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Chef for over thirty years worked in Michelin and egoneronay recommended restaurants also ten years as a catering and hospitality main grade lecturer I have taught in liverpool college.Manchester.st H

I ask my students for 100% all the time I based my lessons on the students reqirments and employment background and base my assessments on students best work to date

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Award-winning chef and qualified professional cookery tutor to help learn and motivated

I prefer a spiral curriculum, re visiting important themes with a hands on kinaestetic approach with plenty of encouragement

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Homemaker cooking advice available made easy for busy parents or stay at home moms

you tell me what foods you like and i find the quickest easiest tastiest way to cook them for you and still enjoy and relax on the evening.

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Easy going baker offering cake decorating and cooking classes in Manitowoc area

I like to cater specifically to the needs/desires of the client or student. I teach to beginners and intermediate levels. I prefer one on one or small group settings, as I find them the most efficient environments to learn. I will also do research into any interests that are not part of my skill set.

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Baking, odia dish, North Indian cuisine, south Indian cuisine, chocolates, Bengali cuisine

I like to cook different food. I prefer to make it easy for those who don't have new electronic gadgets in their Kitchen.

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1st lesson free !

Culinary competitor with 4 years of cooking, baking, and plating education taken.

I teach based on what a person is having trouble in. I like to explain why certain things are cooked the way they are. I discuss terms and give solutions to any problems people might run into during a lesson.

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Wanna cook ? Come on here we are teaching you amazing cuzines come to preamps kitchen classes

My methods will to get you lean up with all the flavours and textures of whatever you need and want to learn

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Longtime baker offering baking lessons for requested dishes or learning new recipe lessons!!

I am going to be teaching some lessons on how to make my favourite recipes, however, I am also offering requests if you are interested in a certain food you would like to prepare I can show you how to make this!

Maryland Heights
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St. Louis Baker Specializing in Eggless and Vegan Desserts gives Tips and Tricks in Baking and Cake Decorating for Amateurs

Baking is all about the science. It's all about those little tips and tricks that ensure even rise, moist texture, delicious flavor, and flawless frosting, every time.

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French Culinary expert with 5+ years of experience ready to teach you some tricks and maybe a little french on the way

My teaching method is discussion and demonstration. I base my classes on Lectures, tutorial and communication between a teacher and students. Very open and friendly teacher and love to bring on the table what students wants to learn and achieve for their knowledge.

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Food technology tutoring by a trained student with a food hygiene award

I teach in a understandable and reasonable way and just want to help people achieve and that is it all I want to help people to get what they need to get a good job or grade that they want

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Want to learn but without the hassle of school? Learn with me and I will teach you all you need to know about easy cooking and the art of getting it right

I base my classes on healthy food as I try to contain at least one of your five a day. I create meals which would be suitable for a range of ages which expands my knowledge. I have read from books, watched chefs, watched chef shows such as the Great British Bake Off and youtube tutorials which have aspired me to do this.

New Delhi
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Now the world is turning vegan...come let's enjoy some vegetarian dishes and baking

My teaching method is very simple and clear.My classes will be such that all the students be it beginners or any other can understand really well . I'll be giving clear written directions with pictures which will help you get the desired results.

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A Passionate chef(Me), wants to teach many more aspiring passionate chefs

i am an engineering aspirant but cooking is always in my books for passion, i like to make tummies filled up with my recipes. I will give video lectures some additional cooking tips and how to make food look like mouth watery...

Rock Springs
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Wanting to Learn How to cook, I have a degree in Culinary Arts and Catering

I went to Culinary School, And I have also cooked at multiple restaurants. The First thing I will teach you in my lessons, are the correct safety and health procedures, such as correct temperatures the correct way to use a Knife and the Types of Cuts there are. And all other things that deal with cooking and the food industry.

Greater London
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College student gives lessons on catering and food preparation to women at home

I am a student who does part-time teaching to pay her bills I teach women and young girls on how to prepare different delicacies I use a well known Nigeria way of cooking I'm passionate about sharing my Nigeria heritage

West Bromwich
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Do you want to learn to cook, simple, easy and healthy meals for students

I am a 22 year old female from a asian background. I have learnt to cook from the age of 12, asian simple yet healthy dishes. From meat to vegetarian dishes all learnt from my mother.

Rolvenden Layne
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Skilled College student with 6 years of experience teaches effortless cooking/baking lessons

Ever wanted to learn how to cook traditional meals such as spaghetti bolognese, but have gotten puzzled by the confusing recipes? Look no further as I'll personalise recipes to your request, making them straightforward, trouble free and easy to follow.

Sioux Falls
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My own knowledge of Cooking from scratch Native American Big momma style.

My name is Amy. I grew up in Lake Andes SD. I am Native American and i would like to share my recipes I grew up experiencing some of the dishes are, Wojapi(chockcherry pudding), frybread, dried corn soup,ect.

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Young Man Au pair on Saint-Martin de Belleville gives free gluten and vegetarian cooking classes . Cooking training in the best school in Belgium.

Hello, My name is Xavier, 21 years, and I arrived as a young man Aupair in Saint-Martin de Belleville. I followed a comprehensive Cooking training in the best school in Belgium. Being afflicted with Celiac disease (free gluten-No more contagious) I became more interested in the gluten-free cooking and have some experience.

Shalu harshita
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A way to a person's heart starts from his stomach... is a true saying.. learn to prepare delicious Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Chinese & lot more dishes at your own home.. & win hearts of people with c

For Cooking my methodology says love cooking as it leads you to a special place in person's life.. Cook what people like to eat with a touch of your own flavours & love.. & whatever you make will win you compliments for sure..

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Come... Learn something... So that u don't have to depend on others... Speciality Indian.... And also some other dishes of different countries

Mostly the methods are same but it's depend upon us that how we want to do.... So my method is quiet same as others follow the main thing is it is easy to learn... The recipes are going to be very simple...

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Regional country cooking is my forte. I simply love sharing my knowledge.

Cooking should be enjoyed. I teach the know-how and tricks but let my students find their own rhythm in the kitchen.

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A graduate in Bsc IT, whose hobby is to cook delicious and unique food items.

My teaching method is to teach with very basic, So that you can gain knowledge about every taste and foods and then can cook delicious recipes thinking by your own. Join me we will have fun and I will provide you some awesome cooking hacks.

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You are what you eat so learn simpl, good and healthy cooking with me

My teaching method includes practical and practice. Combine both and the results are phenomenal. While teching in group also, I give special attention to each individual.

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Love to eat? Try a hand in cooking lovely bengali delicacies. A homemaker with 30yrs of experience from kolkata teaches mouth watering bengali recipes in homely atmosphere.

Demonstrating and narrating every steps starting from selecting ingredients, cutting and cooking them correct to garnishing them into an attractive platter. Explaining all the procedures to give good knowledge of taste.

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Hospitality student making cooking easy or helping others broaden their knowledge and skills. Learn basic cooking skills and techniques, different cuisines or some sweet additions to your repertoire.

Classes with different themes, including but not limited to cooking, baking and other types of food related preparation. Making difficult methods easier.

Cape Town
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Interior design student offering help with drawing, mood boards , creative advice ,ect.

I believe in Pratice , Practice and some more practice ! I base my teaching methods on motivating people and helping them , by encouring them to connect the theory with being practical.

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