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Curtin law student and ex-Perth Modern student looking to tutor students in Perth. Had a 98.2 atar. Recipient of the prestigious John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship 2019

I prefer to teach based of the Socratic method or question based to provide a more holistic learning experience. In overall learning, I will be moving at a pace that suit the students ability, preferably helping them get a head start into the next year.

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Wide range of subject support. Assignment assistance. Exam prep strategies. Homework support

As everyone learns differently, I like to cater for each individual. I can empower students to want to learn and I can show them how and repeat the steps alongside them.

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Highly experienced and qualified teacher offers support, revision, preparation and acceleration K-10

I have extensive knowledge of national curriculum, school expectations and best practice in literacy and numeracy development. I can bridge gaps or extend.

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Qualified and experienced primary school teacher offering tutoring services for all primary school students

I provide hands-on learning experiences. I use engaging tools and resources during my lessons. I encourage students to think and explore. My lessons are very engaging and allows students to have some fun while learning. I aim for all my students to achieve success on their own merit. I will meet with your children and plan lessons according to their individual ability.

Glen Waverley
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Swinburne engineering student with 2 year experience as a Senior Education Trainer in Maths and Science teaching looking to teach kids in a fun and simple way to boost their performance !

Teaching with simple and fun tactics and effective mind Mapping techniques to make maths and science simple and effective and easy to understand!

Forest Lodge
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Chinese trained in Australia, PhD in communications, masters in education and experienced uni teacher is ready to help you with your thesis.

I read thesis requirements and discuss with my student the outlines. I also check students’ progress and provide suggestions and proofreading it when it is completed.

Geelong West
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Deakin University students can explain in detail with confidence, enthusiasm and determination

I approache on topics by data needed for the students in the present scenario and in easy manner to help them not to get confused

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Providing student an easy learning environment to learn and obtain good results.

My teaching method is to be able to consistently perform through learning new content whilst revising previous content until it becomes long term memory.

L aura
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5 years experience in tutoring children from 4 -12 years in Maths and English.

Every lesson is adapted to the child’s learning style.

Kelvin Grove
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Vice Chancellor's Scholar offering academic writing assistance. English language lessons. Essay help. School tutoring. French for beginners

I find learning fun. Whether you would like help understanding course materials or would just like help punching out an assessment, I offer a keen eye for detail and a friendly approach to explanation. Courses are based around the individual's interests, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Beacon Hill
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Need to reach your full potential and achieve outstanding results. Easy, fun and engaging ways to learn concepts that will boost your perfoperformance.

Explicit teaching, investigations, research skills, goal setting, mastery learning and utilising thinking tools for creative and critical thinking.

Hyde Park
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James Cook University business management student can help with school studies. I do have medical background as well.

I prefer to teach face to face. I can give lessons according to student's preference and can also provide tuition at home.

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University of Melbourne PhD student provides high level academic tutoring all subjects

My teaching method is based on bringing together my skills and knowledge to comine it with the students to produce successful outcomes

North Plympton
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High school student willing to tutor students on all subjects, Plympton area

I believe that students should be taught to learn not just to meet deadlines. I think they should be taught to retain the information and given support instead of the work being done for them.

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Currently live in Medowie, New South Wales available for history and humanities subjects.

I will focus lesson more on revision and discussion. I am an audio based learner and I have tips that will help learners like succeed in their studies.

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Qualified maths and science teacher offers tutoring to Sunshine Coast region. All ages welcome!

I am passionate about changing negative maths mindsets and helping students develop their confidence and skills engaging with problem solving tasks.

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Good experience in management and training of 3 years and currently doing MIT from murdoch university

Good communication skills and good technique to learn quickly . Good excel and virtual assistant experience .

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Monash college (Medicine major) students provide guidance to new students by clearing scientific concepts.

My teaching techniques are pointing out weakness of my student and working on to improve that sector. My strategy is approaching a topic generally and explaining it in the easiest way so that the student doesn't require to memorize everything without understanding.

Port Lincoln
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RMIT masters student, can teach all subjects NAPLAN and prepare students for final exams

My teaching methods are fun based. I organise my classes indoors and outdoors and teach concepts through AV methods which help develop interest in students.

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1st lesson free !

James Ruse Graduate providing tuition in Maths, English, Chemistry and Physics in the either online or face to face in the Hobart area.

I have access to a variety of material and past papers. I break up my lessons into two parts. After working through the concepts, I work through practice questions with students and provide model answers, tricks and methods to use to solve questions, and exam tips.

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University of Technology, Sydney Communications graduate teaches academic essay writing and referencing

My teaching methodology is to guide an essay structure based on the assessment outline and then draft and refine the assignment until it ready for submission.

Glenmore Park
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Unimelb Master’s student and Philosophy graduate available for tutoring in Melbourne CBD area

I approach topics by first comprehending the meaning of the text, then analysing and connecting this understanding to previous topics and class readings.

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99.25 atar student provides wace tutoring for maths, Physics and Chemistry.

I firmly believe in building on theory knowledge to link all topics together in a subject to allow the student to apply information to many different situations and allowing the student to not only know what occurs but why it occurs.

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Year 10 student willing to give extra help/ tutoring with homework and assignments. Expert in English, science and French.

My teaching method will vary depending on the student. I would try to make learning fun and explain things in a way their school teachers can't, so as to find the most efficient learning method for that person. I will try to make a comfortable learning environment so that the most can be taken out of my lessons.

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Southern Suburbs in Gold Coast - Qualified Primary Teacher - Tutoring in all Areas

My teaching is based on students needs. I will make sure lessons are tailored to individuals, interactive and supportive. I enjoy employing an inquiry based approach and encourage students to explore subjects and interact with peers and others in their learning journey.

Noble Park
Cao uyen
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Biomedical Science Honours students teaches you the tricks to scoring a HD with simple yet effective study methods.

I can teach from a book or through notes. I do most of the content and concept leading in class and maintain outside communication with my students through slack for questions (which I have allocated to them) that they might have. Although, I always encourage them to be independent and thoroughly check the questions to aid in with critical thinking before they do come to me.

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High School English, Drama and Art Teacher with proven results improving student performance.

My methodology is to identify focus areas in consultation with students. I then set goals and outline steps to achieve these and then implement the plan. This individualised approach to learning leads to the best possible outcome for students.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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