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Why is it so important to study chemistry?

It may be invisible to the naked eye but chemistry is everywhere in our lives. Every object around us is chemistry and even our bodies are made of chemical compounds. Lots of tasks that we perform every day, such as breathing, eating, playing, watching TV or downloading a pdf document from a site, are in fact chemical reactions. Chemistry is the basis of all matter on the earth and different substances have their place in the periodic table of elements. So, studying chemistry is crucial and even elementary knowledge of it can help us better understand the world we live in and how it functions.


Chemistry can also be used in a more practical way. We need some chemical knowledge when we go shopping and check ingredient lists on products to make sure they aren't harmful, choose fertilizers for our garden, steam our food and many other activities. Chemistry is used in a lot of industries and allows us to produce such useful things as medicines, perfumes, soaps and many others. Being good at chemistry can open you a lot of doors and make your everyday life easier.


Chemistry will also be helpful if you decide to devote yourself to other natural sciences after high school. In fact, it is sometimes called the central science as it's closely interconnected with other fields, especially physics and life science. The three of them function as partners in describing natural processes as fully as possible. For example, radioactivity, which is itself an area of physics, cannot be studied without knowledge of atomic structures dealt with by chemistry.


As chemistry is about invisible elements, it is a challenging subject for a lot of students. But this shouldn't be a matter of concern for you. On the one hand, there are numerous pdf resources on the internet you can use to train. You can find a good site and use in your studies. On the other hand, private teachers can explain the most difficult chemistry topics and help you solve the hardest scientific problems and make you enjoy that activity. Even though private teaching is not free it's usually worth it.

Do you need a chemistry tutor in high school?

We start learning elementary concepts in chemistry such as matter and its transformations through interactive activities throughout our primary education and then gradually go deeper into the subject. But it's in year 7 that our science lessons become really complex as we start learning difficult scientific topics like molecular interactions and reactions in detail. A lot of students fall behind at this stage and struggle with following their courses later. It's important to realise in time that a student is having trouble with chemistry. It'll be much easier to catch up if they receive help as early as possible.


The first sign that a student is having a hard time is a bad grade on their exam. It often means that the student hasn't understood some important concept and this can become a hurdle for their future studies in high school. It can also happen that a student just gets a lower grade than they usually do. This is less worrying but still means that they are less at ease with the subject than before. In both cases, hiring a private tutor could be a good solution because the tutor will identify the exact reason for the difficulties and help the student get back on track. For example, studying chemistry alone with pdf workbooks may be less efficient as the student might not know themselves what their sticking point is as sometimes you need to go back to some elementary concepts.


However, a bad grade is not the only possible indication that a student needs help. Sometimes students themselves may feel that something isn't going right in their education. They start feeling less confident about the subject and may complain about that to their parents. This can also be a good moment for a private tutor to step in. In the first lesson, the student can tell the tutor about their doubts and the topics they'd like to focus on. The tutor can then tailor each lesson accordingly and not waste time on concepts that the student already knows. As a result, the courses become stimulating and efficient. A tutor can also send their student pdf materials so they can practice alone in their free time. Learning can be a really fun activity.

Advantages of tutoring courses

Sometimes you have all the necessary resources and just need some guidance to succeed. It's such an unpleasant feeling not to understand something when you spend a lot of time and effort but the concept still escapes you. Having someone to give you useful advice can be priceless in such moments to make your education easier. With a private tutor, you'll always receive such assistance and will move forward more easily and more quickly.


Tutoring courses can really accelerate your learning and your next grade will be much better than the previous one. Private teachers always find a way to explain complex things using elementary concepts so you can really understand them. Thanks to private teaching you'll grow more confident about your scientific abilities and your goals won't seem so unreachable anymore.


We often struggle with focusing on our present tasks and thirty-minute homework may take us several hours instead. A private tutor can also solve this problem. They will point at the tasks you should deal with right now and it'll give you more free time that you can spend on another activity.


Finally, chemistry homework isn't always that entertaining. Often we have to analyse a series of similar chemical reactions or learn long formulas. This makes the learning process somewhat tedious and you easily get tired. A private tutor with teaching experience won't let this happen. No matter how difficult the topic is, they'll find a way to make science fun through examples and interactive scientific activities and you'll learn more with less effort.

Finding a high school chemistry tutor in Australia

You may try to take matters into your own hands by reviewing your school lessons or looking for pdf resources on the Internet. It's of course always good to take the initiative to improve in science, but it would be even more so with a private tutor. In the end, high school is a busy period and aside from chemistry students have a variety of other subjects to take care of. So, some extra time and energy wouldn't be superfluous at all.


The only remaining question is how to find a good private teacher for you. The answer is Superprof. On our site, you can view profiles of more than 65000 chemistry teachers in activity across Australia. You'll have access to all the necessary information, such as their prices, location or experience, as well as reviews written by their former students. All this will make your choice of tutor quite easy.


Finally, the majority of our teachers offer their first lesson for free, so you'll be sure you've found the perfect tutor even before you've hired them.