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Spanish Language can be easy when is learnt from an entertained way ;)

My methodology is based in learning expressions that you use in a normal day that allows you to comunicate with everyone .I'll give you all Vocabulary and usual verbs that will allow you to ask about your needs and also have an easy conversation with Spanish speakers.

Maria isabel
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Spanish Engineering Student giving Spanish and Maths lessons in Perth! Love to teach!

Throughout the 4 years I have been giving tutoring lessons, I have discovered that the key element is communication. Sometimes the student does not feel confident to express the questions he/she has in the classroom, hence affecting his/her overall performance.

Surry Hills
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Professional In Amdinistration, HR, Hospitality teaching Languages English, French, Spanish in Sydney

I always use all sort of AID's to have more interactive and customized learning methodologies.

Burleigh Waters
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Graduate in Dramatic Arts from Spain teaches Spanish, for begginers and advanced students.

Let's improve your Spanish in a funny, usefull and practical way through conversation, vocal technic training and descovering the most beautiful and personalized texts, music, movies and arts, to give you the most complete immersion. All of this based in PERSONAL ATTENTION and EMPATHY.

South Brisbane
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Learn Spanish in Brisbane with a native Speaker. I'll show you all the great thins about South America.

Each student learn in different ways, so I will approach each person according to their level and preferences, I am a dynamic person and I am convinced that learning a language can't be boring. I love to show my international students the diversity that you could find in Latin America and I try to involve them in different activities with native speakers.

Brunswick East
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Spanish and BioSciences are my strength, happy to share it with you.

Since I have been in different universities and have received different approaches of teaching, I expect to first understand what your interest is over what you are going to learn with me. I think the basics for me will be understanding what motivates you to study. I am open to giving classes in different places, or at home if you are more comfortable.

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Native Spanish speaking Tutor Gives Fun and Practical Lessons to Children and Adults

I believe that the best way to learn a language is by practicing it, that is the reason I like to approach it in a conversational way, focusing on listening and speaking, but always keeping in mind reading and writing. I am a very patient teacher and I encourage all of my students to give their best while having a good time.

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ANU student with Venezuelan nationality gives spanish lessons to students of any age in Canberra

Each teaching methodology varies according to each student’s learning approach. Depending on the student(s), I will utilise Power Point/PDF presentations, handouts with activities and information, videos, images and even films and television series. Different methods will enhance the classes’ productivity and the students’ learning.

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Spanish with Dani. NATIVE Speaking Spanish lessons to learn, improve and have fun.

My teaching method is funny and easy, we speak Spanish talking about movies, about our hobbies, talking about everything. You feel free to talk, you feel comfortable. I introduce you new songs to sing on your own, TV series you can watch, real things that can make you learn faster and enjoy the Spanish culture also. You improve, you practice and we have a good time together.

Burleigh Heads
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Native Speaker Certified Teacher - Will help you achieve your goals, focused on communication skills

I focus on actual communication, trying to tackle from the very beginning the hurdles that will take you to start engaging in conversation as soon as possible. Pronunciation comes handy, and we'll start with the 200 most used words in the language.

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A Spanish NATIVE speaker with experience in Australia teaching the Spanish language

Communicative Method of teaching, which emphasizes the constant use of the Spanish language to advance in all areas of language improvement. Students are encouraged to speak and interact with me as much as possible in the classroom to utilize the language in a variety of contexts.

Burleigh Waters
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Hola amigos! Spanish native speaker gives spanish lessons, Let´s talk spanish!

Practice your spanish and don´t be afraid of making mistakes! I believe oral lessons are always the best to learn a language. All levels are welcome and classes may be adjusted depending on your spanish level.

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Spanish native experienced in bilingual education gives private Spanish lessons at home.

I know how it is to learn a new lenguage, I was in the other site and I only want to help people dealing with difficulties of learning a foraigne lenguage. The most important thing is always being possitive and keep trying, learning grammatic to the first and speak in spanish all the time. I will help you and I can promisse you would not regret getting funny and dynamic lessons.

Surfers Paradise
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Learn Spanish with a native! Develop your skills in a daily environment

My teaching methodology is based on how you can use a daily language in a daily environment, like going to buy to the supermarket, ask for some directions or meet new people at a party, without those typical grammatical mistakes.

Carina Heights
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South American(Paraguayan) Spanish native speaker give lesson of Spanish. Easy and individually customise content according to your needs.

I base my class on what you need, the class provide an easy and friendly walk through into the language. The content: we build the content as we go according topics of your interest I open and flexible to create a fun way to learn, easy-simple to understand and be able to communicate in Spanish quick as possible.

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Chilean Journalist and Media Producer giving Spanish class all around Melbourne City

I like to create all types of situations. I usually take people to the supermarket, the street, a park, at home anywhere and try to develop our spanish those places. No english permited! just talk, read and hear. I also a fan of books so we will be reading and talking about what it says and what do we understand from it.

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Spanish lessons around Brisbane city. All you need to know is here with Cata Wolf!

My method of teaching is interactive, where the students build their knowledge in a playful and meaningful way. So, they can relate and learn easier. My goal is to make them feel a desire to learn new things and to give them a pleasant class.

1st lesson free !

Native Spanish speaker, lived in USA and now in Australia will leave you speaking fluently in Spanish

Able to reach all class and levels of learning, one on one is ideal but can help you in a group, start from basic communication, up to total fluency, had helped lots of people reach their goals while becoming bilingual and had helped translate books.

1st lesson free !

Experienced classroom teacher gives personalized Spanish individual or group lessons in Melbourne

Hola! I am a Salvadoran ESL and Spanish teacher with more than five years of classroom teaching experience in Asia. Having deeply studied English and being a Spanish native speaker, I am fully committed to effective and personalized methods of teaching.

Miriam t.
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Lawyer and Venezuelan teacher in Spanish classes at home in the Balgowlah area, Sydney

Teaching of Spanish, oral and written comprehension, writing, vocabulary, private classes in all levels and ages, where I establish a communication with the student to advise and correct him adapting to the characteristics of each one and to his specific needs, beginning with pronunciation, addressing the sounds of different voices and consonants, accents and accents in words, conjugating verbs,...

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Learn, improve or enjoy Spanish with an Economist Spanish native speaker with financial, IT and commercial experience

My teaching method is based first to listen to the students, try to know more about why they want to study and learn about a subject.

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Southamericam teacher, writer and traveller makes spanish translations and classes to any level.

My teaching method will depend of the student needs (grammar, conversation, reading, vocabulary, listening, writing). I use texts (magazines, newspapers), videos, audios, games, social media. The topics will be what the student chooses and of his/her age.

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Native Spanish speaking person with experience teaching foreigners. Special focus on speaking and writing skills. Available to teach near the CBD area as well as Box Hill, Ringwood, Boronia and Bayswa

The lessons may differ according to the student's skills and preferences. * First, I require to know her/his level of Spanish (if any) in that case I will test the student, so I know his/her level, what needs to be improved and what kind of material suits best. * For beginners, the first classes I focus on the alphabet and start to work on pronunciation.

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Learn Spanish from Mexican in Canberra. Intro, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Academic levels.

My teaching methods varies depending on the students or groups. Some students work better by following a book and be guided through it; other students do better with visuals, like movies, songs, talking; and other students prefer a combination of various things. In the end the idea is to find how everyone can learn best and the material gets adapted to them.

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Macquarie Graduate School of Management MBA student is eager to teach spanish to anyone interested in this language and in Latin American Culture.

We will set a theme or subject to work around it. Something in which my students are passionate about, in order to have fun and learn at the same time. Classes will have oral and written excercises, as well as accent and pronunciation focused.

1st lesson free !

Magister in business management teaches Spanish and support for jobs in venezuela

The teaching of a foreign language presupposes the harmonious and systematic development of intellectual skills and practices in the students. This justifies the need to use methods and procedures that lead to solving the fundamental communication needs that motivated the study.

Bondi Junction
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Spanish teacher gives lessons to students or any people interested in Sydney

My teaching method is based on classes from the most recognized university of Chile, wich is based on the ability to teach while you can try working on your pronunciation, skills and expression. Its a system of feeding that will make you learn fast and in a very good way.

Brisbane City
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I am Raquel licensed in Finance and Accounting at the University and I am able to give you Spanish lessons. I am a native speaker especialiced in grammar, writing and vocabulary and my pronunciation i

First of all, looking for the strengths and weaknesses of each person and then work more in the weaknesses to improve your skills. On the other hand, I always try to make the classes fun and bearable. I know what means learn another language so I improve my classes correcting past mistakes.

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Spanish tutor with more than 18 years experience working as a teacher in all level (adult and children)

My background is ideal to create an unique teaching process, designed to each need and personality.

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Spanish lessons for children through creative play and story-telling on the Sunshine Coast

My teaching method is through practical, hands-on, play-based and creative activities which enable students to physically, emotionally and cognitively engage with the activity at hand and, therefore, create meaningful connections with the language being learned. Lessons are taught through creative mediums such as the manipulation of clay and drawing, story-telling and food preparation.

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Perfect! Teacher speaks clearly and keeps the topics going well. Easy to get along with.

John, Student
3 weeks ago
Maria isabel
(1 review)

Perfect! Martha was a fantastic teacher. She was always very prompt and organized. Her friendly manner and ability to explain things in both English and Spanish made my lessons very enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to any future student.

Peter, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
9 months ago
(3 reviews)

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