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Nancy irene
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Native Spanish tutor, with ESL certificate and experience teaching English and Spanish.

I based my classes using techniques as videos, games, jokes, riddles, a typical class with me is with conversations, songs, talking about culture, travel, life, dreams...1 my classes are meant for a basic level of English, Spanish, to kids and adults.

La Mesa
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Spanish / literature/linguistics specialist and teacher from Costa Rica gives individual or grupal classes. Pura Vida

I base my classes in the idea of the communicative method of learning, the student is the center and the language is a natural knowledge that everybody can learn and enjoy finding the way to use it. I help the students to relate their previous knowledge with the new ones and knowing that everybody it’s different and can find a different way to learn.

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Spanish teacher with 5 years of experience / Learn to speak it very fast and easily

I have different teaching methods but my classes are oriented to your needs and level of the language. With me progress in the language is very fast, you just need interest in the language so it will be very easy to learn.

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Fast and Interesting method to learn Spanish - second most spoken language in the world!

My teaching method is based on fast and interactive vocabulary learning technics, combining with every-day use of language - with accent on the need of student. The use of different types of learning materials such as films, articles, music and exclusive way of express-learning of vocabulary are the guarantors of fun process and fast (1-3 month) results.

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I'm in Manchester from Barcelona with a degree in art and culture. Let's improve your spanish without notice that!

Professional: I can help you to prepare your exam. Routine: Casual vocabulary preparing for the day after day, especially if you are going to travel. Accent: focused on improve your oral fluency. Game: help your brain to control spanish language by game connections.

1st lesson free !

Native Spanish speaker and University student offering Spanish lessons (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)

I don't have a specific methodology as I know that every single person is different and every single person learns differently, especially when it comes to languages. I'm very patient, so we could go through our lessons as quick or slow as you need! I like to ask my students a few questions that will give me the knowledge to understand the level of expertise and how they would like to progress.

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25 plus years experienced Spanish Translator/Subtitler/Captioner offering Spanish conversation and proficiency lessons.

My method is based on concentrating on clients needs and expectations for applying their conversation Spanish language skills in different situations.

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Music and languages student offering Spanish lessons online. Native with advanced English.

My teaching method centers on pronunciation, since I believe it is the 1st problem every non-native Spanish speaker has to engage. I also will give you as much input as possible in order to reduce the "translation machine" habit.

1st lesson free !

I am a linguistics student that has been speaking and studying Spanish for 10 years and I am happy to help you achieve fluency and aid ease of conversation with native speakers.

As someone who learned Spanish and other languages both in a classroom and orally I believe in both creating a knowledge of why a language works the way it does and creating healthy environments to interact comfortably in the target language.

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Spanish lessons are offer for any range of age by a spanish native

My classes are never the same, as I base them on each person.

1st lesson free !

Spanish native speaker with vast experience teaching diplomats in accelerated speaking/reading courses.

I can teach different levels of Spanish. My classes are based on students necessities and characteristics. Every class is unique. I'm flexible, understanding and professional. My students learn in a comfortable environment. My teaching is quick and easy.

El Cajon
1st lesson free !

7 years experience in the mexican business world gives spanish lessons at home in San Diego

I'm able to teach high school, college and young professional adults. I focus on pronunciation, grammar and spelling. I will have my student take an assessment test and based on the level of experience I'll create a learning plan tailored to each of my students. Practice makes perfect, so you'll hear a lot of Spanish from me.

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Irish native, Spanish resident, wanting to help spanish language students gain confidence

Enjoyable learning in an easy going yet exciting and interesting social situation. The best way to fully learn any language is by living it, so using games and social role playing situations you may feel closer to picking it up than ever.

1st lesson free !

Spanish Teacher with 18 years of experience, all ages in Norwalk, CT

My teaching method is through practice. I approach each topic by presenting it and repeating it with the student. After understanding the use, the student "discover" the grammar used. I like my classes to be very dynamic and fun. I don't use any other language than the one I am teaching, meaning a "total immersion method".

Santiago de Querétaro
(6 reviews)
1st lesson free !

University Teacher gives enjoyable conversation classes in Spanish, located at Querétaro, Mexico

I am a university professor and I have taught various subjects at the main universities in Mexico. My classes are aimed at people who want to improve their Spanish focused mainly on having a better use of business, daily life and travel vocabulary to develop more easily in their professional and personal field.

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Bilingual Spanish Teacher and CEO of Spanish Speaking Business with 20 years of experience

I teach according to the student’s learning style-so I have an algorithm to best understand their learning language. My lessons are divided in mainly 4 parts vocabulary/grammar/speaking/ writing. I created lesson plans based on current events so the students are cross learning to enhance world history, current events, and day to day conversational topics.

1st lesson free !

I am a native Spanish and English speaker, also fluent in French!

I like to work with students to find out how they best learn! I can adapt my teaching methods to give the student the most rewarding experience.

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Industrial engineer with m.a on e-marketing offering spanish language lessons in London

methods depend on skills and preferences for each student attitudes, it means everyone has different ways to learn and practice, I hope that it can match in your own style. with practice and perseverance, it can be much easier for you. my Spanish language comes from Latin America one of the most diverse and good speakings.

1st lesson free !

Passionate mexican educator tutors people that want to learn spanish anywhere anytime.

-Flexible time (Tiempo Flexible) - We will focus in topics you are interested for, first. (Empezaremos por lo que a ti te gusta) - Learning by doing (Aprenderás haciendo) - Instructional design customized for you. (Diseño instruccional personalizado para ti) - Conversational sessions.

South Lake Tahoe
1st lesson free !

Dynamic Spanish classes with a native speaker from Peru. Bachelor in Business Administration

I believe that students learn to their potential when they are inspired. With rich content and an emphasis on student-driven projects, students are empowered and encouraged to be active and engaged learners. I provide an education that is both challenging and supportive. I work to ensure that students become active and curious learners fully prepared for future endeavors and challenges.

1st lesson free !

Silvana working her way to become a fashion stylist, loves teaching her native language to others.

My teaching method is more of a facilitator and demonstrator style. I based my teachings from a person's own knowledge and provide group activities so they can share ideas. I approach each topic relating how my day was to the other person's day. Have a conversation and interact with them.

José raúl
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Spanish classes for foreigners and anyone who wants to learn more about the language

My classes are based on the theory-practice combination, where the practice will allow us to improve pronunciation, oral communication and confidence while speaking, while the theory will teach accentuation, syntax, best practices and writing. The classes are going at the rate at which the student wants them to go, I am very open and I love the feedback.

José luis
1st lesson free !

Qualified Spanish professor in Bratislava (Slovakia) with more than 10 years of experience.

My teaching philosophy is based on a belief that learning needs to be student centered and that students need to be equal partners in the learning process. Every student is unique and the teacher has to adapt to the necessities and interests of their students.

Baton Rouge
1st lesson free !

Spanish Instructor with over 15 years experience, Kenner LA, Masters In Information Technology Management, Spanish is my native language. Gracias.

I teach natural langiuage, the same way our mothers and fathers taught us how to teach, at the same time i provide teh basic Spanish words with emphasis on pronuntiation and repetition. Conversational language and exposure to new vobulary will increase teh Spanish baseline and build up a good bridge to the next level.

1st lesson free !

Teaching Spanish in an active and constructivism approach in Bristol as Master holders

My teaching experience began with my own curiosity as a learner. I saw the range of influence teachers had on different students and always felt an itch to give others the same. Now as a teacher, I find the work extremely gratifying as I give my students the opportunity to grow their own curiosity for the subject at hand, and/or the world at large.

1st lesson free !

Colombian born and raised Spanish native speaker.Join me to help you perform better in your Spanish, and learn new vocabulary at your own pace. :)

My teaching methods will depend on your learning needs. I will accommodate myself to teach you what you need and we will make a plan for you to get better at speaking and understanding Spanish. I have the ability to understand other languages as well like German. I completed a one semester of German at Broward College and got straight A's because I do love to learn other languages.

1st lesson free !

My goal in teaching is to provide the nurturing environment that allows children to learn and grow intellectually.

Demonstrator/ coach style The demonstrator retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The demonstrator is a lot like the lecturer, but their lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. (Think: numbers, places etc.

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Estaré enseñando Español desde Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Terminé mi bachillerato en Administración de Empresas con concentración en Mercadeo. Será un placer para mí enseñar mi primer idioma.

it will be base on each student needs. I'm willing to work with what they can do better. If one student wants to learn how to speak we will make Sure he finish the course been able to speak to someone just fine.

1st lesson free !

Spanish tutor with five years of experience tutoring, traveling, understanding, reading and writing.

Incentive teaching and repetition of the basics. Attacking verbs and covering daily vocab practices as well as setting up a daily structure for students to develop daily habits on their own. I enjoy sharing experiences and helping students get excited about learning.

El Paso
1st lesson free !

Profesora ofrece una experiencia agradable enseñando Español con interacción continua de acuerdo a las necesidades particulares de los estudiantes.

Teaching Spanish represents a pleasant and motivating experience. Attention according to the needs of each student. Guaranteed learning with the application of a communicative and contextualized approach to the student's life. Attention according to the demands of each student.

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Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
6 months ago
(3 reviews)

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