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Greatness coach and author giving personal development courses to students and adults

About the lesson

This course is directed to students and adults and teaches participants all the rules for building an outstanding life and become the best that they can be. It encompasses authentic leadership, effective communication, knowledge management and positive thinking. The course is delivered in 9 modules:

Module 1: Start with greatness in mind and have faith

Module 2: Create a vision and own it

Module 3: Take action and have a strategy

Module 4: Acquire Specialised knowledge

Module 5: Go the extra miles

Module 6: Create a mastermind alliance and have a supportive life partner

Module 7: Have a positive mental attitude

Module 8: Communicate with excellence and have a 360 Degrees network

Module 9: Manage the brand called YOU


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    Personal development


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About Mireille

I am a published author, international speaker, life coach, mentor and Greatness ambassador. I am the author of the book called “Stepping into your greatness: Twelve rules for building an outstanding life” and also developed a Leadership system called D.A.R.E (standing for Decide; Act; Review; Expand) which forms the basis of this training. I've been teaching this course for a year to high school and university students (Workshops and private lessons). Most participants are now fully empowered and on the road to building their outstanding life.



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  • 10 h: $450

travel fee

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I offer a 2% discount to high school students. I add 10$ as travel cost. Any Lesson should be canceled at least 2 hours in advance if not normal rate applies.

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