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Economics lessons from International UniMelb Economics Student in Melbourne. ( Received 7/7 in IB Higher Level Econ)

I focus mainly on detailed descriptions and thorough analyses of most of the concepts which are in the exam content. I love taking notes in the lessons I give but I also use various apps which you can use on your phones for vocabulary and graph learning. I do give homework and essays which needs to be read until the next tutorial and send weekly articles regarding important news.

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Working professional and looking forward to coaching you with industry ready knowledge

My teaching methodology is more experience based taking real life situations and creating the learning,Also teaching the subject as a online or class based as per the comfort of the students.

Abdullah al
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An industry expert with a business background student is now open to teach business, leadership, Marketing & Management

My teaching method is always an example based. I personally believe you do what you want others to do. I like to make my teaching experience interactive as well as very open-ended, which will not only encourage my students to know more but share with their friends as well.

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Accounting tutor you have been looking for - Melb. Uni alum., CPA, Senior industry professional, hurry limited spots available

My teaching approach is igniting the interest in you! You may already have a strong interest in accounting and finance or you may dread it; but after a few sessions you will be back for more. With active listening and support you will find going through concepts and attempting questions yourself a lot of fun. There is a lot to say about knowing the student first...

East Melbourne
Shaurya vardhan
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RMIT Masters of Business Administration student with years of experience give management and marketing help

I base my classes on more real-world examples and learning. Teaching process beyond books. The teaching comes in through a creative thought process, trying to look at problem beyond the usual. This is done using Design Thinking as a problem solving tool.

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VCE Business Management tutoring in Eastern suburbs, enquire now to ace your SACS!

Simplicity is the golden key for succeeding in Business Management, this is why my sessions are focused around the concept of simplicity. Business management is a very content heavy subject and can be particularly overwhelming and confusing when not taught clearly in the classroom.

Pascoe Vale
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Melbourne University Arts student providing Business Management lessons to Year 11-12 students

Hi, my name is Deanna and I finished VCE (2018) with an atar of 93.25. I am beginning my Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University in 2019. I achieved a 45 raw study score in Business Management and am very dedicated to this subject.

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Management Graduate gives Management, Commerce, Economics, HRM Lessons and School Help in Melbourne

I teach any theoretical commerce subject to any level of student including school, university, graduate to obtain higher result. I approach topic by simple examples in order to understand easily and explain everything clearly. Students can clarify things by asking questions.

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RMIT University Business (Economics and Finance) student tutoring in one of my favourite VCE subjects, Business Management.

As a recent VCE graduate who is studying Business Management as part of my course at University I am well versed in this subject. The structure of my teaching method is influenced both by the individual needs of the student as well as by my own experiences in studying VCE Business Management.

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Monash second year student giving lessons to uni students or any secondary school students

my teaching method is first identifying the weak area , explaining it and fining a a different kind of customized method the student can actually grasp the idea of .

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Deakin College Professor teaching Management, Marketing, Economics, Project Management, and Financial Management

My teaching method is very flexible and simple. I focus on concepts and help students understand them through relevant real-life examples. Love to talk about current events and trends across the world and how they can be applied to course content.

Koon hong
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More than 10 years experience in the education industry. Articulate and presentable.

Always provide real-life examples, easy to relate and easy to remember. Try to emphasise on the important points. Focus on students' weakness, and help improve their understanding of each topic. Do not like wasting time. Will do lots of preparations before meeting students.

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Business Management VCE tutor (Melbourne) - currently studying a business degree at University

I am a patient and kind person, I will help you as much as I can without putting any strain or pressure on you. The first lesson will be a kind of 'seeing-where-you're-at' type of thing so I can get a feel of what you know/what you don't know - just so I know which areas to focus on.

Saint Albans Park
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High School Graduate with high Atar and great Study score for Business Management will help you achieve the same

I approach teaching from a common level to students. I offer recent knowledge and experience from being in the same shoes as VCE students only 12 months ago, I also have great connections to receive extra case studies, information and extra assistance from my connections.

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8+ years experience in teaching with many contented students both classroom and online!

I have a passion for teaching and want to take my passion further by sharing my knowledge acquired through different courses with others. The students like my sessions as they feel I teach them from their point of view rather than having any preconceived notions. In my experience of past I have come across students who feel the study material and text book difficult to relate and understand.

Box Hill
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A master of marketing student Teaching Digital marketing concepts in Melbourne Australia for young individuals

My teaching method is very result focused and I tend to explain all the concepts via case studies or by personally performing the tasks. I do not bore you with theories and concepts.

Mount Waverley
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Former university student, businessman and youth mental health worker teaching sustainable business management and international business development

I base my teaching methods in small groups, two way communications, interactive and participation, spoon feeding. Also, using industry examples. Assessments are done either in groups or individually.

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Experienced Business tutor give lessons in accounting, economics, marketing to high school and uni students in Melbourne.

My teaching approach is tailored to an individual's unique approach to learning based on strengths and weaknesses. The lessons are geared and specially designed to engage students with the teaching resources and clarify any students doubts relating to the concepts.

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Accountant with 3 years experience in the field, passionate about sharing my knowledge with others! High School and Tertiary Students welcome.

My teaching method is always adapted to the student. At first, I analyse and detect their learning styles, then adapt my teaching method to this. I am a strong believer that adapting to your student's learning style proves effective. I am also a teacher who spreads the idea that practice is perfect! So, I give lots of homework that I then give feedback on.

Kilsyth South
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Experienced Economics and Accounting Teacher offering study tips and assistance to VCE students

I aim to provide tutoring that will help students with each area of study as they progress through the course with a keen eye on developing the writing skills necessary to perform in the end of semester exam. Tutoring will be tailored around individual students needs. I will also provide resources to help students through the course.

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Economics and Marketing Major with Financial Services experience gives Business Studies, Business Mgmt and Economics lessons to students of all ages

My teaching philosophy is to promote student agency, or in other words fostering environments that allow students to make informed decisions in line with their own values. I believe that critical thinking is essential to effective learning, so my lessons will involve ensuring an adequate layer of content knowledge is processed and retained before more analytical questions are explored.

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Deakin MBA graduate who has experience would love to teach secondary, high school and university students.

I will be looking at students' knowledge and cater accordingly. and also at the end of every session, I might do a small assessment to figure out whether the student has understood the topic. also will be helping at school or university work.

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Award Winning Educator At University Level In Marketing, Business Law And Management.

I sit down with you and find out what you are having difficulty with whether that be how to approach a case study right through to correct referencing and clarifying terminology you are exposed to at University or College. I then provide guidance in what you need to know and how to approach your assignments. On another multinational Leading University tutoring website I am rated 5 stars.

Caroline Springs
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A swinburne university accounting student gives Accounting lessons in Melbourne . The focus will be on concept building and clearity .

My teaching method is very simple and flexible as per students' requirement . Focus shall be on concepts building rather than solving heaps of questions . A clear approach and simple explaining of concepts helps students to grasp better and learn easily.

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Experienced accounting trainer with Master degree (with distinction) and on-hand industry experience teaching accounting in Melbourne

I am versatile and have real interest in assisting students with their learning. I am experienced in making learning materials meaningful and interesting for students to cater for students' learning needs. My teaching is learner-centered, task-based and industry-oriented, encouraging the students to study with self-motivation and with a purpose.

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Year 12 Student teaching VCE 3&4 Business Management to high school students in Melbourne

I base my classes on what the student is completing in school then working from there and continuing to help them do well in what is being completed in school but also the opportunity to go ahead of the class.

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Law and commerce student providing business management lessons to primary school and high school students.

My teaching method is heavily based on one-on-one sessions as I believe it is the best way to convey information and gain a better understanding of each student. This allows me to identify each individuals work ethic and areas needing improvement, hence allowing for effective sessions and use of time in each lessons.

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Transition the complexities in the simplest ways in the field of commerce.

firstly I understand the mentality of student and then schedule the syllabus according to his/her abilities and mental level. I don't believe in imposing and burdening the excess in the mind of students. I always invite students advices to improve my skills as learning is a perennial process. students learn from us and we learn from them.

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RMIT Analytics Student give Economics and Statistics lessons to High School and Uni Students

My name is Nitin. Passion for learning has influenced me towards teaching profession. Students will be able to develop analytical thinking while getting lessons and application of concepts they have learned via basic concepts, real life examples from corporate and case studies.

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Victoria University Psychology and Business student in Final Year offering tutorials for Business and Psychology subjects

I like to understand first what the student is confused about or wants to know about and help them from there as well as base my lessons around these areas. I also encourage that students ask questions all the time in order to identify what stage of understanding they are at.

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