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Stony Stratford
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Experienced illustrator and designer based in Milton Keynes. Previously lecturer in graphic design

It depends very much on what my students want to achieve. If it's booster classes to enhance skills to run alongside GCSE's or college/university then we focus on the areas you need help with and set up a program to suit you. If it's a new skill like photoshop, it is structured classes step by step with assignments to be done in your own time.

San Marcos
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Artist wanting to share her gift with the creative kids out there!

I base my classes on what I have learned and what I have taught myself throughout the years.

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Want to learn watercolor painting? drawing ? Third year Emily Carr visual art student

The way I teach someone normally starts with a small activity . After I know what level my students are at, I will then come up with my class content. I am a very watercolor based artist, so I would involve techniques and practice on colors as well as forms etc.

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A grade Art student tutoring in techniques from watercolour to pen and ink from home in the Cotswolds

I have experience of mentoring students from GCSE level upwards. However I do feel that I would also be well equipped to assist students from 11 and upwards. I attempt to breakdown basic painting techniques in order to help my students to visualise how best to blend colour, create texture, and provide a real exciting movement in the images that they wish to create.

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Art of life can makes a best artist. Art is colorful life

My teaching method is depends on you how you want to learn . Its totally like a water , which color you want to add in water and convert into any shape according to yours choice . A delightful and instresting method.

Luis tiago marques martins
1st lesson free !

Bachelors Honors BA Fine artist First 1 st offering to Teach Children and Youth up to College Foundation Year 3/4 Levels in Arts and design subjects, Fine art, Printmaking techniques, Etchings/Engravi

I have a passion for education and believe it to be the Foundation of any civilized culture and society. As such, I want to be part of transforming the lives of Youth to prepare them for college and University and careers.

Manzanares el Real
1st lesson free !

Artist teaches painting and color theory in Madrid and Sierra de Madrid

My teaching method is, first of all, the basic notions of drawing and composition. Later, we will deepen into the theory of color to understand concepts such as saturation, luminosity or the color interaction, among others. This is basic to be able to create our own colors and color palettes.

Charter Township of Clinton
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Artist that can teach you how to draw, illustrate and paint in Macomb,MI

I'm a laid back instructor who loves to help beginning artists build confidence in art step by step. We would start out with a basic foundation of drawing basic shapes, shading and skeletal line drawing for the human figure. With painting we would first by learning to mixing colors, then coloring basic shapes with various brush techniques.

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Drawing & Illustration student with 3 years of college experience excited to help other art students!

In the past when I have been asked to show somebody how to execute a certain technique, I always go ahead and demonstrate visually, and explain my process or way of thinking as I am doing this.

El Paso
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Ceramics and Drawing University student offer drawing lessons in El Paso with advanced experience

I enjoy teaching students, focusing on creativity first and technique second. While technique is an important part in my lessons my focus is to not let it snuff out my students ability to creatively problem solve. Creative problem solving is the core to the art field and will take the student further no matter their skill level.

1st lesson free !

Visual Arts in the South Niagara Area - Chris Summerhayes Professional Artist

I like teaching small groups of students. Lots of doing and not so much listening. I will take what you have to learn and make it in to what you want to learn and do. I will give directed teaching with specific examples and then lots of support to see the way though to success.

New York
1st lesson free !

Illustrator and Watercolor Artist in New York with 4 years experience. Kids~Adult classes welcome :)

I have one year experience in teaching kids on watercolor, mixed media, comics, and basic drawing & painting. I try to come up with fun and weekly projects and activities that students will learn and enjoy. I am interested in teaching teen~adult for especially watercolor, comics and zines.

1st lesson free !

I am an Illustration student, with the desire to teach arts and design.

My teaching style would be student led class and Iwould integrate a more hands on learning. I help supervise and I give them the knowledge to then go forth and explore and I guide them along the way, making classes fun and creative.

1st lesson free !

On-line drawing techniques lessons for beginners looking to improve their drawing skills

My classes are intended for the beginner artist looking to improve their drawing abilities. I base my classes on basic drawing skills, techniques and useful tips and advice that has helped me personally to improve my work as an artist.

1st lesson free !

Graphic Designer offers fine arts classes (drawing, painting and craft) for kids and adults in Kingston.

My teaching method is Modelling. I have a demonstration of task to students to make the process clearer. By imitating the model, students become aware of the procedures needed to perform the task or use the strategy. My classes are involve with lots of fun and enjoyment.

1st lesson free !

Multi-Talented Art Teacher of 33 years tutors for portfolio prep, personal exploration and creativity.

I believe in the personal unique artistic voice of each student developed through technical mastery and work. Although each student has a different skill set and level, each student can harness their creativity through their own personal experience.

1st lesson free !

A guider and helper for you Gonna teach you paintings ???? Join me ????

My teaching methods will be live casting With all originality Experimenting with colours and interacting together for better results And sharing all new ideas I have a separate room for my painting teaching class With all necessary items needed. With all heart and soul I teach.

1st lesson free !

Visual Artist and Art Therapist offers art classes in spanish and english in Lethbridge, Alberta

I have studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Post Grade in Art Therapy. My classes are meant for all ages and for individuals with or without disabilities. I teach a varied of subjects such as painting, drawing, sculpure and I enjoy working with recycle materials.

(1 review)
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Empower yourself through art, for beginners and aspiring artists with fellow artist.

Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to see what you don't. In collaborating in thoughts and constructive criticism, you can develop further. Sometimes all it takes is one mark or stroke on paper or canvas. I'm here to help.

Juan pablo
1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Arts provides spaces for teaching languages, literature, body language, visual arts, fine arts, photography and much more. Animate Bogota!

My classes are aimed at anyone who wants to learn and / or deepen knowledge of these disciplines. The programs and methods of teaching / learning according to the theme, will be designed in the company of the student, the techniques are diverse taking into account the student's versatility, the times of assignment and especially the way of learning of each student.

(2 reviews)
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Classes of Arts, painting, drawing, photography, arts in general, virtual and / or Presencial

The classes are aimed at people who want to base the bases or deepen in any medium of the plastic arts. Practical exercises will be carried out together with the analysis of some texts that support the proposed contents. I am very open to experimentation and the search for creativity through my own intuition.

1st lesson free !

Making people more CREATIVE AND ATRACTIVE on paintings and art in assam, darrang and provide them best ideas whatever i got from my knowledge.


1st lesson free !

Advancing your artistic skills for yourself, for school, or just because it's a hobby? Well, I'm the perfect tutor for you, whether you prefer slower pace, or faster, I'll work with you!

I adored art in school, taking three classes my senior year participating in two advanced art classes and one Student-Teacher class! Art has always been a hobby for me and it comes naturally.

1st lesson free !

Learn the Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting with an experienced artist painter

I am the founder of Youtube channel FundamentosdoDesenho (Content in portuguese, sorry about that...) and Art Atelier Estudio Alicerce where i teach classical drawing and painting. My students seek to work as pofessionals in Fine Arts or in the entertainment industry in areas such as: Comics, Illustration, Animation and Concept Art.

1st lesson free !

University of Toronto Student and Freelance Artist with a passion for teaching and inspiring young and upcoming artists.

I like to make my students happy with what their learning and try to help them as best as I can. I want to find out what exactly they want to learn so they get the most out of their experience.

Hemel Hempstead
1st lesson free !

Cookie Mumma's Artistic teaching Hemel Hempstead, Diploma qualified in art and design

My teaching methods are calming and relaxed. Teaching all ages to learn to draw, paint or just create lovely pieces of artwork or craft work Quirky and fun lessons Crafts, painting, drawing etc I am offering my support and teachings at a intermediate level or fresh starters, or even just for fun, whatever you wish to learn in art I can assist you to learn.

1st lesson free !

Experienced enthusiastic artist and qualified art tutor. Studio in keighley, W Yorkshire.

My areas of special expertise are oil painting, water colour, drawing and hand printing. I can teach students of all ages and levels of experience. The content of the lessons are mainly practical with encouragement to experiment and also learn through drawing and painting with demonstrations.

Los Angeles
1st lesson free !

Freelance Professional Artist with over 10 years of experience gives 1 on 1 and group lessons from LA

My teaching method is to show students ways they can improve their art by example and by giving friendly advice. I can show you step by step how to draw or paint any subject you would like. Students can help plan their own lessons by talking to me with what they would like to work on, or my plan is to have an example of what to create and to help you create it.

1st lesson free !

Art school graduate and trained educator teaches private or group art lessons in Ottawa

I like to break down the steps to creating a piece to a level that is achievable by the student. I like to connect with my students and work with them to discover what their passion is and the reason for their creative journey! I am happy to work with children and adults.

1st lesson free !

Student of French philology gives drawing classes in Murcia and at home

Drawing is the universal language since it expresses ideas that everybody understands in a graphic way. I can offer you techniques to improve your drawing, how to blur, highlight details, how to draw faces, anatomy. Learn basic things to draw portraits, anime style, painting, etc.

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Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Isabella has an easy going personality and is excellent with my 8-year-old. She easily built rapport and was able to guide my daughter in sketching, shading and building her basic art skills. I am very happy and highly recommend her to any...

Divya, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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