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Boxing/Kick Boxing, Conditioning, Elite Fitness and Qi Gong + Remedial Massage + Sport Massage /Anatomy & Muscle Balancing Cairns

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I have developed a unique holistic methodology which is based on finding 'the zone''. The zone is the place of peak performance and peak enjoyment. Most people have experienced this but for most people it is fleeting. My methodology is based on teaching your body to release into the zone, to listen to the body to focus on building the feedback mechanism and communication channel between the mind and body systems, using breath as the medium.

Anyone can experience the feeling of being in the zone whilst exercising but the key is to train your mind and body to become so in tune with each other that you can access this all the time. This is done through utilising movement meditation and internal martial arts to clear out any blockages and dysfunction disrupting this clear communication of mind and body.

This is not a new methodology, this type of practice is paramount in yoga and Qi Gong philosophies but I was able to experience first hand the application of these philosophies in competitive sport. When I was competing in boxing I read a book called 'Body, Mind and Sport" by John Douillard - great book! I was able to incorporate deep nasal breathing and yoga philosophies into my training and it dramatically improved my performance. In the book Douillard explains how his direction was able to get olympic athletes to perform better with less effort, which of course drew my attention. So I read the book and tried it all out and realised getting into a state of flow is way more effective and efficient that pushing yourself all the time. There is a unique method to finding peak performance and peak enjoyment and this is what my methodology teaches you to access. I have spent the last 8 years of my life practicing and perfecting this methodology and have had amazing results with myself and my clients in both group and one on ones. Im super excited to train you and help you reach your peak performance and enjoyment in movement. Let's get it!


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About Max

Movement and fitness has been a core part of my being for the last 20 years. I began in dance and bodybuilding as a young teen and in 2012 I began competing in amateur boxing and studying remedial massage. Since them I work in the industry as trainer, therapist and coach. I have worked with elite athletes and average Joe/Jane. I've help people recovery from injuries, I helped people reach new performance PB's and I am always growing in my own practice. I am very knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology, and have developed a holistic approach to elite fitness by utilising deep nasal breathing, meditation and flow. I am also a Qi gong and yoga practitioner. I look forward to working with you.



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