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Visual Artist and painter provides lessons for art composition and painting techniques.

My teaching methodology is based on layering techniques, colour theory and sensitive composition. I guide students on how to create a painting based on a chosen design/theme/photograph teach them to accurately 'build' the painting through a step by step process.

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UTAS Visual Art (honors) student offering in-home Visual Art lessons to those aged 6 to 16

My lesson structure would be strongly based around the student's artistic inclinations and interests, as well as experimenting with new techniques and materials in order to expand their confidence, resilience and artistic skill-set.

West Footscray
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Melbourne base practising artist providing creative guidance and art tutoring in epic studio for all ages

My teaching method is about empowering an individual to discover there own creativity and using my knowledge to build there skills enabling them to pursue that creative vision fully. To my art is equal parts critical and creative thinking and practicle skills, I believe in fostering this through a balance between research, critical contemplation and practice.

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Korean artist can teach Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Portrait Drawing in Gold coast

I make my class and student love drawing and express his/her feeling into the artwork by directing the drawing foundation.

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Melbourne Polytechnic Visual Arts student provides lessons and tips on how to draw

My lessons are geared towards those who have just begun practicing drawing or need a bit of a refresher on the skill. To start off with, I'll get you to draw me something and then we will work from there to improve your skills as an artist.

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Blue mountains visual artists with 20 years experience gives illustrative , watercolour lessons with a whimsical touch.

It is important to find which medium, tools and subject matter work for you. This can only be found through experimenting! Be connected to your work...tell a story. I find my best work evolves over several courses and is telling a personal story...sometimes one I did not expect.

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How to draw Beginner-Moderate sketchpad cartoon and realism in Perth by online artist

I will first evaluate your level of art described here: (concealed information) I can only help those at a level below Level 4. We can work on what you think you need to improve on or if you have a general goal (I want to draw realistic) or (I want to draw manga) then we will start from the basics and work our way up.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate offering art lessons of any skill level in any art medium in Hobart, TAS

I base my lesson plans on what the client is interested in learning, whether that be a particular technique, style of art, or medium. A typical lesson will include information on technique, a time for practical application (with guidance along the way) as well as a final critique and homework.

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Fine Art Drawing Tutor, In the Central Victoria Region, Based in Castlemane

My lessons are geared toward, students with a real passion to continue their arts practice. To encourage technical exploration and dynamic freedom in traditional media. Such as Charcoal, ink, and pencil. My passion is Figurative, and I have a current position as a studio artist at the CASPA gallery in Castlemaine, maintaining a daily practice.

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Let your creativity flow, let the imagination grow. There's no limit to the mind, all you need is time.

My method of teaching is treating everyone as their own unique self. We are all different and all have different talents. I find it by finding their passion and help them focus on the strong points while working on the weaker. Through a positive attitude and great support, we are able to do great things in life. Everyone deserves a chance.

Clear Island Waters
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Art teacher, with experience in a broad range of different techniques and media.

I cover a broad range of techniques with a range of mediums varying from pencil sketching, watercolour, pastel to acrylic painting. Classes commence with basic technique skill, design and art concepts, usually working with one medium to begin with until the students developed their technique. As classes continue we increase the variety of mediums to find the ones that suit the student.

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Urban design student gave people of all ages drawing and painting lessons in Sydney.

I would choose different painting works according to students' drawing skills, basically, I would draw with my students and guide their drawings. A cozy environment is important for drawing, so sometimes I would play music as well to make my students feel relaxed when they draw.

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Groovy creative art teacher giving vital art skills and techniques in Brisbane

My teaching method is explaining the theory behind each technique, showing and then getting you to explore with your own techniques created from the theory! every artist and person is different so each art piece you create will be unique in its own beautiful way.

Cairns City
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Academy of arts bachelors degree holder to teach young children to draw and paint

I base my classes on the age of the student as well as the level of skill they already have. For a younger student I will be much more animated to keep the attention of the child as well as keep them excited to create. For someone that is not a child I will base my teaching on their skill level and try to match their energy level.

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Highett based artist with degree in Fine Art and Masters in Curating, teaching art in Melbourne area

I keep lessons fun and engaging with lots of practical exercises and activities to improve drawing ability. Lessons will begin with a few warm up activities and then move on to creating your own masterpiece, using the techniques you have learned.

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Hobart art tutor and professional painter gives enjoyable and dynamic painting classes

I keep my classes open, fun and optimistic, while teaching a wide range of technical skills. I give in-depth demonstrations, discuss famous paintings, introduce ideas and artists from art history, and engage in one on one discussions of student's work.

West Pymble
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An inspiring artist giving lesson in scuplture and drawing in sydney area

My teaching method is one of teaching basics through colour theory and practical exercises on shape and colour as well as composition.

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I am a watercolour artist, I got many awards and prizes in India. And I handled summer camps for students of different age groups.

For the students to get interested in painting, I always start with a motivational class, So that they can look into the future. later on, my start from basics drawings, so that students get a strong foundation in drawing. And the next it is about playing with colours.

1st lesson free !

Passion for Drawing/Illustration Life Coach available in Manjimup/Bridgetown Fine Arts/Lifetime Hobby/Appreciation of Fine Drawing

My teaching method is to examine and explore many forms of Drawing using diverse mediums; pencil, graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil, ink, textured paper. I encourage the use of drawing journals and life drawing. I love nature and people and find infinite inspiration from life for my drawing classes. I create a relaxed non-competitive environment and encourage all forms of expression.

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Visual arts/ history tutor, Armidale NSW, life drawing/ oil painting/ history/research skills

My teaching method is to begin by going over the last lesson we had and then continuing to the next lesson. I believe that revision is very important in learning anything including art. I am always asking what the student would like to improve on or work on during the session, making it their decision and keeping them apart of the process.

Trinity Park
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Professional game artist with 5 years of experience offering digital illustration, texturing, digital sculpting and 2D/3D animation training with a natural approach.

Everybody is different. My way of training depends on what fits you best. I believe in an individual approach. We will have a short chat to understand your artistic background and strengths, get to know what subjects you want to create and I will adjust the lessons accordingly.

West Ryde
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Learn drawing a subject you are interested in Sydney - Diploma V.A.

My teaching method is observational techniques together with the basic shapes and developing the subject that I am drawing. The drawing is firstly sketched on to the paper as a mapping of the whole subject before drawing the details.

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Experienced and creative Graphic Designer, Abstract Artist, Painter and Illustrator Teacher & Trainer

I have a practical, kinaesthetic approach to teaching which is very hands on, practical demonstrations and activities for students. I also like to explain how design or art can be used not just for a gallery, but for commercial work, creating a passive income.

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Illustrate and paint like a muthafuckin BOSS. I cater to you :)

I provide a fun, no-pressure, no-bullshit approach to teaching that caters to individual student needs and desires. Whether you wanna become a better comic book illustrator, or you wanna have your work exhibited in galleries, or you just want to learn how to draw and paint as a hobby; I'm here to entertain and support you.

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Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design gives tutoring lessons in painting, exploring the abstract world of Art

My main objective is to find a way for the student to express themselves and find their own style of art, a lot of artists are stuck in a "technique" mindset and they fail to produce something unique. While teaching the student the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting my ultimate goal will be the development of a unique style that the student can call their own.

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Artist and Healer giving art lessons in Perth, learn about art and yourself.

It is important to me to create a positive learning environment to ensure everyone feels comfortable to start creating. I usually begin with a few warm up exercises to help prepare for a more polished finished project. I am confident with drawing, cartoons, botanic illustrations, characters. I love colour and using acrylic paint. Creating beautiful mandalas can be a lovely meditative practice.

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Art school graduate and qualified teacher offering fun drawing, painting and creating :)

My teaching method is to keep things light, fun and enjoyable. I look at what motivates my students rather than following a rigid methodology. For example I taught adults and children watercolour and sculpture in Japan, drawing and colouring to English students in Singapore, singing and drawing in Vietnam and lastly made colourful board games in 2D and 3D to motivate children in HK.

South Plympton
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Uni grad student giving art lessons to people of all age groups

I love teaching art to children. My philosophy is quite simple: To engage, inspire and teach art with age-appropriate techniques and subjects. 1. Ban pencils and erasers. Sounds harsh, right? I rarely use pencils and erasers in my classrooms with the exception of a few lessons for upper grades. The reason is purely practical: small pencil leads encourage small drawings. 2.

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Passionate, well experienced artist provides art lessons specializing on portraiture in Toowoomba

My mother taught me to draw portraits as a young child, therefore art has been a passion all my life. While I enjoy all aspects of art including landscape, still life and different mediums, however I mostly specialize in portraiture. My lessons usually begin with drawing, looking at perspectives and visual elements.

Barwon Heads
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Connect To Your Inner Artist- Geelong and Surfcoast with Mindful Artist Louise Purcell

I like to infuse my practical knowledge of art practices with a mindful and organic teaching style. My intention is to encourage others to find their individual style and hopefully while learning art they also get to know themselves on a deeper level. Lets say the methods will be fun, light hearted and unorthodox.

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Perfect! I had one lesson with Alison and I found it enjoyable. Alison was patient and she taught me some new skills. I will be seeing Alison again for a Manga drawing tutorial. Thank you Tanya.

Tanya, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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