Being fit is about so much more than wearing body-hugging lycra and sweating over impossibly heavy weights. It's about physical health — strength, cardiovascular fitness, risk reduction for diabetes, heart disease and some cancers — and about mental health and wellbeing. Above all, it is about being in the best physical and emotional shape, that allows you to live a full life and meet your goals.

Way to build and maintain your fitness are varied and there is something out there to suit everyone. If you're a 'people person', you might prefer team sports or group exercise classes. You might love the gym environment or prefer to exercise outside in the fresh air. Maybe you're more of a solitary exercise person, in which case, online classes may be the way to go.

Where do personal trainers Canberra work?
Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra is a popular location for fitness training and group exercise | Source: Pixabay - Image by Squirrel_photos

Maybe, at the end of the day you know that in order to get up and actually achieve your fitness goals, you will need someone at your side to support and motivate you?

If this is you, it sounds like you would benefit from the services of a personal trainer.

If you've never worked with a personal trainer before, the chances are you'll have plenty of questions. In this article, we will answer all your questions about personal trainers and give you a contact shortlist of some of the best personal trainers Canberra has to offer.

Why are the Advantages of Personal Training?

The question on the tip of your tongue is probably: 'Do I really need a personal trainer?'

The simple answer is that it really depends on your fitness goals.

It also depends on your finances. As with all one-on-one tutoring or mentoring, working exclusively with a personal fitness instructor is not cheap — but nor should it be, as you're paying for undivided attention, support and expertise.

With your fitness goals in mind, have a look at the benefits of personal training:

  • You are the focus

A good personal trainer will know you, your abilities, your limitations and your health and fitness goals. Their job is to help you set realistic goals and help and support you to achieve them in a safe way. Their job is not to push you past your limits.

  • Exercise sessions tailored to your unique needs

Whether you're recovering from an injury, have a physical disability or are training for a specific sports event, personal trainers will write up a program to meet your specific needs. There is also the added bonus of flexibility in terms of location and times that suit your busy schedule.

  • Motivation

Rest assured, your personal trainer will make sure you attend your scheduled sessions — and you'll want to anyway. Trying to run that extra kilometre, lift that additional ten kilos or keep boxing for that final ten minutes is hard when you're by yourself, but with your trainer watching and encouraging you, you will get there.

  • Not just fitness

While the main focus for one-on-one training is to achieve the best fitness outcomes, a personal trainer can also advise you on other areas, including weight loss, nutrition, stress reduction or personal confidence.

What are the benefits of employing a personal trainer?
The best personal trainers will give you support and advice, and will motivate and encourage you | Source: Unsplash - Photo by Victor Freitas

In addition, they are also tuned in to your emotional wellbeing and often act in the role of unofficial therapists, supporting you through difficult periods.

  • Lifelong habits

One of the biggest benefits of working with a personal trainer is the educational aspect. With the focused attention you receive, you also have the opportunity to learn more about correct form, safe technique and good habits for your body and soul.

Watching and experiencing how personal trainers work may even motivate you to look into entering the industry yourself. Be aware that the courses are rigorous and to retain your Certificate IV in Fitness, or equivalent, you need to regularly update your training — but that's a good thing because a personal trainer really has the life of their clients in their hands.

Find a personal trainer Canberra and start your fitness journey.

Where do Personal Trainers Work?

The most obvious places you'll find personal trainers are at your local gym or fitness club, however, many trainers are also self-employed and may operate their own business, running a private fitness studio or group and individual exercise classes. Some will even come to you for your training sessions or offer online fitness training.

If you decide to work with a personal trainer who is associated with a gym or centre, you will need to be a member first. This may give you free access to 'on the floor' personal trainers, but if you want private training sessions, there will usually be an extra fee on top of your membership.

Alternatively, a self-employed trainer may appear to have a more expensive hourly rate, remembering they have to cover the cost of their public liability insurance and other overheads, but you won't have any additional fees on top of this.

This is the case for all personal trainers Canberra has to offer.

How much do personal trainers cost?
Personal trainers may work in a gym, a fitness studio or privately in your home or theirs | Source: Pixabay - Image by Darren Constance

The key is to do your research and find a trainer who meets your needs in terms of:

  • the type of exercise you want to do (boxing, weight-training, basketball, yoga etc.)
  • your preferred session frequency and time
  • the location you want to train in (gym, outside, studio, your home)
  • their level of qualification and experience
  • how much you can afford to pay

Once you've decided where you would prefer to have your personal training sessions, you might be wondering what to expect when you turn up to your first one.

What does a One-on-one Training Session look like?

Here's the thing about personal training sessions — they're personalised! What you do during your session will be largely determined by what you want to achieve and how well you communicate this to your trainer. It may also be determined by your trainer's area of expertise, your location and access to equipment.

In general, however, you can expect the following:

  • First session

This is likely to involve a fitness assessment tailored to the type of exercise you will be doing or your goal. For example, if your goal is weight loss, your assessment will likely include a weigh-in. During the first session, you will probably discuss your goals in detail with your trainer, who may then run you through a shortened program. Alternatively, your first session may be longer, to accommodate the assessment.

  • Subsequent sessions

A good trainer will always start you by checking in to see if you have any injuries, questions or concerns. You will then proceed with a warm-up, followed by your focus session. Depending on the exercise you've chosen and your goals, your session may incorporate a skills component.

What happens in a personal training session?
Your trainer should be with you every step of the way during your one-on-one session | Source: Pixabay - Image by Carlos García Traienr

Cool down and stretching should also be included, along with an end-of-session chat for questions or planning for the following session. With some trainers, expect each session to be different — this keeps you motivated and engaged. With all personal trainers, expect them to be by your side throughout the entire session!

How and Where Do I Find a Personal Trainer in Canberra to Help me Achieve my Goals?

There is no shortage of personal trainers in Canberra. However, it pays to shop around to make sure you find someone who will help you in the way you need.

A great place to start would be to check out the Superprof platform. Here, you'll find personal trainers for almost every type of exercise or sports imaginable and at a reasonable cost. They can train you in person, or online and usually offer the first session for free.

Here are a few other recommendations to get you started.

Peak Performance

Personal training for all ages from a fully qualified and experienced female personal trainer who runs sessions out of her private studio in the inner south of Canberra. Bec offers strength training, pilates, nutritional advice, fitness assessments and all levels of one-on-one training tailored to the needs of her clients. Group classes are also available.

Full Throttle Boxing and Training Centre

This small but 'punchy' centre offers great service and value, including group and personal training, boxing and a body overhaul program.

Bryan, a qualified personal trainer and professional boxer, says:

'We strive to make everyone feel comfortable, no matter what age or fitness level.'

Fitness Inside Out

This business is quite unique in that they provide 'mobile personal training'. They send a trainer, with all the equipment you need, to you — at your home, your office or even a park. They train all ages and fitness levels and specialise in kids' training and seniors' fitness, as well as weight loss.

What sports offer personal training?
Whether you're looking to start your exercise habit, or in need of elite sports training, a personal trainer can help you reach your goals | Source: Pixabay - Image by ignacioserapio0

If you're serious about improving your fitness level and getting the best out of your body, find a personal trainer Canberra today.

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