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Improve your Fitness by entering Nature and Exploring the Byron/Gold Coast Hinterland

1. Determine your Goals and strengths/weaknesses. 2. Create an individual training program using TrainingPeaks (or similar software). 3. Take you on adventures into nature: hiking, trail running, rock climbing or cycling. (We'll visit waterfalls, mountain tops and beautiful rainforest.) 4.

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Undergraduate in Deakin's Exercise and Sport Science giving personal/group fitness training in Melbourne! :)

My training method will be tailored according to the needs and wants of my clients. It starts with a long-term goal followed by a series of short-term goals which acts as a guide and benchmark throughout.

Peregian Beach
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Change your life today with a qualified Personal Trainer on the Sunshine Coast.

Personal observation and evaluation. Everybody is different and has different needs. My methodology is finding what works best for each individual client. Clients also need to enjoy what they are doing, So I ensure that each workout is varied and fun.

Somerton Park
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Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strength and conditioning Taught by an Australian and Commonwealth Olympic Weightlifiter Available in the Somerton park area

Everyone will Start very slow, I'm very big on injury prevention, longevity and goal setting. Currently I have two students, One who I'm currently training for Junior national championships another more for recreational purposes.

South Brisbane
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For aspiring fitness professionals who are eager to learn from an experienced athlete, with superior knowledge on true power, strength and hypertrophy.

Collate, compress, convey. People who are eager to confuse with their words are often eager to push their hands deeper into your pockets. I operate on a simplistic, heuristic (self-teaching) model, so that you may become adept, and cause others to become adept also.

High Wycombe
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Sports Collage Student with 10 years experience offers Personal Training for all ages

My teaching method is mostly hands on work. I like for my students to set goals before we begin to achieve later. I want to make sure by the end of our time together everyone must of reached their goal.

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CrossFit L2 Trainer, moving to Chinchilla shortly, open to 1 on 1

I follow CrossFit techniques and standards for training and scaling

Surfers Paradise
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Enthusiastic interactive teacher of physical exercises in favor of grow youth health  

I really believe that the best way to teach others is with examples, good communications and applying methods of interactions between the class with the teacher and environment.

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Do you want to be fit? Have you always tried to get in shape but never had the right approach or results? I will help you to achieve the fitness level you want to have.

I like to approach training as something very individual. Every body, personality and lifestyle is different and therefore it is essential to tailor the perfect training approach for everybody differently. Furthermore I believe that training has to be and can become something enjoyable.

(6 reviews)
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Result oriented Personal training, Bodybuilding And weight-loss with diet plans. Transformation assured.

I am Sanjith, did my bachelor's in engineering and pursuing my master's. A lot of interest in training and giving them results. My main training would be high intensity workout and bodybuilding. Client specific goals can also be done.

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I am a mixed martial artists and mma coach, who continues to train and train under some of Australia's top athletes

My teaching style will have you getting fit and raising your heart rate to begin with, before teaching a couple different techniques and focusing on these techniques to increase strength, power or speed through the rest of the class, before finishing on some total body exercise and a warm down and stretch.

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Graduated in sports science, personal trainer, Pilates functional, rehabilitation of injuries and health.

Graduated in physical activity and sport sciences (ccafyde), TAFAD, Trainer level 1 of crossfit, trx and functional training. Monitor of different polyvalent activities, programmer and personal trainer. Scientific bases, work, perseverance, illusion, control and positive energy.

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A certified Cross-fit and functional fitness instructor looking forward to following passion along with a full-time Masters degree in Biotechnology at Macquarie University.

Being an athlete my teaching methodology is adapted from various styles of workouts. Having experienced multiple styles of training such as Kick-Boxing, capoeira, Bodyweight Bootcamp, CrossFit, and resistance training, I try to amalgamate different styles and develop a unique one-hour session that targets overall body fitness.

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S&C Coach on Sunshine Coast specialising in sport science and kinesiology courses

My teaching method is very interactive by giving examples, analogies, and visuals. I have a very simple teaching strategy which includes: establishing clear lesson goals, show and tell, time for questions, summarising the material, and applying situations to real life.

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Fun and functional outdoor fitness lessons to enjoy the sun, meet new people and of course get in shape, or better shape !

Sport should be fun. It should be an activity you truly enjoy doing. Something that should help you in you daily life, no matter who you are. It should help you look good on the beach, play with your children, run with your dog... Something that makes you feel good everyday. Forget the gym, the loud music, the Instagram model juiced up dude taking selfies every 5 minutes.

(32 reviews)
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Student offers calisthenics. Train with me in the Calisthenics Park in Zuffenhausen

I believe that you can only get a super body with your own body weight. I'll show you how to build a functional and aesthetic body with your own body weight. I train 3 times a week. You can come with me and you will learn from me.

Paris 13e
(11 reviews)

Sports coach qualified at your home, indoor or outdoor | Paris | 50% tax reduction

WHO AM I ? Enchanted, my name is Mathias :) Coach Individual sportsman since 3 years, I consider the sport as essential to a healthy lifestyle. As his physical and mental benefits are no longer to be proved, his practice provides access to the general well-being necessary to carry out his daily life and his projects.

(7 reviews)
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Professional coach (sports, nutrition, mental) in a private or remote center, sending customized programs, videoconferencing courses

A graduate in physical activity for all, a personal sports coach since 2010, I would like to share with you my experience of more than 20 years of the world of high-level sport around the world, sports animation, physical preparation and nutrition.

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Sports coach on the canton of Neuchâtel and surroundings giving classes of muscu / boxing / cardiotraining / crossfit / abs / glutes / preparation all levels, solo or in group, children to

1. I adapt to the needs (all levels and ages) and customer requirements by bringing my expertise. 2. In a group, solo, with friends, with colleagues, I go to your home or outside for an outdoor session. 3. I promote pleasure in sport, essential fuel of sport performance that allows us to surpass ourselves and never be disgusted. 4.

Ciudad de México
(2 reviews)
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Personal Trainer in Mexico, DF. Qualified in High Performance and Rehabilitation. Reach your goals.

Where ? - At home (if you have equipment) - At the Gym Sporting Club Reforma (with me, you save more than 5,000 mxn on your registration) - Chapultepec A high level training, at the service of all.

(5 reviews)
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Kin student with 10+ years of experience gives Fitness and Muay Thai Lessons in Mississauga, Ontario

My style is both evidence based as well as the realization that everyone is built differently and should not is trained and coached the same exact way. I use methods that have been proven time and time again to be the most effective and efficient based on your specific personal goals.

Paris 10e
(10 reviews)
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Private Sports Coach in Paris, Specializing in weight loss, muscle gain, postural rehabilitation

For me there are 4 axes: Training, recovery, diet, regularity. I will help you through these four words to optimize your results and push your limits even further.

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Fitness and sports coach, I give bodybuilding,weight gain and weight loss training with full workout and nutrition plan.

- I train people using my complete knowledge that I have in this subject. - I train with a scientific approach and teach my students all the concepts.

(3 reviews)
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Fitness is what moves me everyday. With more than 5 years of experience in Fitness, execution of exercise, muscle targeting workouts. I make both Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian diet plans.

Being Fit or keeping your body in shape is an art that i teach to my students. I broaden their knowledge about body and fitness & how they can enjoy even their daily hectic routine. Its more than building big muscles.

Cape Town
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"I am fitness Tutoring" - Calisthenic king. lets get shredded Cape Town

My teaching method is patience. We all learn in different ways. I believe that knowledge is power and we should all strive to do our best in this lifetime. Slow and steady, baby steps and before you know it, success.

(2 reviews)
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Personal Trainer & National Swim Coach. 7 years Swim Coaching & Personal Training experience. City Of Cardiff National Swimming Coach Lets Get Fit Personal Trainer

My Methodology when conducting Personal Training or Coaching Swimming is set to the needs of the individual or group that I am taking. Regardless of age or ability you will find once you have had a session with me all your ambitions and goals suddenly become achievable.

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Prof DE and STAPS (professional card and RC insurance) in Paris region and 92

I have been a teacher and sports coach for more than 10 years. I am a graduate and trainer in many disciplines: - Boxing thai, Kick-boxing, Full-Contact - Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo - Fitness and strength gymnastics - Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting - Aquatic activities I intervene as well for communities, individuals or even state services (police, army).

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Level 3 personal Trainer offering fitness/bodybuilding training in and around Bath .

I give training to all over range of people, from the least fit to the body builder stance. I create a lesson/programme specifically for the individual person and their needs and I don't instruct anybody to do anything that I cannot do myself. My lessons are aimed to improve fitness and challenge the individual.

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Personal Trainer - Brussels I am here to help you improve your current level and exceed it. Improve your fitness. You motivate and give advice.

Specialties: Muscular referencing Cardio Boxing Fitness Best endurance Nutrition advice Weight loss Autonomy Food advice Diploma: Personal Trainer - Professional Qualification Center Prices: Prices for 1 class: 20 € Price for 10 class sessions: 150 € Rates for a group session: 55 € Rates for 10 group sessions: 450 A diet that suits you.

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I am a strength and conditioning coach, and personal trainer, who has been involved with coaching for sport and general fitness, at one level or another, for almost 30 years.

My classes are geared to each client and their individual goals. Whether you wish to improve your performance in a specific sport, or simply wish to lose some weight, I can design a program which make this achievable.

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