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Joy marie
(1 review)
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Dedicated ESL teacher focused on providing an innovative, fun, and inspiring classroom.

My teaching method is to teach English to young learners online in a fun and engaging way. Encourage students to use English in their daily lives to increase proficiency. Work with students during planning period to help them catch up or tackle topics they are struggling with.

Killarney Heights
(1 review)
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Exceptional ESL Teacher with Bachelor & Post Graduate Qualifications in Education - Sydney, Australia - Webcam Lessons

By choosing Kimberley as your tutor/group teacher, you will not be taught lessons in an order from a textbook; instead, she will create experiences according to your interests and needs. Every lesson she teaches is different because it is tailored to the individual.

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University of Newcastle Researcher offering Tutoring for TOEFL, IELTS, Essay/Report Writing, Interviewing, Debate, and Written/Verbal Communication for School, University, Research, and Business.

I will teach you to master each section in TOEFL/IELTS. We will use simple techniques to solve commonly available mock tests sections in test prep material section by section more quickly and efficiently and identify which contents to ignore and which contents to focus on during the exam to score high.

(6 reviews)
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I will be giving individually designed classes to my students, in keeping with their personal learning needs.

My teaching method is and has always been focusing on my students' most urgent learning needs to help them gain necessary skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, acquire confidence in expressing themselves in English, and therefore I practise a personal approach in teaching my students and design classes for them individually.

Stanhope Gardens
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Experienced, General and Academic English Language Teacher helping you to achieve your goals

I am a natural teacher with a passion for helping others. I am able to adapt my teaching style according to your personal needs. Short or long term, I am confident that I can support you to achieve your goals.

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25 years experience. Excellent teaching methods. I travel to you. Very patient! Great results

My method is a two-way collaboration. I assess your learning needs and grow from there. I’m effective, professional, friendly and approachable. I am not strict, but can guarantee that your English will improve effectively. I also like to make your learning experience with me fun and enjoyable.

The Rocks
(2 reviews)
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English/IELTS/ESL prep in just 5 classes. Top 10 lessons in the world! Try our up-to-date English course now!

Along with making an accurate diagnosis of my student's needs, followed by detailed planning on how to reach goals, I offer the following: 1. Detailed essay writing practice with in-depth details on APA/MLA formats for referencing, in-text citation, research, essay structures, grammar, organization, etc. 2. Most recent (actual) exams.

Greenfield Park
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I am a civil engineering who loves to share my experience and teach with you guys

My teaching method depends on your knowledge and course basic requirement, from there we will determine which rout to take, and with a fully trust that I will teach you with a concept to provide you the best knowledge I got.

(3 reviews)
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Psychology Student at UOW with Band 6 in HSC ESL, available at anytime for students living in Wollongong and surrounding suburbs.

I use trial and error approach in teaching, meaning that I allow students to compose their responses, then reflect on how it can be improved. This process is repeated until the student is able to compose a perfect response for any given question.

(3 reviews)
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University English teacher offering tutoring (Masters of TESOL qualified) | Academic English; IELTS; Cambridge; essay editing; speaking and pronunciation

My methodology is outcomes-based, which means I aim to get the results that you require. If you're studying for an English exam, let's pass it! If you have essays or presentations for university, let's make them the best they can be! As a highly qualified and experienced ESL teacher, I can cater to your needs.

Wattle Grove
(2 reviews)
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University Student Gives English Lessons to Students from Kindergarten to Year Twelve in Sydney

My lessons are based on the student's goals and aspirations to learn English, their interests and self-pace. I will accommodate any specific preferences to ensure that these goals are achieved as we work together to overcome challenges and learn new skills.

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Qualified English teacher in Innerwest Sydney teaching English as a Second Language

I work hard at anything I do and I pride myself in the end results of any class I teach. I love to be given the chance to teach the English language as a communication tool for people whose first language is not English or who have recently migrated to Australia.

(2 reviews)
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English, E.S.L., History and Literacy Classroom Teacher available for online teaching.

I can guarantee that my lessons will cater to your ability in addition to being engaging. I value reflective practice, am determined to provide the most suitable methodology to your needs and approach every lesson with a variety of strategies.

(1 review)
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Madhu is a qualified ESL/EAL tutor with more than 20 years of experience.She provides educational tutorials for primary levels in Parramatta areas .She attended Home tutoring training at Navitas. She

I based my classes according to the students levels and planning lesson and activities based on their preferred learning style and which can make them enjoying the lessons

Eagle Vale
Floyd clinton
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

The English language, what's not to Love? Modern Shakespeare in Sydney Giving Lessons to Save the Grammar.

I'm a great tutor due to my easygoing and fun personality with great command of the English language. I've had online tutoring experience with Chinese students. I just love the English subject. So many ways to go about it; be it poetry, essay writing, grammar, letter composition, idioms, jargons, or even writing your own short stories, and so on...and on.

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Experienced and qualified English teacher and personable coach with other degrees, as well as IT skills.

I have always worked with a mix of cultural backgrounds and more recently taught a TAFE class of people new to Australia, mainly with a refugee background. My method is to establish a friendly environment, get to know students and work with their learning needs that emerge from getting to know them.

Lennox Head
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Fun, culture-loving boheme teaches ESL online and along her Northern Rivers travels

My teaching method is generally online and my lessons are flexible depending on your learning needs and stages. I use flashcards and memory games and bring content that is useful in conversation, explaining different aspects of grammar as it becomes necessary.

St Leonards
1st lesson free !

Experienced energetic Australian English teacher keen to help ESL students in Sydney

My teaching method is completely student centred. I am very flexible in my approach to student needs. My lessons are geared towards encouraging a deep understanding of the English language. I believe in recapping on student knowledge at the beginning of the lesson, introducing new concepts in an interesting way in the middle of the lesson, and summarising at the end of the lesson.

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Graduate in English Teaching helps you learning the language in a friendly and enjoyable way!

I prefer to teach using a communicative approach. Learning the structures of grammar but applying them in real contexts and focused in speaking or the skills each person is better at.

(8 reviews)
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English (speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, literature analysis), Mathematics (trigonometry, calculus & analysis, geometry, statistics), Science (biology, chemistry, physics, medical).

My teaching strategies involves using a blend of traditional and technological learning techniques, while taking into consideration the learner types of each student. To me, there are no bad students, only a teacher's approach as per situation is meant to be good or bad.

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Undergraduate Geology/French student willing to teach ESL (English Second Language) to high school and uni students

My lessons are geared towards students with basic English skills. That includes being able to form short, coherent sentences using the three main verb tenses (present, past and future). Lesson structure: 1) Reading 2) Writing 3) Grammar Teaching methods: 1) Cooperative learning. Encourage students of mixed abilities to work together and complete exercises.

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Sydney IELTS Examiner gives one-on-one speaking sessions to improve your IELTS Speaking Score

My teaching method is based on focusing on areas of student weakness and bringing these, along with all other areas, up to the standard required for IELTS. The first lesson will focus on figuring out your level and show how it can be improved, further lessons will focus on continued improvement to your speaking abilities.

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University of Newcastle Graduate Diploma in Education Tutor available to teach in the area, especially European languages

My life experience as a migrant has become the root of a keen interest in diversity and multiculturalism. I believe education to be the key to the future and that we all constantly learn from each other. To approach the subject with a focus on the student's interests, promotes engagement and facilitates building knowledge and skills simultaneously, using audiovisual aids and experiential learning.

1st lesson free !

Private English Tutor for grade school and high school students in Sydney

I teach by blending my personality with my student's needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. I make sure that the student will be comfortable with me so that he or she will learn without feeling bored and pressured. Lessons should me matched with what the school requires but I make sure that I give my own inputs.

Forresters Beach
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Doctor of Creative Writing gives lessons to all high school and university students, on the Central Coast and some parts of Sydney

My lessons are student focused, which means that I teach the things you need to know to meet your goals. Lessons are very structured, and include reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills. You will enjoy classes developed just for you.

1st lesson free !

I am a meticulous dedicated ESL (EALD) teacher who is devoted to teaching students to overcome language barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goal or fulfill their dream.

My lessons commence with a brief description of the topic to be delivered on the day. I engage my students through various materials such as videos, images, open discussions and mind mapping to promote critical thinking, analysis and diversity. We then continue with answering questions and completing activities that have selected for the appropriate topic.

1st lesson free !

A Native speaker of English with the right skills and patience to help you progress in your English Journey

My teaching method is student-centered, I believe that every student learns differently and catering to my students needs is a priority of mine. I take pride in the progression of my students learning and use both group work and working one-on-one with students to help them get to their next level.

West Ryde
1st lesson free !

Hi - My name is Jill Saric and I'm a native English speaker with two years' experience as an ESL Teacher. I would particularly like to help you with your speaking and pronunciation, and written commun

I teach using a communicative method, trying to incorporate discussion and speaking into most activities. Although generally I use the textbook as a back-up, I include lots of fun websites to practice listening, grammar and pronunciation. We also do quizzes and watch educational grammar and listening videos online.

1st lesson free !

Native English speaker with over 14 years of ESL teaching experience offering online lessons

The lesson structure will of course depend on the student level and goals, but the basics are that the student will be speaking for as much of the lesson time as possible with any writing exercises done on the student's time. The main aim of most of my lessons would be to get the student comfortable using English in normal situations.

1st lesson free !

Robyn has experience in developing confidence to speak English in a fun creative way

To enable students to develop the confidence to speak English they need to feel connected to the language - it must be accessible and interesting to them. I like to encourage the students to tell me more about themselves through different methods of expression, eg poetry, music, story-telling, journal writing, in order for me to develop a course that is individually suited to them.

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Perfect! A very thoughtful teacher. If you are considering study English, You will not regret!

Inhoo, Student
2 weeks ago
(13 reviews)

Perfect! I came Maany for some help with my accent. She was very quick to respond and we started studying in no time. After our introductory lesson she tailored classes around areas I needed to work the most: intonation, stress and pauses. She also said that...

Evgeny, Student
2 months ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Maany is very professional and has been a great help in assisting me with my writing. She has very clear teaching objectives and her tips are very useful and easy to follow. I have greatly enjoyed my classes with her.

Natalie , Student
2 months ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Maany helps me a lot preparing for my IELTS test. shes very good with what she does, and really good at explaining too. she pays attention to details, also checks up on progress, she gives tips for the exam, and above all, she's very approachable,...

Marie therese, Student
4 months ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Dana is a great teacher! Really friendly, motivating and helpful. He helped me with my IELTS test for few weeks and I passed ;). He takes time to break down your mistakes and make sure you understand what you need to work on to improve you English....

Tony, Student
9 months ago
(6 reviews)

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