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CASA Qualified Flight Instructor Available to help students with RPL, PPL and CPL theory.

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I have a thorough understanding of the theoretical knowledge and practical applications required for each of the CASA issued RPL, PPL and CPL licences.

Sessions are prepared on a student-by-student basis; accommodating for individuals at all stages in training as well as the areas of study prescribed for a particular licence (RPL/PPL/CPL).

Lessons are also adapted to an individual's needs; resulting in disparities between the delivery of identical material to different students.

The goal is not only to pass CASA theory exams but to gain a deeper understanding of aviation theory itself. To achieve this result, possessing a practical knowledge of the theory, is the best way to grasp such concepts; thus, the theory taught should build upon a student's flying experience.

For some exams, employing a solid strategy could mean the difference between a pass and a fail mark. I am more than happy to share the different strategies best suited to each exam.


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About Eric

I am a flight instructor based out of Moorabbin Airport, Victoria.

Holding a current Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane), Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating and G3 Flight Instructor Rating (Aeroplane), I am able to prepare students for RPL, PPL and CPL theory exams as well as offer aviation tutoring services in general.

I also hold a Bachelor in Aviation and a Bachelor in Business; specialising in Accounting, Economics and Finance.



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