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CASA Qualified Flight Instructor -Fixed Wing. Aviation tutor for CASA exams with experience in Flight Instruction, General Aviation and Airlines.

    • Melbourne
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One of our best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Christian will be happy to arrange your first Aviation lesson.

About the lesson

Aviation is supposed to be fun! The subjects and theory can seem daunting, expensive, and sometimes they can overload you. I’ve been there!

I’ll take the time to ensure your questions are fully answered and understood. I’ll tailor the content to your individual needs.

I’ll attempt to put a practical application to the theoretical knowledge and apply that to your level of experience, which is the best way to learn.

I’m available for all types of instruction like CASA exam preparation, theory explanation or practical application of theories studied.

My lessons are geared towards students at any level or stage of their flying studies from Ab-Initio all the way up to ATPL.


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About Christian

I've been in the industry for 13 years in a variety of roles.

I started as a Flight Instructor at the Royal Aero Club of WA. For 3 years I was teaching theory subjects and practical flying lessons, as part of an integrated training course for students to gain their Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A).

I moved to Melbourne to work for a charter company, AUSJET Aviation Group, as a charter pilot. I worked for 6 years with a wide range of aircraft, environments and contracts.

Some of these areas were:
-Charter Flying
-Instrument Flying Training
-Check and Training
-Fire/ Flood and Disaster relief
-Target Towing

For the past 5 years, I have worked for a major international Airline, Cathay Pacific Airways, flying the B777 aircraft.

I've taught a wide range of students of different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. I'm sure I can put together a program to help with your studies.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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  • 01

    When did you develop an interest in Aviation and in teaching?

    I always had an interest in aviation and pursued it from a young age. The first opportunity I had in the industry was at the aero club where I learned to fly. They had a fantastic instructor training program and I had always had an interest in teaching. It was a natural progression for me. This was a great way for me to build some hours and experience.

  • 02

    Explain your expertise, your interest in it and, more broadly, its importance in the world.

    I'm a professional aviator, and a flight instructor. I've got a lot of experience in the general aviation sector, flight instruction and airlines. I was fortunate enough to be able to fly a lot of different types of aircraft and in different environments. This has expanded my experience and knowledge and this is something I'm able to pass onto my students.

    I'm interested in expanding my aviation knowledge and knowledge in general. Fortunately the experiences I have had enabled me to do this. I think it's important to always keep learning! It's not only important for the job we do, but the knowledge we gain will serve you well in the future. The more knowledge you have the more you can rely on that. It's never wasted time.

  • 03

    What achievements are you particularly proud of?

    An achievement I am proud of is making it into an airline, it had been the long term goal. The process is quite involved and Its quite a competitive industry.

    You need to be prepared and ensure you've covered all your bases and I think the experiences and effort I put in showed. This is something I try to pass onto my students, be prepared and give it your best shot.

  • 04

    What are your keys to success?

    Dedication is one of the main keys to success. The aviation industry is a competitive place and you have to be dedicated to achieving your goals. Just keep pushing forward and stick to your plan.

    Don't be afraid to fail! No one should be afraid to fail, it's a great teacher. If you fail, two things can happen, 1) You'll learn what areas you need to work on and improve on, which is a good thing in my mind. 2) You'll learn something about yourself. Some self-reflection time is always a positive teacher.

  • 05

    What do you think are the qualities required to be a good pilot?

    Discipline - The job requires a certain level of discipline which will keep you and your operation safe. I feel this is an important quality to possess.

    Being able to work well in a team- This is an important quality. Being able to work together to complete a task or work towards a common goal is essential.

    Leadership- Leadership is an important quality to possess, being able to direct a situation to a positive outcome, lead a team and achieve a common goal is an essential quality.

  • 06

    Tell us about a memorable lesson.

    I've had many memorable lessons, but one lesson stands out. A student got in touch with me in regards to some theoretical concepts that she needed help with.

    Sometimes a structured training course moves too fast for students learning rates, it happens and it's very common. Everyone learns differently and at varying speeds! We were able to work through the concepts and get her back on track to complete her exam successfully. It's always good to see a student make progress and complete their goals. I was able to help her achieve her goal of completing her PPL(A) exam.

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