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I am a qualified and practising primary school teacher offering 1-1 tuition to Primary school students Years PP- 6, across all subject areas. Based in the Booragoon area, I am willing to travel up to

I am a friendly and passionate teacher who truly cares about making a difference to my students' education. It is important for me to develop a clear line of communication with the parent and student, and (where possible) to include input from the classroom teacher in order to make the most from our tutoring sessions, ensuring we are all working toward to the same goal.

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High Achieving Year 11 student, can help younger students with homework and study.

As a naturally outgoing person I am able to work with all sorts of students. Generally my lessons have an informal structure, and I focus on assisting my students with whatever work or subject matter they are currently struggling with. I am always happy to alter my lessons to what works best for the student.

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University of Queensland student provides school support to primary student as well as academic support to students in the field of Accounting/Finance as I am studying Master of Commerce.

Any primary school topics like English, Mathematics, History, Geography and others. Any topics of Finance of Accounting. I am comfortable teaching students in which they need any kind of guidance. Any help required to do assignments an be provided. Hours of study can be provided in weekdays and weekends.

East Melbourne
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Ex-secondary school teacher from Singapore wanting to give online consultations to students who need extra help from all over the world

Taught Sciences and Math for the last 20 years to over 50 students at different academic levels. I have an excellent track record of my students showing tremendous improvements and I have a passion for helping students by making subject matter relevant and engaging.

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Uni student from top 2% of SACE class of 2018, offering private tutoring for stage 2 level and below in a variety of subjects!!

My mentoring method is entirely adaptable depending on the students I am assisting. As such, I always aim to tailor to my students needs - whether it be all round assistance in a subject, finding better resources to guide them through their year, or specific problems they may be stuck on or areas they may find challenging.

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With well developed written skills, including proofreading, editing and typing, I am keen to assist others who need guidance with their assignment work.

My teaching method begins with understanding what the student knows and can do. I find this out by talking with the student and looking at their work. I like to negotiate a plan with the student to set educational goals and steps to achieve them. To ensure full engagement and content understanding, I aim to taylor lessons to the student's learning style.

Balwyn North
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Hi I’m Vaitheeki Sriratnakumar studying at the Swinburne University of Technology. I’m teaching Biology, Human Biology, Psychology and ICT for students from age 6 - 14. Home visit classes for individu

My teaching methodology will vary according to each student. My teaching methodology will make the students learn complex topics very easily. Each student is unique to me so I will analyse them first in order to select the best teaching methodology which will suit them the most.

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University student, currently a fourth year learning to be a teacher provides tutoring sessions.

My aim is to assist, encourage and support students to achieve their learning goals. I strongly believe that every student is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses and no one size fits all approach to pedagogy and learning. Therefore, I implement a variety of teaching approaches to engage students in learning.

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Retired engineer offering tutoring for maths and science online or Brisbane northern suburbs

First I ask the student to explain their knowledge and understanding of the subject. Then I can ask specific questions to determine areas where there might be misunderstanding. This allows me to go back to basics to ensure the foundational understanding is correct. Once students understand Maths it becomes a whole lot easier.

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Recent university law grad offering academic tutoring for students of all ages

When teaching students I assist their learning by providing them with the resources and tools to complete the task at hand. I then empower them by encouraging them to attempt the task themselves. Following their attempt, I then provide them some feedback to assist them moving forward.

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Melbourne University student offers academic essay writing support as well as english and literature. Visual arts, education and creative writing skills.

I approach my classes by drawing on the student’s previous knowledge and basic skills set. Through exercises that continue to challenge the student, I am not only at making you better at your subject but also developing skills that you take to other areas of learning.

Cranbourne West
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Double Degree Graduate offering tutoring in English, Business Management and Legal Studies.

I approach all my lessons based on the needs and learning styles of my students to create an active and engaging lesson. I encourage my students to participate and engage with the study material with a focus on the students' ability to convey their knowledge accordingly and ace their studies.

Crescent Head
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Academic tutoring for Undergraduate Teachers at University. Here to help you achieve your Graduation Day dreams!

Lessons will have a clear outline of the attainable and workable goals. Content varies depending on the student's academic subject. You will need to present the work that you need assistance with so I can be on the same page. I look forward to working with you.

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Biomedical science student doing private tuition Perth in English, Maths and Science

My teaching method is finding out what your wants and needs are, and working with that.

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ENGLISH AND MATHS TUTORING - all ages - In Rossmoyne - Uni student with 5 years experience

I encourage my students to enjoy and understand what they are learning as opposed to simply remember content. I apply a range of teaching styles to suit my students and like to 'show' rather than 'tell', to create a more interactive environment.

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University Of Sydney Student Tutoring Primary School Students In Sydney Auburn Area

I target the student's weaknesses and make sure they become strong and confident in the areas which they feel is more hard for them to understand. I ask students to do small activities so they can practice and become stronger and have a better understanding in a specific concept. I can help students complete their homework to the best of their ability.

Glenelg East
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Adelaide Contemporary Art Student and Outside School Hours Care Educator Offering Teaching in English, Art Theory, Psychology, Philosophy and Drama Theory.

I approach every student as individuals, and cater to their unique learning capabilities. Every student is different and have a different approach to their own learning. I seek to understand their individuality as students and people and create lessons they can actively engage with.

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A postgraduate student at the University of Adelaide with experience of teaching science, maths and physics.

My aim is to assist, encourage and support students to achieve their learning goals. I take on a holistic and flexible approach to teaching, to allow for inclusivity within my classroom domains. I strongly believe that there is no one size fits all approach in learning.

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Primary Education university student offers tutoring for primary students across all subjects in Brisbane

I make it a priority to ensure students feel comfortable in their learning environment, and I also aim to build their confidence in their schoolwork as well as their knowledge. Lessons are specifically catered for students and their individual needs.

Shepparton East
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3rd Year Bachelor of International Studies student at UQ offering academic support in English/Japanese/All Humanities.

In the case of high school students I follow the curriculum requirements, while trying to encourage the critical and academic skills that will make for a successful university student. This often creates more engaging lessons where the subject matter becomes enjoyable as students are encouraged to be passionate about what they find interesting, rather than rote learning the content.

Burleigh Heads
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Fully qualified Primary School Teacher with over 30 years experience available.

My teaching method and philosophy is built on encouraging students to embrace learning so that they will become life-long learners. My lessons not only teach students facts and knowledge but also encourage students to do their best work and also to keep on improving.

Tanilba Bay
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Qualified primary school teacher looking to support students in key learning areas

I believe that each learner is an individual so all of my lessons are tailored to each individuals' learning style and requirements to help you achieve in the best way possible. I help to develop good study habits and motivate you to achieve on your own.

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Eager, happy teacher turned full time mum - missing my students’ learning!

I approach teaching with enthusiasm. I believe that it’s important to take learning opportunities from students experiences, interests and passions. I am confident with the Australian Curriculum and how to navigate the learning requirements for each stage and/or grade level and how to achieve these learning goals for an individual.

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University of Sydney Medical Science student teaching in a wide range of subjects from K-HSC in Sydney East

I believe that learning is different for every person, and understand that many teachers don't have the time that is necessary to cater to all kid needs in the classroom. I will be able to explain the fundamental processes and concepts in many subject areas which make being able to complete problem solving tasks actually manageable, not just providing a vague understanding of the subject.

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Survival English turned pro? Find expertise in history, culture, and business with ESL

I approach teaching with practicality, with efficient design and realist principals. Sessions with me will see to immediate application and purpose with English, and void of the often too theoretical applications of secondary languages. I believe that life-practice is a supportive mechanism, not a comparative standard.

(4 reviews)
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I am a student at Deakin University and can give tutorials for children studying at school in all of the subjects till 8, I can also teach business and economics subjects to high school and matrix stu

My methodology of teaching is to give an elaborative information about the topic making it delivered as a story then building interest to focus on the teaching the child the appropriate content.

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B.A. in Art History & Social Sciences, TESL, Cert IV TAE, Post-Grad units in Education, Business Eng. Teacher & Corp. Workplace Trainer Experience.

The first lesson is free and dedicated to giving you the opportunity to explain to me what you want to achieve from lessons. I will then let you know if I can help you achieve your goals and how. You can then decide if lessons with me might suit you with an option to cancel at any time. I qualify the interests, expectations and goals of students so I can provide relevant content.

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UQ Graduate offering school/ academic support in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs and Granite Belt.

My teaching methodology would be highly dependant on the students needs and learning style. However, in general my approach would be systematic with a combination of practical and theoretical lessons. I personally find a varied teaching experience more fullfilling for the majority of students. For example: use of a standard text, quizzes, painting, flash cards, cartoons, field trips, etc.. etc.

Queens Park
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Hey all myself Tavleen, a postgraduation pursuing student with 5 years experience of helping students in their academic studies including hobbies and arts , capable of making you love your studies and

I believe in teaching that leads to overall development of child. My first focus is always on academic improvement which includes covering all the required topics and lessons but side by side i aim to improve the child’s personal skills also.

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Southern Cross University education student looking help tutor on the Gold Coast

The best way for children to learn is through fun, hands-on activities that they are going to enjoy. My goal is to make the lessons fun and relatable so that the children enjoy what they are learning rather than feeling like a chore.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
7 months ago
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