Along with mathematics, English is a mandatory subject through primary school until the end of high school (Year 12). Students cannot get an ATAR without it and most university degrees require proven English language competency at Year 12 level.

Even if you don't want an ATAR or to go on to tertiary education, good English skills are essential to get by in daily life.

English is not necessarily enjoyable or easy for every student, whether native-speaking or ESL. In fact, at some point, many students may find they need some help and motivation to get through their English work. Tutoring is perfect for primary school and high school alike.

How can you access help with your English studies?

A private English tutor can provide individualised support, whether you just need help to catch up or you want to polish your existing English skills to achieve the best grades you can.

For many students, finding the right English tutor Melbourne is all the motivation needed to start achieving. It doesn't matter if the student is a primary school child needing assistance with reading, a high school student or an undergraduate at university who really needs to get a handle on essay writing — there are tutors to cover all bases.

If you're still wondering if you will benefit from tuition, take a look at our 10 best reasons to employ an English tutor.

1) Your English Tutor is Focused Only on You

Private tutoring is 'private'.

All teaching is focused on you and your needs. The best tutors can modify their teaching methods to suit the learning style of each student, giving them a fully personalised experience that is impossible to achieve in the traditional classroom.

Private tuition is all about the student.

Prior to commencing your lessons, tutors often want to meet with their new students to gather information about their goals, learning style, skills, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is used by the tutor to devise a tuition program tailored just for you.

Each lesson is delivered at your pace. If you don't understand a concept, your tutor will work out a different way to teach it and, unlike the traditional school classroom, tutors won't move on until you've grasped it.

One-on-one tutoring offers a teaching environment conducive to learning — relaxed, safe and individualised.

This is only the beginning. There are many other ways private tutoring will benefit students, from the primary school child to the adult student.

2) You Need Good English Skills for Every Subject

The compulsory subjects throughout school, from Years 1 to 10, are maths, science, geography, history and English. In Years 11 and 12, English and maths are both recommended if you wish to receive an ATAR and gain entrance to any university course.

Outside of the mandated subjects, students are offered a wide range of subject choices, depending on their school, including psychology, legal studies, foreign language and fitness. There are also choices within science, such as biology, chemistry and physics, as well as in the social science streams.

The thing is, every one of these subjects involves English — reading a text, writing an essay and communicating both orally and in writing. All English.

You cannot afford to brush reading, writing and communicating studies aside because you need these skills for everything — academic, recreational or daily living.

As soon as you think you might need help, seeking support from a private VCE tutor may change your future from struggle to success.

3) Have Fun with Inspiring Lessons

The world of English literature and language is fascinating — if you have the right tutor walking you through it.

When you're enjoying yourself, you learn. Every child learns by playing, exploring and experimenting — all equally as relevant for academic studies.

Extra lessons with an English tutor can increase student interest in the subject. More interest equals greater motivation. Greater motivation results in improved outcomes.

Why wouldn't you start looking for an English tutor?

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When was the last time you lost yourself in a book? Reading opens up new worlds | Source: Pixabay - congerdesign

Teaching does not have to be predictable.

Learning and studying don't have to be boring.

A tutor with the right experience and passion for language and literature can make even the dullest of concepts interesting.

Learning by doing, questioning and exploring is going to achieve the best outcomes. Tutors can introduce you to new literature or fun word study. Good tutors ensure your studies are so much more than reading, writing, listening and speaking according to the curriculum.

4) Fill Gaps and Keep Up

The feeling that you're behind is awful for any student in any education year. Nobody's goal is to be left behind.

However, with curriculum pressures, a teacher will often have no choice but to move on.

Twenty-nine students might understand — but what about that one child who doesn't? This is where academic support, whether it's in-school English tutoring or private tuition, is so beneficial.

Learning at a slower pace does not mean you're dumb!

Perhaps you take longer to process new ideas. Maybe your teacher uses a methodology that does not suit your learning style. If so, enrolling in one-on-one tuition can be the best way to achieve improved academic results.

5) Achieve Better Exam Grades

Exam preparation is a very common reason for people engaging private tutors.

As mentioned previously, to get an ATAR and gain entrance to your preferred university degree, you need to achieve solid results in Years 11 and 12 English, Literature and Language.

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Graduate from university with the best results possible for you | Source: Pixabay - maura24

Once you've commenced your university or higher education course — it's expected you will complete each essay or exam with competent English language skills.

With this in mind, there may still be a need for you to access English tutoring to lift your reading, writing and research skills.

There are English tutors who specialise in essay writing, research skills, oral presentations and, of course, exam techniques and preparation.

So, when it comes time to hand in that essay or sit that ATAR exam, your tutor will make sure you're ready.

6) Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is everything when it comes to education and learning. If you think you can't do something, then you won't be able to.

Low self-esteem when it comes to your ability leads to low motivation which, of course, is then represented in your results.

Once you start feeling like you're behind at school, you become increasingly reluctant to take risks and participate in discussions, and the cycle of negativity goes on.

In one-to-one tuition, you're in a safe space. You can ask questions and practise new skills without fear of being ridiculed. You are offered the opportunity to experience success.

Once you experience success, you create a new, positive cycle of learning — one that builds esteem and confidence.

This is what good tutors and tutoring can do.

7) Improve Your Study Skills by Determining Your Learning Style

Unlike maths or some of the science subjects, like chemistry and physics, English, particularly literature, requires the teacher and students to access and present a range of perspectives on a single topic. This starts in primary school and continues throughout high school.

During your English lessons at school, a teacher rarely has enough time to delve deeply into every piece of literature. Tutors, however, do have the time and will probably offer you a different perspective.

This experience leads to a greater depth of understanding, which is perfect for essay writing in all subjects, particularly in the humanities' areas, such as psychology.

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Tutors, especially those who are students themselves, are excellent resources for developing effective study skills | Source: Pixabay - Pexels

It may seem odd, but study skills are rarely explicitly taught at school. This mightn't be an issue for some students, but others may go for years without knowing how to manage their time, revise efficiently or plan an essay.

Once you have these strategies, you can apply them to your studies throughout your academic career.

8) Work with Someone Who Understands You

During your primary school and high school years, and even at university, you don't have the opportunity to choose your teacher.

Each teacher has their own teaching style — but not every teaching style resonates with every student.

The potential issue is that if you're 'stuck' with a teaching style that doesn't match your learning style, it can impact your progress.

However, when it comes to private tutoring, you do get to choose your tutors. And finding an English tutor who 'clicks' with you academically is easy because there are so many tutors out there.

9) You Choose When, Where and How

The tutor you employ is not your only choice. There are multiple other considerations and options when it comes to the time, location and style of tuition.

In consultation with your tutor, you can determine:

  • the regularity of your tutoring sessions, as well as the length and the time of day they occur
  • whether you meet at your home, at your tutor's home, in a public place — or even online
  • the size of your tuition group — one-on-one, a pair or a small group.

Above all else, English tutoring needs to meet your needs, so make sure you get the logistics right.

10) English Tutoring is Money Well Spent

In some cases, in-school English tutoring is still available — usually to a select minority and often only when the teacher is available.

The myth is that hiring a private tutor is only for the rich but along with an ever-increasing high demand for academic support, there is also an increasing number of people offering tutoring services. This means competition, and with competition comes a greater range of fees.

An affordable tutor is only a little online or local research away.

Don't wait. Get the help you need now.

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