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Computing PhD graduate teaches - Computer Science / Maths / Programming / Software Engineering / Data Science / Machine Learning / Artifical Intelligence & Assignment Help

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About the lesson

Drop me a msg at chathurdara[at]gmail[dot]com

I have a strong passion for teaching mathematics and computing to students who face difficulties in understanding complex concepts in their academic careers. I have experience of over 5 years of tutoring (one on one) and teaching/lecturing at the university. I would like to casually continue my passion for those who really need help in their academic career. At the end of the day, learning is a lifelong experience, and teaching is a hobby that I really enjoy. I am a bit busy during the semesters, and I will try my best to find some time for someone who indeed needs some help to step up his/her knowledge.

My expertise will be in the following areas:

==Basic Mathematics ==
1) Numbers
2) Basic Algebra
3) Percentages (simple/compound interest, ...)
4) Graphs (linear/quadratic/cubic, ...)
5) Equations
6) Logarithms
7) Measurements

== Intermediate Mathematics ==
1) Pure Mathematics (advanced algebra & functions, polynomials, trigonometry, geometry & vectors, complex numbers, ...)
2) Applied Mathematics (probability & statistics, particle mechanics, ...)

== Advanced Mathematics ==
1) Discrete Mathematics
2) Linear Algebra (vectors, matrices, transformations, ...)
3) Calculus (integrals/multivariate calculus, differential equations)
4) Linear/Quadratic Programming
5) Optimization Methods (newton, quasi-newton, gradient descent, ...)
6) Advanced Probability Theories (maximum likelihood, posterior probability, multivariate gauss)

Note: *ATAR* Year 11, 12 is also covered.

== Physics ==
1) Fundamental Principles
2) Thermal Physics
3) Waves and Sound
4) Electricity
5) Optics
6) Atomic & Nuclear Radiation

== Computing ==
0) General Soft Skills (Microsoft Office, Windows, PC Setup, etc) in computing for beginners
0.1) Setting up home networks, routers, printers, scanners, etc.

== Computing For Uni Students ==
1) Software Engineering & Programming (4 years of industry experience - C/C++ Developer)
2) Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science
3) Design and Analysis of Algorithms
4) Operating Systems
5) Cryptography
6) Database
7) Networking
8) Object-Oriented System Design
9) UML (Unified Modelling Language) Design
10) Android (Mobile App) development
11) Web/Desktop Software Development (C/C++, C#, Java, JavaEE, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ...)
12) Web Content Management Systems (Joomla, Wordpress) For Business

== Advanced Computing ==
#Matlab #Python #IntelliJIdea #Tensorflow #Pytorch
1) Machine Learning & related math
2) Computer Vision
(Object Recognition / Face Recognition / Hand Written Character Recognition and Data Mining)
3) Data Science
4) Advanced AI & related math - (doctoral studies/conducting research internships)
(Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning Networks)

I can also assist the students in completing their projects/assignments as well. But as to keep my ethics in place, I will only provide guidance and help to students to complete the assignments.

Please feel free to text or email me for further details since I might be busy at the university. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

For reviews, experience skills and tools: please refer to (linkedin, search chathurdara): (concealed information)


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About Dr. Nadith

I'm a PhD Graduate in Computer Science (AI/Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning - Highly math-oriented) at Curtin University Of Technology and currently involved in a post-doctoral research fellowship in the department of computing and the industry.

I have done the Sp. Hons in Computer Science, extending the 3 year bachelor's degree (Curtin) to a 4 year (Hons) degree. I was awarded the batch's best performer (in both the years) and also promoted to the PhD programme straight away with a scholarship from the university due to my outstanding performance. During the PhD, I was awarded multiple scholarships, including paid research assistantships, and I was graduated with commendation from the Chancellor for the exceptional performance at my PhD.

Furthermore, I did my high school studies in the (G.C.E A/L) Higher Mathematics stream: Higher Mathematics (Advanced Pure/Applied Mathematics), Combine Mathematics (Pure/Applied Mathematics), Physics and awarded the all-island best performer in the year 2006 as well.



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Starting from the base rate: $40 per hour, & it may get higher, depending on the distance that I have to travel.
Also, the base rate may vary depending on the financial ability and the current level of competence of the student.
Prefered: online session (at least while Covid restrictions are in place)

Total = Assignment Study Fee + Assignment Help
Assignment Study Fee: $30
Assignment Help: $50 per hour, & may get higher, depending on the distance I have to travel.
Prefered: online session (at least while Covid restrictions are in place)

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