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Samuel ralf
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USC Graphic Design Graduate give illustration, graphic design and painting lessons to high school and uni students on the Sunshine Coast.

A standard lesson will begin with understanding what the student needs to learn in order to complete the task in question. I will help the student understand what is asked of them to complete the task and then I will show the correct design methods and tools needed to achieve this.

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Honours 1 Fine Art graduate offering art lessons, hands on, fun and educational.

Hands on and lots of fun, these classes are sculpted around each student's personal needs and interests. For anyone who enjoys creating, I will design a class to suit you! My name is Alysha and I am a Fine Art Honours 1 university graduate. My skills span from an array for mediums and techniques to art theory and art history.

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RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) graduate teaches painting to high school students, university students and adults on the Sunshine Coast.

I take a student centred approach to learning, as each student will have different interest when it comes to creating. My lessons are geared towards advancing students skill development within their chosen subject matter. We will explore composition, colour mixing, shading and much more! For seniors in high school I can help create a University portfolio.

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Multidisciplinary Artist with 13 years experience in teaching and mentoring creative expression.

My preference is to work with my students. To gain a clear understanding of what they wish to achieve. I also like to get to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, to get a clear picture of where the student requires the most focussed attention on. Overall I believe art is fun and enjoyable but also a fantastic way to express ideas.

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I am a 19 year old realistic drawer artist in Brisbane. I am passionate of drawing faces and objects. My life goal in art is to be recognised as my own style and unique gifted skills that defines my a

My teaching methods is to not force someone to drawing something they don’t want to draw because the art would lack emotion and taste of the artist. I’d absolutely help tech and inhance all skills required that my client would want to learn or inhance.

1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate teaching students in The Alpine Shire and surroundings.

I allow the student to inform me of their interests and goals, them there I construct a program, activities to boost their confidence and abilities. I like the student to keep their work in a folder so they can reflect on the lessons and projects they have constructed.

Burnett Heads
1st lesson free !

Learn to Draw and Paint from an experienced Animal, Plant and Landscape Artist

My teaching method is through the use of online courses, resources and practical exercises with individually styled lessons according to your current skill level. Learn shading, technique, framing, self-expression and how to identify and embrace your own unique style. Geared towards beginners but suitable for artists of all levels.

Upper Main Arm
1st lesson free !

Artist in Mullumbimby with Diploma of Fine Arts, lessons nearby/online all ages

I teach both traditional and abstract Art skills. My philosophy is that a sound education in traditional practices provides the basis for student's later experimentation and students finding their own style. I have enjoyed teaching both face-to-face and online.

1st lesson free !

Townsville Artist with digital and traditional art experience offering private and group drawing lessons

My teaching method is finding the passion and skill within each individual and bringing their creative sensibilities to the surface. Lesson structure would be based on the individual's level of experience and where they wish to go. Lessons are varied and interesting, touching many different genres and styles to form more of a base of knowledge and ability.

1st lesson free !

Draw what you see. Observational drawing Practicing Artist trained at New York Studio School

Observational drawing is based on drawing "what you can see". It is exciting to be able to interpret, express and develop your drawing skills at any level. If you have a desire to draw I can help you expand your abilities.

Jose victor
1st lesson free !

An experienced Fine Arts teacher who uses different approaches in painting and drawing.

The approach is a coaching style which underscores the theoretical underpinnings in the Arts. I always encourage artists to go into the content of the artwork other than its visual impact. So part of the theories I teach is on how to develop a strong narrative in every artwork.

West End
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1st lesson free !

Animation Student gives art/drawing lessons to uni students and adults in Brisbane CBD or South Brisbane

I am a passionate Animation/Art university student who is ready to give lessons to those who wish to learn art techniques in general, drawing or pen art even though I have little to no teaching experience. Even so, I want to bring the joys and hope to my students when I teach them about the subject I'm strong at. My teaching method is by giving demonstrations and working step-by-step.

Humpty Doo
1st lesson free !

Secondary teacher and major in Visual Arts_ mural painter and gallery owner with 30 years experince

I prefer not to lecture or teach a particular style but enable people to find their own way to express feelings, interpretations of their world and the subject matter they are interested in. I believe the process and completed work is more meaningful.

1st lesson free !

Self taught Year 11 Visual Arts student, can run Painting, Drawing and Art Lessons for Primary School students in Hinchinbrook and Green Valley area

I am geared towards primary school students who wish to advance their skills and creativity in an informal, non-competitive setting, with individual freedom and an opportunity to discover new ways of expressing themselves. My teaching method is to plan lessons ahead, and focus on a different skills with each activity, while encouraging individual creativity and a personal touch to each activity.

Byron Bay
1st lesson free !

Art degree qualified teaching Figurative Painting and Drawing lessons in beautiful Byron Bay.

I believe with art is it important to guide the students with their work but not to over teach. I think it is important to learn key aspects of the technical side of using materials but at the same time allow students to experiment and make mistakes. I also want to teach the lesson that art is not precious and it is meant to be messy and riddled with mistakes.

1st lesson free !

Sketching for Design. - Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Concept Design.

Relaxed workshop style presentation approach. Perfect for students seeking to enhance their presentation work for design assignments or to build professional standard portfolio content. One of one teaching, or alternatively small group sessions tailored to your specific needs dependent upon your individual learning objectives.

1st lesson free !

10+ years experience as a life drawing artist, teacher and group facilitator.

My teaching style is most appropriate for individuals who are interested in developing their skills for life drawing, figure drawing, and ways to interpret what they see with pencil, charcoal or other mediums. Initial lessons involve a period of getting to know each other and developing goals for the sessions.

1st lesson free !

Qualified 2D and 3D Character Illustrator and Game Artist gives lessons to students

My teaching method will be geared towards anyone who wants to learn character art and improve their skills in drawing and creating an art style for themself. I am very open minded and accepting of everyone from any walks of life and am more than happy to help you achieve your goal of becoming the artist that you want to be.

1st lesson free !

Learn and enjoy Art to fulfill the creative instinct in you. Preferably in and around Strathfield

My teaching methodology is totally based on the kind of students I get to teach. Art is interest driven. I first try and understand the level of students and then impart knowledge accordingly. Generally, I prefer to give a general overview of what all things are going to be covered and then proceed further.

1st lesson free !

Experienced artist gives painting / drawing lessons to kids and adults in Melbourne

Imagination Concentration skills Creativity Hand skills / drawing Painting skills Inspiration Art is often inspired from the nature and manifests in various creations in fashion, graphic, jewellery, dance, music etc. Observing nature and learning arts at very early stage of life would help to develop positive emotions, patience, discipline and creativity with in the child.

The Ponds
1st lesson free !

Graduated from UTS in Masters in professional Accounting, working as a Real Estate Professional with a background of a creative teacher who teaches painting and simply loves it.

My teaching methodology is very unique and simple as I teach according to the student keeping in mind their skills and abilities. I have a lot of experience in teaching different subjects to different age groups. A creative teacher who has a lot of patience work with children as teaching is my passion.

1st lesson free !

Creative art teacher from Korea, Caricatures, water coloring, illustrations, fashion illustrator !

Basically I'd like to make fun environment and approach to students friendly and also make them enjoy doing art.

1st lesson free !

Geelong based Creative Arts student teaching painting skills and general art knowledge

My teaching methods depend on you! I want to know how you think you learn best, and I will do my best to teach in that way.

1st lesson free !

Learn how to draw amazing designs with line work and dot work!

My classes will be step by step, depending on your capabilities and skillset to start with. We can start with shading and understanding shapes, and explore different ways to express this. We will learn about the different types of pens, their thicknesses, and different styles of art.

1st lesson free !

Art Drawing Therapeutic Sessions in Mildura. Teaching style: pretty chill and liberating

The whole idea of my teaching method is to give students the freedom to take my method I teach and make it their own. The lessons will touch base on the basic elements of drawing/painting and will then use the basic elements to create a masterpiece that relates to each student.

Mon Repos
1st lesson free !

Creative artist and hobbyist offering traditional and digital drawing lessons to anyone interested

I base how I help people around their own personal approach to art. As everyone's take on art is different and constantly evolving it's impossible to have one method of teaching that helps everyone. I use my own experiences with art to provide tips to point others in the right direction, and from there I build on the aspects of their own style that they wish to improve on.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Artist offering all aspects of creative development from technique to concept

My approach is to assist the student/s to develop the skills they need to pursue their passion and interest, I can offer individualised workshops and lesson plans customised to the needs of the student/s and can help them refine their career focus and interests

Saint Albans
1st lesson free !

An Artist can go anything , nothing is impossible for a willing heart

some techniques are not supposed to be texted or hilighted, It must be experienced, so that the suprise waiting for you, will really be a suprise, so i hope my point has been explained in a understandable manner i suppose, thank you.

1st lesson free !

Painting and Drawing lessons from an Animal Keeper with a secret talent for Art!

Students that best suit me are children or teenagers that want to be artists but are not sure how to start or want to refine their skills and find their style. Students that want to do art but need a bit of guidance and assurance. Methodology 1st lesson will be more of a consultation, figuring out where the student is currently at and what type of art they gravitate towards.

1st lesson free !

RMIT Fine Arts Student welcomes ALL age groups in MELBOURNE to watercolour lessons

Kia Ora (Maori for hello), my name is Lily I am a RMIT Fine Arts student, recently graduated from New Zealand. I have a burning passion for watercolour, and wish to share my skills with anyone who is willing to learn.

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Perfect! I had one lesson with Alison and I found it enjoyable. Alison was patient and she taught me some new skills. I will be seeing Alison again for a Manga drawing tutorial. Thank you Tanya.

Tanya, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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