What sports can you hire a personal trainer for?
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Background to personal training

Feel good physically, love yourself the way you are made, but also remember that one of the best ways to love yourself is to work on yourself through a fitness program and regular exercise!

You may find that it feels like a lot of work to find motivation, and you need the help of a group, gym, or even a trainer. Melbourne is a city of health conscious people, who undertake regular gym and exercise sessions, so it's easy to see why this may be on your mind. If you think about the shape or health of your body regularly but can't seem to push yourself naturally, it may be time to consider a personal training program with a dedicated private tutor who can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whilst this is a great place to go, and there are lots of class sessions for you to attend, they're often in a group, and you may need the services and direct contact of a personal trainer, who will help you get the job done, and maintaining focus throughout your week. In fact, a personal trainer is probably the most effective coach you can find to keep your life on track, as they offer strength training and motivation, but also information on nutrition to help you maintain your ideal weight when not in session.

Here, we run you through some key components of what to consider before you contact your local establishment, club, or personal trainer on your fitness journey.


A Personal Training Coach vs Regular Gym Attendance

While you may be a fitness junky and find it easy to get in 6 sessions a week at the local fitness centre, not everyone is straight up to an intense workout program that takes up so much time. A couple of times a week might just be the right amount of sessions you need to get your body used to weight loss and cardio methods, and the contact with a personal trainer could give you intense exercise in a short burst. In any case, they will know how to measure this for you.

How is personal training different from a gym?

As mentioned, gym classes are typically in a group with one coach standing in front of 25 people giving instructions and participating alongside, without being able to give tips on best practice to all participants. A personal trainer is obviously more one-on-one, and will personalise a program for you to achieve your fitness goals. This includes strength training, endurance, cardio, and weights, all in line with your specified goals for your desired physical shape, be it lean, muscular, buff, or stocky. All walks of life see great benefits to this tailored approach, with 60% of clients improve their strength and getting closer to their goals within 10 weeks of sessions, moving them up to the next weight and fitness level. The nutrition element makes the approach of the coach more holistic too, meaning that you know they're doing a great job when you start seeing benefits all throughout your day to day, including motivational mental health, better eating habits, and more internal drive.

Additional qualifications help personal trainers.
A personal trainer will give you extra help with equipment in a gym.

PT in a gym

Personal training exists in a gym too. In addition to group classes, there will be several qualified trainers on-site who you can call on to be your coach in the club. Many gyms in fact offer a session or two free to get you enticed to join them, as you see the benefits of a PT and what being a member of that club can do for your health and fitness. The main benefit of this is that you can work out with the dedicated support of a trained professional, in an environment that is equipped with all the necessary machinery and stations to address the different parts of the figure that you want.

Higher cost

The one catch of having a personal trainer at the gym is that it's arguably higher in price over a week than the group sessions you could attend, which can also do the job of working the parts of your body that you want if you choose the class wisely. Having a personal trainer in this space will incur a higher fee due to the use of the premises, so maybe finding a PT privately through Superprof or other classified platforms could be a time and cost effective way of finding the right trainer to suit you. You can get into contact with as many instructors and trainers on Superprof as you'd like, and there's no time commitment to how many sessions you have to book. Your training program can be more flexible for you, and at a more reasonable rate.


Benefits of personal training

Despite the arguably higher cost, the value for money is really worth it with a personal trainer. Like we've said, you get dedicated attention and a personalised approach to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Find personal trainers near me to learn bodybuilding.
You will see more efficient results with a personal trainer than if you trained alone.

Versatility of location

The training can truly happen anywhere: in your home (if you have the space), in a park, in a community centre - you name it! All you need is yourself, your trainer, your trainers, and some basic equipment, which may even consist of nature if you're resourceful. Some time ago, personal training was a misunderstood art form, thought only for dedicated athletes who need optimum health, weight, and fitness. But now, people have realised that they can get fit and have fun in the varied range of locations that their training can take place in. Have a look here for some ideas of where you and your trainer can meet.

Methods for motivating you

As a personal trainer will work with you on goals that pertain to your every-day sand fitness specifically, they as a professional will know what tips to employ to get into your head to get you into the groove of your program and achieve your fitness goals. For instance, you might specify that you never like showing your body at the beach, and summer is coming up and you're finally ready to wear that swimsuit you've been saving in your cupboard for years. They can give you guidance to help you coach your brain that everything you're doing is working towards that goal as summer is coming up really soon.

Ways they'll specifically help you improve your life

The tailored approach also helps you go further and bring the benefits of your training into the rest of your life. If you want to feel more sociable, your personal trainer will help you find confidence in yourself through your exercise. If you also want to be more efficient at work, they will show you the correlation between achieving and maintaining mental and physical strength through your workout, and how this can be applied in a professional context.

Check out the range of personal trainers in Melbourne VIC who can come to you, you to them, or meet you in the location of your choosing.

Where you can look for personal trainers

A Google search for PT or personal trainer in Melbourne or VIC yields a lot of results since the market is so big. This does mean that there is a lot of competition, which can often help lower rates. Dedicated websites have reviews of trainers and their rates and experience levels where you can compare them directly and see what they specialise in. Get Going PT is a good example of one of these, where the prices are competitive and you can try before you buy. Airtasker is another well known, gig-based website whereby task by task a person will respond to a quote that you've put up and see if you're compatible, and then you can just go from there. Also, go ahead and click on the above link for Superprof tutors - they're a varied bunch in terms of experience, price, and speciality, and are bound to live near you, making it even more convenient to get the bod and mind you want.

Successful Personal Trainers
Find the personal training style to suit your desired outcomes.

What a session costs and what you get

Prices do tend to vary, but due to the intensity and devotion you get from the trainer, it works out to be better valued over a week. Think of all the times you've joined a gym and said 'yes, I'll go tonight!' for three weeks straight without actually following through, culminating in you cancelling your membership. The commitment to the other person will make the PT course easier to stick to, and they will push you more efficiently. Prices vary a lot in Melbourne, and there are a lot of factors to consider in this. On average, they're between $35 and $100, and the amount of involvement and prior planning of your coach will affect this, as will the equipment usage and location of the class.

This rundown should hopefully be handy and give you a general idea of what is expected of you, and what to expect of your trainer. Next, we'd recommend you looking at what sort of muscle groups you want to improve so you can reach out to the right person for you to get into the fitness swing that you need. Happy exercising!

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