“Dancing is a poem in which every movement is a word.” - Philippe Collas

Passionate about movement and music? Want to learn to dance?

If you're an aspiring dancer, why not make contact with experienced and qualified dancers who are equally passionate about passing on their skills to students. From your very first session, dance teachers can help you pick up new dance steps and broaden your musical repertoire.

In this guide, we've got you covered - whether you're interested in child or adult dance classes or looking for lessons in salsa, Zumba, Latin dance or tango. Are you a beginner struggling to find your rhythm? An intermediate dancer interested in signing up for dance workshops? Or perhaps you're already an experienced dancer looking to attend the best dance schools, there's something in this guide for finding a tutorial dance class or tutorial in Australia.

Find A Dance Teacher Through A School

Dance Lessons At The Academy

Dance lessons are widely available through primary schools, secondary schools and at even at university for children, teens and young adults. Depending on where you live, you can also study different dance styles through the Dance subjects offered as part of both the HSC and the VCE.

Filming dance videos at a school
Taking a couple of dance classes at school or university can ignite your passion for the art form. (Source: pixabay.com)

At schools and universities, all dances must be taught by qualified instructors, something you won't be able to guarantee through private dance schools or tutors.

Through these pathways, younger students can have their level certified through recognised exams. Students deciding to audition for professional dance companies or hoping to become dance teachers themselves will be one step closer to their dreams by taking the Dance subject through HSC or VCE.

If you are a young passionate dancer or have one at home, don't hesitate to start looking into dance classes through your school or institution!

Dancing Through A Private School

Certain dancers with a lot of experience may wish to share their passion for their art directly with students by opening a dance studio or even starting their own dance company.

Whatever your level, you can start your dance journey with a gifted, highly experienced dance instructor. On the other hand, if you search "dance classes near me", you'll notice that the fees at private dance academies and dance schools can vary significantly depending on the level being taught, the style of dance or type of choreography and the experience of the dance instructor.

At dance studios, you'll be expected to pay tuition in either monthly, semesterly or yearly instalments. If you research " Many establishments offer taster sessions or a free consultation with your tutor so they can evaluate your dancing level and slot you into the right class for your level.

Dance schools and academies may also offer summer workshops for kids, information sessions for beginners to try out new styles of dances, or more advanced day-long masterclasses for dancers wishing to deepen their understanding and hone their technique.

One big advantage of learning to dance through a private school is that there is usually a wide range of dance styles on offer. You could start with one style, and if it doesn't feel right, move to something else. Are you interested in the rumba, a partner dance like the Viennese waltz or perhaps the pasodoble? Signing up for classes at a dance academy could be a great way to dip your toe into the world of dance!

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Enrol In Unversity Dance Classes

Attending a Conservatorium

University-level dance academies and conservatorium are places for the most promising dancers around the country to hone their skills in an elite environment.

If you dream of learning to dance at a high level at one of these establishments, you'll need to dance for many years, get good results in Dance subjects and put together a glowing application. Places at conservatoriums and academies are rare, you'll need to really live and breathe dance to stand out.

Your initial application is usually sent in online or through the post, and often includes a letter of recommendation from a dance teacher who knows you well, and sometimes a video showing what you can do. Then, if you're selected, you'll need to go in for an audition. 

To attend a prestigious dance school, you'll need to show you're high-skilled and passionate about dancing.

Which are the best dance schools in the UK?
There are many fun, social ways to learn to dance. (Source: Dana Tentis)

Top Dance Institutions In Australia

There are many private studios and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offering nationally recognised qualifications for dance professionals, from Certificates and Diplomas to Bachelor, Honours and postgraduate degrees, including PhDs.

There are many places Registered Training Organisation (RTOs) and private studios across Australia, offering qualifications for students interested in pursuing dance professionally. These qualifications can range from the Certificate or Diploma level to Bachelors, Honours or other Postgraduate degrees.

  • The Australian Ballet
  • Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) - School of Dance
  • Queensland University of Technology - Creative Industries
  • Western Australia Academy of Perform Arts (WAAPA)
  • NAISDA College (Australia's national tertiary Indigenous dance training organisation)
  • Deakin University
  • Macquarie University
  • Australian College of Physical Education

If you're interested in exploring an expanded list of full-time dance courses, you can take a look at the Dance Australia Full Time Studies Guide. 

How much do dance degrees cost?
Learning to dance is a wonderfully social (and sometimes romantic!) activity. (Source: Silvio Barbosa)

If you're serious about a career in dancing, your best bet is to explore some of the higher education options listed above.

Take A Private Dance Class

Are you passionate about African dance, Latin dance or rock n' roll swing dancing? Perhaps you need a private dance tutor to truly take your dancing to the next level.

There are so many amazing benefits to learning to dance. But if you're not ready to take a group class just yet, beginners can start dancing in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, with the added bonuses of more support and individualised attention from your private tutor.

Finding private dance tutors
 People learn to dance for many reasons; everything from pursuing a career in ballet to nailing their wedding dance or joining others in a fun flash mob! (Source: pixabay.com)

If you take a class each week, your dancing will quickly improve and you'll be given useful and fun exercises to do between classes. Your teacher may even film or recommend videos you can watch between classes to improve your steps.

Here at Superprof, we're of the view that there is a dance style out there for everyone!  Here are just some of them...

  • Ballet
  • Argentine tango
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Cuban salsa / Puerto Rican salsa
  • Dance Fitness (Barre Body, for example)
  • Chacha
  • Hip-hop
  • Flamenco
  • Swing dance
  • Latin dance
  • Dancehall
  • Waltz
  • Tap

If you're interested in hiring a private tutor, you could consider contacting a tutoring agency that specialises in organising private tutorials for interested students. These agencies usually only offer more popular styles of dance, such as contemporary/modern, ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

Another option is to scan the classifieds in your local paper or noticeboard and search for a tutor yourself. Or, you can streamline your search by looking on Superprof - where you can hire tutors from all of Australia and even all over the world! You could hire a tutor from overseas and take online dance tutorials via webcam thanks to the magic of the internet.

Private dance tutorials can be adapted for any level - anywhere from beginner's lessons to intensive dance courses. With a private tutor, you have the advantage of great flexibility - you choose when and how you work with a dance teacher, and you can choose the type of dance and in certain cases, choose whether your lesson takes place at a dance studio or at home.

Or, if you're a total beginner and just wish to grow confidence or pick up a couple of new moves, you'll be able to find someone who teaches dancing to leisure at competitive rates.

Wedding dance lessons are also available for any couple wanting to hone their routine before the big day.

Even better - many tutors on Superprof will offer a free consultation to get you started. You can use this initial meeting to establish some goals, see if you click with your tutor and agree on a time and rate that suits both of you.

If you are learning a routine for a big event (such as a wedding!), private lessons are the way to go. Your private tutor can tailor your lessons to teach one routine.

Any dance teacher worth their salt will be energetic, encouraging and fun, all while educating you in the steps. If you feel stuck with group classes, it might be time to hire a talented personal tutor.

Still concerned that dance lessons might blow your budget? Go read about the cost of dance lessons and then try find the perfect dance lesson adapted to your needs!

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