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Tuart Hill
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Kawal is teacher,i give hind language lesson school/uni student in perth.I have done degree in Hindi language.

yes, i am sure. I would speak well in my language.I will deliver lesson many of student.i will prefer face to face study. I have like class room method. I believe learning by doing. my family name Kawal,my mobile no .(concealed information).

Blackmans Bay
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Qualified teacher with Grad. Cert. in TESOL gives lessons in English to high school and uni students in Hobart.

I endeavour to incorporate a variety of teaching approaches into each learning experience so that the range in student abilities and the diversity of learning styles are attended to and learning activities are felt to be both relevant and interesting by students. Participative learning needs to be assisted by direct teaching.

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Pre-service History teacher and Monash History H1 Honours Graduate gives lessons to secondary school students.

Student-centred teaching which encourages student curiosity and critical analysis is the foundational element of my teaching pedagogy. In the classroom, my placement experiences are often geared towards working to engage students in delving into the historical past in ways which work to nurture the changing landscape that is history.

1st lesson free !

HSC Graduate giving Maths tutoring for students up to year 10 and can travel anywhere in Sydney.

I would like to open up a textbook and teach and work with the student on any particular topic in mathematics. I can help with exam preparation and help boost marks for students. A particular lesson may include going over the week's homework, addressing any issues that the student is undergoing with mathematics, working with the issue and attempting to fix it with practice and teaching.

1st lesson free !

Masters in Physiology with experience instructing full classes as well as private tutoring sessions

When working on my Masters degree in physiology, I taught various courses in human physiology, anatomy, biology and nutrition at the university level for 2 years. I have also tutored privately for 4 years (both at the high school and university level).

1st lesson free !

Krishma, an MBA gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students, English language help also available :)

My teaching method is based on understanding what you require to achieve and how can I help you achieve proper learning and understanding to give a strong base to your learning for smooth and successful progression. It will add value for your learning.

1st lesson free !

Numan, Experienced Engineering graduate give physics lessons to high school in Canterbury

I remain very frank to the students throughout the class so that they do not hesitate to ask any question, At the same time I maintain the decorum of the class to deliver my knowledge at my best level.

Camden Park
1st lesson free !

Maths,i want to teach in Adelaide.i completed my degree m.sc.math.from india.I have experience7 years to teach math in inidia

I can teach the students through playway methods,giving examples on daily basis and with interesting ways so that then can learn more efiiciently.My lesson plans structure looks very effective and fulfil the requirements of students.My teaching philosophy is threefold such as interesting,relevant and makes math learning possible.

1st lesson free !

University of South Australia finance student gives IELTS lessons to students and other people

My teaching method is really simple and organised as I like to take each section difficulty level on a day to day basis and within 10 days I am sure, you will have a basic idea of how to approach the IELTS paper.

1st lesson free !

Oxford Graduate specialising in Primary and High School Maths in Brisbane East

I feel I am very good at seeing the situation from another person's point of view, I am adaptable so if one technique isn't working I am able to change the way I do things to make it easier to understand. The best thing to do for a student is be understanding and patient, there is nothing worse than a child getting frustrated and losing interest because they just don't understand.

Mount Hawthorn
1st lesson free !

Secondary and Primary English Tutoring offered by a University Education Student in North Perth

My lessons would be directed towards an appreciation for literature and an expanding of it via a variety of forms such as: - Reading and analysing various written texts; - Writing different formats that explore various genres; and - Discussing and exploring together what different texts may represent in a historical, social and political context.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Curtin Occupational Therapy Student who is teaching highschool Human biology (ATAR), Perth

I like to break down major topics into smaller ones, especially by making dot points within sub categories. I also like using videos to explain topics when I think they are better described using illustrations, for all highschool students.

Concord West
1st lesson free !

Maths tutoring to primary and high school students in Sydney's Inner West

I try to do my best to suit the lesson to each individual student. If they have specific homework they would like to focus on that is 100% okay. If not, I provide other worksheets that engage the current topics.

1st lesson free !

ANU graduate here to improve the written communication of high school/college/undergraduate students!

My approach to teaching is to discover every student's unique way of thinking and expressing themselves, and work-shopping their written work to best reflect their personal style and to meet a high standard. I can work with students on both a one-on-one and group basis.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

IT clerk gives English lessons to kids to high school students in Sydney CBD

My teaching method is based on pictures, imagines and real-life conversation and experience to keep the student always involved in the conversation. Also adaptive recalls and a single personal customized tracking on progress and vocabulary developing.

Mount Hawthorn
1st lesson free !

An experienced biology and chemistry teacher currently studying at the University of Western Australia

My teaching methodology is mostly activity-based learning using constructive and inquiry methods. Prior knowledge of the subject is assessed before commencing a new concept or topic. Formative and summative assessments are used to find out the understanding of the students.

1st lesson free !

PhD graduate in Biotechnology looking to assist students in subjects related to my field of expertise

My teaching methods compromise on focused learning tailored according to the individual needs and requirements of students.

1st lesson free !

MPA student in UNSW who is a trilingual(Chinese, English, Spanish) but Chinese native speaker, experienced in tutoring, deep understanding of eastern and western culture.

I will talk to students first and work with them to set up the most suitable method for each student which is tailor-made. Of course I can use all types of textbook that students provide. The difference between my tutoring and others' is that my way is the cool way and fun way. I will make sure my teaching method is interest-oriented and needs-oriented.

Salisbury Downs
1st lesson free !

Learn what it takes to be a Global Figure - Pitched by an expert in the international aid work.

I practice a learner centered coaching methodology with little touch on essential theories. Majority of the learning will be on practical means via role plays, observation and discussions, scenario discussions etc. Will guide students to conduct individual and group projects.

1st lesson free !

Agricultural and Applies Economics undergraduate student that give English lessons (Creative Writing, Resume-Cover Letter Writing, Essay Writing, Year 11-12 Exam Preparation, Thesis Preparation and Sc

My teaching methodologies are design thinking which prepares the student for the real world arousing their curiosity and analytical and creative skills and self learning which is the students curiosity is the main driver of learning for I think curiosity means learning.

1st lesson free !

Commerce student, first year at Deakin University, who loves being around kids and teaching them.

I base my teaching on how the student wishes to study. I can break down my lessons and make notes for students if required. Being a psychology student I am able to read a student's mind. I push students to working hard and also strict when needed but I always give small incentives maybe chocolates to push them for achieving more acting as a positive reinforcement for them.

Brighton East
1st lesson free !

Graduate MSc student gives Physics lessons to students of all ages in Melbourne

I vary my teaching style according to the needs of the student. If a student learns best through demonstrations, I am happy to bring in some examples of a Physics concept in action. Lesson structure will often contain: 1. A quick review of what was learnt last week, including looking at problems set to see if there were any issues 2.

1st lesson free !

Czech lessons in Adelaide and surrounding areas from a native speaker - all levels!

I believe in emerging oneself in the language as much as possible, while making things fun and engaging. Everyone learns at their own pace, so the key for me is individual approach with everyone to match and challenge them constantly to avoid monotony.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

UNSW Exchange Student from France willing to give french lessons in Sydney

My teaching method will be adapted to each student's needs. In general, I will let the student pick a subject he is interested in (cinema, photography, literature, sport, politics, music, travel...) and develop a program based on this interest, so that he or she learns as many new words, expressions, grammar rules as possible.

1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Business and Economics in Monash University ; Master in Management and Master in Professional Accounting

I do not like when the teacher just give the questions without providing the answer or takes so many hours to answer it. in my opinion, I prefer to teach my class with questions and answers at the end. I will give them some time to try to answer the questions and I will give the full answer when the class is over. so the students will have time to evaluate the questions with the answer.

Cranbourne East
1st lesson free !

Engineering professional giving maths lessons to primary school students one-on-one or in a group

I am an engineering professional having experience working in Australia and overseas. My teaching strategy is - if basics are clear, you can solve questions of any nature. I believe in practice. The more you practice the better you become.

1st lesson free !

I can teach science subjects including maths, physics, chemistry upto level 8.

My teaching methodology is teaching in the friendly environment. In mathematics, I prefer to practice and in theoretical subjects, I prefer conceptual studies. I always encourage students to ask more questions in their weak areas. I happy to answer difficult questions.

1st lesson free !

Monash Master Student gives Maths & Comp classes to school and college students

I adapt to Students Learning Styles and try to apply Constructivist Theory (application of concepts that student already understands). I also prefer to use different sources like Electronic resources or movies or series to make teaching interesting for students.

1st lesson free !

General conversation to all levels and ages of learner, especially the traditional characters.

I am not a perfect English speaker, so I understand what makes you so confused and struggle. I am able to provide your own learning plan, indoor or outdoor. Or you can follow my learning plan. Let's do be panic with learning, I will be your best friend and tutor.

Roxburgh Park
1st lesson free !

An engineer can make you understand the math in easier and better way

I have a unique method to teach this subject. You can understand yourself if I taught you the proper way or to visualize the number and to play with the numbers. For to understand math you have to challenge yourself within your brain.

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Perfect! Marion is an excellent communicator which makes her an effective teacher. She has the ability to develop relationships with her students by being confident, capable and patient which establishes rapport, trust and respect. Marion has the ability to...

Luana, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! Helps me to obtain a more accurate understanding of the sound of spoken Japanese; Tries to explain in Japanese Fluent in English Corrects Mistakes; helps explain subtle usage differences you can only learn from a native speaker Helpful...

Miranda, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! I didn't end up doing lessons as I no longer needed to learn InDesign as my work situation changed. However Cara was excellent and kept in contact with me when we were trying to organise lessons. I have no doubt she would be an excellent tutor. She...

Jo, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! Yvonne is very friendly, super patient and has a very easy casual teaching approach. I have had 3 lessons now and thoroughly recommend her. I am continuing lessons for at least the next 3 months in readiness for my trip to Italy.

Helen, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! Fantastically talented, a joy to work with- thank you Sasha !

Nat, Student
6 days ago

Perfect! I had an excellent experience learning French with Martin. We had four French lessons with my goal to re-familiarize myself with some French phrases for an upcoming trip to Paris. Martin was able to design some lessons to meet these learning...

Claire, Student
6 days ago
(2 reviews)

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