,600 of these operate as part of professional coaching associations.

The average salary of a personal trainer is a comfortable €40,000.

But do you know what a personal trainer actually does?

Personal trainers can have many roles, depending on the needs of their client:

  • Encourage discussion about progress, feelings, fitness goals, skills and adopting the right mindset so their athlete can experience a real and sustainable change
  • Asking questions to facilitate the client’s thinking process in order to identify solutions rather than adopting a directorial approach
  • Support and motivate their athlete on their journey towards their goals, making sure that they keep their eye on the ball

Personal Fitness Training: Tailored Coaching from a Fitness Professional

Generally, personal training is a way of training with the fitness expertise of an accredited fitness professional by your side from start to finish.

A personal trainer is much more than a fitness instructor I might find in group exercise classes near me at the gym. As a personal fitness professional, they can provide advice as well as take your own attitude into account and keep you motivated as you push towards your goals.

Nothing will motivate you like a professional with a fitness programme tailored for you and you alone
Stay on track with a personal sports coach ¦ source: Visualhunt - Sole Treadmill

The term ‘coach’ dates back to the 16th century. ‘Coach’ comes from the Old French word, ‘coche’ meaning ‘horse-drawn carriage’.

In the mid-19th century, ‘coaching’ began to be used to describe a teacher helping a student prepare for their final exams, however, it was not until 1860 that ‘coaching’ entered common use in a sporting context.

Private coaching, also known as personal fitness training is not limited to physical improvement. Unlike general sports coaching (for football, for example), personal training is about the wellbeing of a client just as much as it is about their sporting ability.

For this reason, a personal trainer would be able to help you improve your confidence, gain new life skills and feel more comfortable in your own skin as well as helping you become physically healthier.

The International Coach Federation defines personal training as the tailored support of an individual in the implementation and the evolution of their project.

In a personal training arrangement, the coach helps the athlete fulfil their maximum potential through personalised training programs and fitness nutrition plans as well as progress tracking.

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In-Home Personal Training: Low Hassle Fitness

Personal training means professional support from a fitness specialist with a personal trainer certificate.

Personal trainers use their program design skills and the knowledge they have acquired through their years of experience in the fitness industry to provide their clients with a tailored exercise program specifically designed to help them achieve their goals.

In addition to offering one to one support and individualised advice, personal trainers can adapt their services to your situation.

If you’re a busy mum, or your career doesn’t leave you much free time, coaches can come to your home.

Whether it’s to help a client get in shape, lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve their flexibility, increase muscular strength or prepare for a sports tournament, in-home personal trainers are able to provide quality workout plans and personal training sessions which you can do without leaving the house!

Advantages to In-Home Personal Training

  • Save time: With the removed hassle of making the journey to the gym and finding a parking space, you’ll have more time on your hands to use however you wish.
  • Stay motivated: Managing to put on your sports kit and head to the gym on your own isn’t always easy, but with a coach who comes to your door, there will be no room for excuses, and with someone to guide you, you’re far more likely to succeed in your objectives.
  • Personalisation: Unlike the type of training you find in gyms (which is usually done as part of a group fitness class), private coaching is centred around you, the client. This means that your fitness program and workouts are prescribed based on your physiology, body composition and aerobic ability, following a fitness assessment with your trainer.
  • Professional services: In-home personal trainers are fully qualified in what they do, and have the knowledge to advise on a wide variety of topics, from how much sleep you should be getting, to the time of day you should be working out, to post-workout snacks.

Personal Training at the Gym

Going to the gym for personal training sessions is recommended for the more motivated athletes who have no trouble getting out of the door.

A number of people who pay for gym memberships that they never use is higher than you may think - Britons waste a staggering £558 million on unused gym memberships every year!

As the gym is a shared workout area, one to one sessions usually take place in the presence of other gym users.

This can be positive or negative depending on the type of athlete you are. Some people prefer the added level of security, whereas others see strangers as a distraction.

Whatever you fitness goals, a personal trainer will devise a suitable plan for you
Working on your strength is just one reason to find a personal trainer ¦ source: Pixabay - RyanMcGuire

Regardless of how you feel about this, there are many advantages to personal training at the gym:

  • Qualified coaching: Training in gyms and health clubs means that you are surrounded by fitness experts as well as others who are in your position. This can keep you motivated and give you peace of mind that your coach is fully qualified and approved by the organisation.
  • Realise your dreams: Your personal trainer will provide you with a training program that is made with you in mind, and with full access to the gym facilities, your coach will be able to take you through your workouts, so you never hit a dead end in your sessions.
  • A source of motivation: Having your personal training session at the gym means that you will be surrounded by others who are working just as hard as you are, but the difference is that you’ll have professional guidance on taking your training to the next level, removing the risk of stagnation.
  • A relationship of trust: Just as with in-home coaching, arranging to your personal trainer at the gym adds a layer of confidence, since both parties have to commit to the agreement. The relationship of trust that develops from this is key to obtaining positive results.

Group Fitness Classes: A Cost-Efficient Option

As the old saying goes, ‘the more, the merrier’!

Setting out to get fit as a new year’s resolution, training in preparation for a competition, or just trying to burn some calories demands a lot of motivation.

Trying to do these things alone isn’t always easy, and a lack of motivation is the reason why so many people fall back into their old habits.

So, can group training help you see your fitness program through?

Exercising as part of a group means that you can feed off the energy of other people in the training session.

Interacting with fitness experts as well as others in your position will give you a chance to listen to other people’s experiences, motivate each other and share tips on every aspect of health and fitness.

So, how does group coaching work?

  • You’ll get together a group of friends or colleagues and register for group training with your chosen gym.
  • Just as with one on one training, you’ll have a pre-programme meeting to discuss your lifestyles and fitness goals so that the coach can set out an appropriate training program for the group.
  • Wherever you choose to have your training sessions, you’ll have the company of 2 to 3 others as well as your fitness coach – so there’s no need to worry about losing motivation!

The Increasing Popularity of Personal Training

Personal training services are in higher demand than ever before – and the increasing popularity shows no signs of slowing.

Word of mouth works well, and it means that happy customers become ambassadors for whichever personal training business they use, recruiting more people and introducing them to personal training.

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Online personal trainers seem to be the next big thing in the world of fitness
Is the internet the answer to everything including sport? ¦ source: Pixabay - FirmBee

Clients are always gaining more knowledge about the types of health problems they may encounter in their lifetimes, and exercise is usually a recommended prevention method, so finding a personal trainer gives them a proper focus for this.

With more demand comes more diversity in what personal trainers have to offer. This is why more and more coaches are offering their services as an online personal trainer. The internet offers even more flexibility and choice in working with your personal coach.

Of course, the cost of a personal coach who works around you is often higher than those who work solely at the gym, simply because of travel time and journey costs.

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