Located way over on the western side of Australia (the bit tourists never used to go to because it was too far away), you'll find the capital of Western Australia, Perth.

A few facts for people who like to be in the know and learn new things every day:

  • Western Australia (WA) takes up nearly one-third of the continent of Australia.
  • More than 2.6 million people live in WA, 80 per cent of them in Perth.
  • Captain James Sterling named Perth in 1829 after Perth in Scotland.
  • Perth, or more precisely Rottnest Island, is the only place in the world where you'll find quokkas.
  • From Perth, it's quicker to get to Jakarta than it is to travel to Sydney.
How do you get from Perth to Rottnest Island?
You simply can't talk about Perth without mentioning quokkas - so if you are studying in Perth, make sure you take time out to visit these little guys | Source: Pixabay - Image by Tracey Wong

The western state's capital also happens to have been named one of the world's most livable cities, so it comes as no surprise that many people choose to study there. With world-class education at every level, Perth offers a great education experience.

Even with the best learning, the need for help arises at some point for most students. Luckily there is no shortage of tutoring options for every year level and all subjects in primary and high school, as well as in university.

How Do You Know You Need Help?

A blog post on the Melbourne Child Psychology site recently addressed the issue of students falling behind in their learning, leading to the rise of tutor agencies and freelancers. They identified a number of factors that contributed to disengagement and the lowering of outcomes, including an overcrowded curriculum (with more content and less time to learn it), difficulty understanding concepts and boredom.

Not surprisingly, they also found an increase in the number of students with mental health challenges, stating these were often the result of misdiagnosed learning difficulties. It is also true that most people are not versed in recognising the symptoms and so, do not seek help.

It's a bit of a vicious cycle.

For clarity, here are 5 simple utterances, from Art of Smart, you may hear if you, or your child, is in need of help with school:

  •  "It's too hard." (This one is obvious.)
  • "It's too easy." (You need an extension.)
  • "I'm bored." or "I can't do it." (You're in need of confidence-boosting support.)
  • "I'll do it later." (This signals procrastination. Could be overwhelming, or dead boring material.)
  • "I want one." (A very clear signal that your child knows they need help.)
What are the signs my child is struggling at school?
Children know when they're falling behind at school but may not know how to ask for help - keep an eye out for simple signs they may need a tutor | Source: Pixabay - Image by talib abdulla

The Types of Tutoring Perth Offers

When you think of tutoring, you most likely associate the word with academic subjects, especially maths and English but also science subjects like biology, physics and chemistry. These days, however, no matter what you are learning, you will be able to find a tutor to help you. This includes practical subjects, like photography, cooking and drawing, fitness subjects such as yoga or personal training and, of course, music.

Where can you find tutors for all these subjects?

Locating a tutor is easy.

Finding the right tutor — one who fits your financial and learning needs, as well as your time schedule — requires a little more research.

Start by looking in these places:

  • Tutoring agencies advertise widely on the internet and often have a street presence.
  • University and school campuses often offer evening, weekend and holiday small group tutoring classes.
  • Private or freelance tutors may have their own website, or advertise on community noticeboards or through social media.
  • Community groups will frequently offer small group sessions for little more than a gold coin donation.
  • Online platforms, such as Superprof, have tutor profiles you can explore and, generally, you deal directly with the tutor.
  • Volunteer organisations will often provide free tuition to children or adults experiencing financial difficulty or who are part of marginalised groups.

Many of the groups listed above have moved to offering online tutoring as well as face-to-face tuition. With online tutoring, the student needs access to the internet and a webcam — other than this, the process is the same.

In terms of payment, fees do vary widely according to factors including the experience of the teacher, size of the group, location, agency or freelance (agencies generally cost more), age of students and the subjects being offered. With a private tutor, you may be able to negotiate fee packages, however with agencies or set programs rates are generally non-negotiable.

Where can I find a tutor Perth?
Working out what you need and researching to find the right tutor for you is essential | Source: Pixabay - Image by Anastasia Gepp

To get started, try putting find a tutor Perth or tutoring Perth into your internet browser. You may wish to bookmark the listings that sound like they suit your needs, then match them up with those we have recommended below (while remembering this is not an exhaustive list).

Find Academic Tutors in Perth

Tutoring agencies tend to focus mainly on academic subjects, and many of them only focus on English and maths, although science and STEM subjects are also becoming more common. Here are a few Perth-based agencies to check out.

Tutor Perth

This agency is an ATAR specialist tutor academy whose main focus is to guide students to achieve top results in:

  • mathematics (specialist, methods and applications)
  • science (chemistry, physics, biology and human biology)
  • engineering (civil engineering, environmental engineering etc.)

They take students from primary school, high school and university (including masters and post-graduate degrees) for personalised, in-home tuition.

Two price points are advertised. An 'expert tutor' (with up to 2 years of tutoring experience) is $50 an hour and a 'premium tutor' (degree-qualified and more than 3 years of experience) is $60 an hour.

Student VIP (UWA Tutors)

While this organisation is Australia-wide, they have a listing for tutors from the University of WA (UWA). The tutors listed on this site are current (or recent) students who have excelled in their subjects and are now eligible to tutor students in undergraduate degrees. Prices are low ($30-$40 an hour) and sessions are usually run face-to-face, though may be offered online.

Ace Tutoring

Based in Perth, this agency used to cater solely for locals but now offers online sessions to students all over Australia through either Skype or Zoom. Ace Tutoring offers individual and small group tuition to all ages and levels in maths, English and science. In addition, they also provide targeted study skills sessions and exam preparation courses. Rates start at $49 per hour for individuals or $27 per hour (per person) for small group lessons.

Find a Private Tutor in Perth

For a multitude of reasons, some students prefer not to access tutoring help through an agency. Indeed, some agencies have a reputation for not being particularly flexible in terms of their learning and teaching plans, to the point of just running students through a pre-prepared online program while the tutor looks on and troubleshoots any issues.

Private tutors, who are not associated with an agency, are more known for their ability to accurately tailor each lesson to the needs of their student — even adjusting the content on the day if necessary.

Without a large marketing budget, private tutors can often be harder to find but with a bit of effort (and knowhow), you should be able to locate someone who will meet your learning needs — in any subjects or skills you desire.

Try looking in the following locations:

  • TutorFinder — every subject you can imagine, and some you wouldn't have. This is a tutor-matching service which is quick and easy to access.
  • High School Tutors — most tutors are university students offering tuition in school subjects, but you may find the occasional recreational subject as well.
  • Juggle Street — mainly academic subjects for primary and high school students, they also provide nannies and baby sitters.
  • Gumtree — not just for selling products, Gumtree also allows listings for tutors of all subjects (you may need to do some hunting)

And, don't forget the Superprof platform. A free service, Superprof is growing in Australia and features tutors for almost every topic or skill you can think of. You can easily access everything you need to know in each tutor's profile, then get in touch with them directly for a chat. Most Superprof tutors offer the first hour for free — whether online or face-to-face. Small group sessions are also offered.

Finding Volunteer Tutors

Not everyone is in a position to be able to afford regular tuition — even if they need it. Luckily, there are some wonderful organisations who recognise this need and offer their services for free.

One of the many services offered by Perth-based volunteer organisation, Centacare, is the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program which provides free life and work skills tutoring to community members. In addition, some free tutoring is also offered for basic English, maths and technical skills.

Another Perth-based group, the Innovative Teaching Academy, also offers free tutoring for Indigenous students who attend selected schools and colleges in Perth.

Is free tutoring available in Perth?
Get a tutor - and have more time to enjoy the beauty of Perth | Source: Pixabay - Image by penofpaul

If you are in need of school support, remember to search for find a tutor Perth or tutoring Perth as a good start. Better still, go straight to Superprof and locate a private tutor in Perth quickly and easily.

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