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Brunswick West
Maria esther
1st lesson free !

Visual Artist gives Oil Painting classes to beginners, fun and interesting!!

I have designed 3 different themes: STILL LIFE, ABSTRACT, and PORTRAIT. I start by guiding the students step by step to create volumes through the use of variety of tones and shades.

West Wollongong
Harsimrat preet
1st lesson free !

Love to give lessons to students who want to express themselves and their ideas.

My teaching include not only to teach students art but also patience and discipline. Students feel comfortable in my classes. Students always enjoy my company and also love to spend time with me, I always use new methods of teaching.

Kangaroo Point
1st lesson free !

Fine Arts Master graduate Jo Cruickshanks teaches a wide variety of drawing techniques, including realism, perspectives, abstraction, mixed media, contour, chiaroscuro.

My teaching methods are project based and students are introduced to specific materials and a variety of drawing techniques to explore the subject in many possible ways. Guided activities give way to encouraging students to investigate new techniques, to develop and apply them in to their own particular interests and directions.

1st lesson free !

sketching & illustrating Armidale: senior school student able to assists & teach newcomers & experts of all ages

I'm a very enthusiastic artist that aims to teach people of all ages , i teach by determining what steps to take in achieving & advancing past your goal . A regular lesson might include methods of inspiring , creating & improving your artwork & skills.

1st lesson free !

Award winning New York trained comic and illustration artist teaching in the Hunter

Individual tailored lessons based on the student's level of mastery. I like to see the student at their most comfortable and determine their strengths and weaknesses. I then give lessons and projects that extend the student beyond their comfort zone, with a final goal of advanced technical knowledge and print ready material.

Macquarie Fields
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Art is a passion. It can express thousands of emotions without even speaking.It is a magic and a true dedication!

My teaching method is to first intrigue my students to believe their abilities to learn how to draw using basic shapes and then move into different medias to express their drawings.

1st lesson free !

Learn to draw everything from an ant to a airplane, or a monalisa. A postgraduate architecture student with a passion for arts, happy to share the knowledge.

I believe in learning by doing. I am happy to procure the material required for learning as well. I try to make the learning as easy and comprehensible as possible. No extra works and the learning wont feel like a burden.

1st lesson free !

Art Classes. Lyndell Jenkins: BA Fine Art, BA Visual Culture, Diploma Fine Art and Design.

I like to help my students build on their own concepts and ideas, making it possible for them to create their own art. I can advise students on how to use any of their chosen mediums from drawing with pencils, charcoal, ink and chalk to painting in oil or acrylic on canvas.

1st lesson free !

Multiple Media Art specialist offering tutoring for Painting, Drawing, Illustrating to high school students

My teaching method is very simple but also flexible. I will cater my methods based on your goals or areas that you want to improve on and work on giving you tasks to do. These lessons will also be helping to guide you with exploring your creativity and improving your creative thinking.

1st lesson free !

Perth Fine Arts graduate teaches drawing skills and helps develop artistic style

Just as no two people are exactly the same, everyone's artistic approach is unique. So, when I teach art, I really try to understand where each student is coming from, and mould my teaching style to suit their needs, bringing out the best in them.

1st lesson free !

High School Graduate gives Art Lessons to Primary School and High School Students

I help provide different techniques to students to help them find the perfect match for them. I give advise on how to improve drawing skills and how to improve their techniques. I am able to help tech them new and improved ways of drawing.

1st lesson free !

Professional Visual Artist with past experience offering art lessons in drawing and painting to art and architecture students in Perth

I'm a practicing visual artist with doctorate in Architecture. I encourage learning via experimentation.I can teach painting with pastels, watercolour and acrylic. Lessons start with learning about still life, importance of light and contrasts to the intuitive use of technique and colours. I provide lessons via email and provide online feedback and demos to suit students' needs.

1st lesson free !

Relaxing no judgement art lessons , diverse range of skills , work at your own pace and most important do it for the love of art .

I believe in working at a pace the artist is comfortable with and really exploring them selves and their style . There are no mistakes in art . Only limitless possibilities.

1st lesson free !

An ANU master student and an Art lover in Canberra spreading knowledge

I love teaching from basic to advance as many people wont to knowing but it also depend on the knowledge of the person. Mostly i would love to teach children as i love playing with them and teaching them art.

The Range
1st lesson free !

CQUniversity Teacher in the making gives art lessons to high school students

My teaching method for art is to demonstrate basic ideas and to allow the student to develop on their own while offering guidance and new perspective to allow them to thrive. This allows the student to develop their own artistic identity and create their own artworks with through their own creative means.

1st lesson free !

Experienced in drawing (including realism), painting, tattooing, style development, stencilling, theory etc.

I've been studying and making art for many years, and am experienced in a wide range of approaches - above all I strive to help students learn to develop their own interests and styles and will include various ranges of technique/theory and conceptual based tips, I've done a lot of drawing (including realism) in the past, as well as painting in various mediums, some stencilling, paste-ups,...

1st lesson free !

English teacher. Professional Actor, Artist and qualified high school Teacher wants to share his expertise with as many students as possible

My teaching pedagogy is always a very inclusive and encouraging one. Depending on the students needs, my lesson plan would be constantly tailored and adjusted to have the most suitable student learning outcomes met.

1st lesson free !

Art beyond the norm taught by University graduate with their own art practice.

My teaching method is one whereby the students' own style and techniques are brought to the fore. I am interested in the students' ideas, along with the already existing history of art, and where those students' ideas fit. This can be done by mostly the discussion and demonstration method.

Doncaster East
1st lesson free !

Melbourne based Artist, Animator and Illustrator. Teaches structure and how to apply art principles

The first and most important thing you need to know when following your artistic journey is what is it you want to do? I'm extremely passionate about a lot of areas, which is why I have discovered what it takes to be successful at your chosen industry.

1st lesson free !

Monash University / Charles Sturt University Trained Art Teacher and practising Artist.

My teaching method is to cater to individual strengths and needs from my students in order for them to create individual goals. I would like to offer tutoring not only in written assistance but also in practical components/ major work projects.

1st lesson free !

You can't teach passion but you can improve technique! Art tuition, Brighton

I believe that practice and repetition is the road to mastery. It also helps to have a guide to show you techniques and push you to go above and beyond your own limits. Traditional methods of drawing and experimental/abstract techniques.

1st lesson free !

Hey, I'm 23 (female), currently doing my Masters in Project Management with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering but my passion, is Art! I love drawing portraits and abstract painting. If you'

First I try to understand the depth of creativity by giving them a few objects to draw and asking them to link the objects in one drawing. And then I slowly work on their drawing methods based on my observations.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Visual Arts and Media Teacher available for theoretical and practical advice, tutoring and mentoring as well as improvement or teaching of technical skills.

Learning in visual arts is primarily focused around projects, demonstrations and discussions about projects, artworks, artists, art history, skills and techniques. My teaching involves the creation of innovative learning programs within the national and upper school curriculum frameworks.

Petrie Terrace
1st lesson free !

Professional street artist offering workshops in design, street art and graffiti art

I paint and encourage creativity and development in participation.

1st lesson free !

Professional artist with 40 years experience gives any types of art lessons at home

My teaching skills are mainly in the areas of painting and drawing. In these I have traditional training and a contemporary art practice to complement these skills. I am interested in teaching contemporary art practice that includes skills that students need to pursue their interests. I have included images from traditional possibilities of teaching anatomy and portraiture for instance.

1st lesson free !

Qualified designer and artist providing a fun take on artistic exploration and expression

I base my teaching from complete uniqueness. There are no rules, rights or wrongs.

1st lesson free !

Award winning sculptor giving lessons in 3-D modeling in any medium

I like to find out what the student wants to do and then base the lessons on that. I think people learn better if they are doing what they are interested in. I can make a lesson plan around almost any topic.

1st lesson free !

An out of the world uni girl who can be good at drawing and math at the same time.

I would have a different teaching approach depends on what the students need. I keep all of my lessons easy to understand and remember. I always try my best to create a joyful and relaxing atmosphere so that my students could focus on their work.

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Perfect! I had one lesson with Alison and I found it enjoyable. Alison was patient and she taught me some new skills. I will be seeing Alison again for a Manga drawing tutorial. Thank you Tanya.

Tanya, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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