Singing is one of the simplest pleasures available to us and can be art form, community connection or ancient form of meditation. Everyone can sing, but the majority of people are too shy to use their voice to its full potential.

If this sounds like you, getting in touch with a singing teacher your first step to unlocking the power of your singing voice and finding joy in making music.

Many private singing teachers have fun, engaging methods designed to help you not only control your voice, but also develop creatively as a musician in your own right. 

So if you're ready to take the next step and start a singing course, read on for the Superprof guide to choosing your ideal singing teacher or vocal coach.

Singing Lessons and Vocal Register

There are lots of things to consider when looking for a singing teacher.

Before messaging a teacher, parents and students should carefully read the description of their service to ensure their expertise will align with the goals of the student, and their preferred singing style.

Another thing to consider is the vocal register you wish to sing in. Your voice teacher will train different vocal registers depending on the age, vocal range and musical goals of the student.

So what are the different vocal registers?

  • Chest voice: this is the lower, louder range of the voice, and the one we usually speak in
  • Passagio: this is a classical term referring to the break between the chest and head voices. Beginner singers generally find some tension here, and the goal is often to smooth out this transition area of the voice
  • Head voice: the higher vocal register, named because the singer will feel the sounds they are making vibrate through the head.

You'll usually explore all three areas of your voice with your singing teacher, but you might find that your voice lessons focus on a particular register depending on the musical style you are singing in. A high classical voice (soprano) will use head voice more often, whilst if you want to sing like Christina Aguilera, you'll be using chest voice.

No matter which register you are singing in, you're voice coach will teach:

  • Efficient and comfortable breathing techniques
  • Good posture for singing
  • How to warm up the voice
  • Improving your diction'
  • Strengthening your diaphragm for good vocal support
  • Learning your lyrics and communicating the emotion of your piece

The chief role of a singing teacher is to help boost their students' self-confidence and skillset through individualized tuition.

That means no matter your musical interests or level, a good teacher can adapt their lessons to you.

To make the most of your sessions, make sure you're diligently practising what you've have learnt in your spare time.

Learn To Sing On A Budget

As a rule of thumb, beginner singers will be able to access more affordable vocal training, as prices tend to increase with the teacher's level of experience.

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Find a voice coach to suit your budget
Invest in your self-confidence with vocal coaching!  ¦ source: Pixabay - nattanan23


Like any form of private tuition, location will also play a role in the price of your vocal lessons with singers in large urban centres generally charging more than those working in the suburbs or rurally.

Whether you sing pop, choral or gospel music, or if you're a total beginner, the price of lessons is a major consideration when searching for a suitable teacher.

However, keep in mind that the price of singing lessons may reflect the quality of the lessons on offer. If a price seems too good to be true, the teacher might be targeting beginner singers who can't discern the quality of the lessons.

You may also need to pay more if you're preparing for auditions and want a teacher with experience in this area.

Choosing Your Singing Tutor Based On Their Professional Experience

To improve your vocal tone and technique, nothing beats one-on-one professional vocal tuition.

If you are pursuing your own musical career, you will need to seek out a teacher with a high level of professional musical experience.

Just like learning to play an instrument, learning how to sing goes far beyond just making pleasant sounds. As you progress with lessons, you'll begin to learn more of the history behind the music you're singing, pick up ensemble skills to work effectively with other musicians and maybe even explore the world of composition and songwriting.

Your teacher's expertise directly correlates to the quality of your lessons
Hire a music teacher with lots of professional experience to smash your musical goals! ¦ source: Pixabay - WikimediaImages

You may also wish to find a voice teacher who can teach you how to accompany yourself on the piano or guitar whilst singing, so you can start performing on your own!

A good vocal teacher will not only help you hone your voice, but they'll also give you invaluable performance advice and help ease your stage fright.

When selecting a singing teacher, here are some things you should consider:

  • What performance experience do they have?
  • What are their performances like? Do they sing as part of a group, or as a solo act?
  • Do they play any other musical instruments?
  • How is their grasp of music theory?
  • What genres of music do they sing themselves, love, or specialise in?
  • What, if any teaching methods do they use?

Choosing A Voice Teacher Based on Teaching Experience

But do professional musicians always make the best music teachers?

Contrary to popular belief, professional experience does not always a great music teacher make!

Teaching is a separate skill to performing music, and music teachers study pedagogical methods to become more effective at passing on their experience and knowledge.

So even if a particular teacher has a lot of professional experience, make sure you pay attention to their teaching profile as well - ideally, you're looking for a mix of both professional and teaching experience.

New teachers may offer the benefit of lower rates and could be taking a more modern, creative, fresh approach than a teacher with decades of experience. This is why you should try out a few different teachers before deciding on one that suits your needs.

Another key to musical success is good chemistry between the teacher and student, which creates the relationship of trust essential to a successful learning experience.

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Successful singing lessons
A music undergraduate could make a great teacher - they were recently students themselves! r ¦ source: Pixabay - mrjohn5

Superprof is a platform that connects students to hundreds of suitable tutors across a range of disciplines.

Tutors can upload their qualification to their profiles, describe their methods and outline how they structure lessons, so interested students can learn about their services without the hassle of a phone call.

Past students can also post testimonials to teacher profiles, reviewing their lessons for the benefit of potential clients. So you'll be able to read real reviews of each teacher's methods.

Are qualifications important for singing teachers?

However, there aren't any official requirements or minimum qualifications to teach as a tutor. For some students, holding official qualifications is a must, while others will seek out talented teachers and see qualifications as secondary.

If you will feel more reassured with proof of a certain level of formalised music education, you may prioritise contacting teachers who show these on their profiles.

This might be the case if you're looking for a highly-experienced singing teacher to help you meet a specific goal. For example, if you need a teacher to help prepare you for auditions to enter a university conservatorium, you may want to look for teachers who have graduated from conservatoriums themselves. This will help you feel more secure and prepared when your audition rolls around.

If you're new to singing and still need more encouragement to enlist a singing teacher, here are fifteen great reasons to start singing lessons!

Finding a Singing Teacher on Superprof

Finding your perfect singing teacher on Superprof couldn't be simpler!

Specify your subject as singing and enter your location, then browse singing teachers near you.

If distance is an issue, you can also look for teachers who offer lessons via Skype or webcam.

So, once you've chosen a singing teacher, how do you know they're right for you?

Tutors know good chemistry between student and teacher is incredibly important, that's why 92% of the tutors on Superprof offer the first session free. This way, you'll be able to try before you buy and see if you really click, or maybe try out a few different teachers at no cost to you.

Students all over the world are having great success finding tutors on Superprof. Rémi in France is taking lessons with Pierre, a singing teacher studying at the Conservatoire de Paris. Here's what he had to say:

“I used to find it difficult to relax and Pierre put me at ease straight away by teaching me basic singing exercises that helped me to sing with the correct posture and breathing techniques - which are good for my vocal health. […] Pierre is a very good coach, always listening and patient.”

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner singer with one of our friendly, experienced tutors here at Superprof! 

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