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Craigburn Farm
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Tutor for acoustic guitar beginner. Also fingerstyle, chords and theory base on the person's favorite. My teaching theory base on my practical experience. Available during weekends at anytime. Near Ma

My teaching method will be different from school. I will create a passion in guitar for the person first then from there try to explore the boring things. For me it's useless for teaching theory at first because it's so boring and you'll lost your passion..

Surfers Paradise
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Brazilian Singer and Guitar, Drums and Bass player since I was 12 years old. Almost 12 years of experience. Can help with the Spanish and the Portuguese languages as well. (Gold Coast)

Evaluate the student's skill level and genders of interest in music, identification of their main difficulties, attend to each one properly in order to achieve a cleanear sound and a smooth play with more and more comfort with the instrument. Provide them with the necessary exercises and techniques to allow them to maintain a good level os satisfaction and sense of progress.

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Guitar learning made easy, all ages. For the serious or recreational player

My classes start with what it is the students want to achieve, be that playing for their own recreation, performing or recording. Its about having fun and exploring their musical interests.

Palm Beach
1st lesson free !

Guitar Lessons, intro to guitar making it fun for you, learn the songs you want to learn

I approach teaching music though what each student is suited so we will start with the basics and then move on from that.

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Wanting to learn Guitar? Private lessons in Atherton on Tuesdays available. Only 2 spots left.

You tell me what song you want to learn and I will prepare for the lesson.

Jamboree Heights
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London College of Music registered Guitar Tutor available for private tuition. Studio, At Home, Online.

At SCHOOL OF GUITAR we focus on fun to keep our students engaged. We teach theory and technique through the songs YOU want to play. We like to think of our style as “Coaching”… bringing out the inner ability rather than “Teaching” tired “Old” syllabus. We’ll work with you to create a personalised plan to help you reach your goals.

1st lesson free !

Churchill Guitar Alternate. Not sight reading alone, how to play, Learn an AMAZING piece slow from day one. NO MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB!

As stated above i base it on the brain requiring a small network for each guitar skill, once laid slow and gentle with correct posture, the neuron network becomes stronger and stronger, till you can do it full on without years practice.

1st lesson free !

Rockstar explains the secrets of guitar playing with a full feeling mode in Melbourne

I write custom lessons for each person. For that reason, my lessons fit your learning style and make you learn faster. My aim is to make you independent musician so we can jam together or you can create your own band asap.

South Launceston
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. Pickstyle ,Pop music. Launceston. 10 years experience of playing .performing in a band. done music course at college. you will improve timing, solo, duet skills and etc... I'm really patient so I al

I base my classes on improving all individuals skills step by step with patiency but I expect the students to try their best and prepare. i can be a really good option for starters and amateurs, I have a good understanding of them because I started learning when I was a kid at an early age.

1st lesson free !

Busker/musician giving guitar lessons and music theory for beginners tab and sheet music

I will teach people by example and also use internet to assist, I am a mature guy with good knowledge for those with an interest to learn how to play for enjoyment and play songs using chords and notes

1st lesson free !
Babyl Creek
1st lesson free !

Do you Want to learn guitar?? Get GUITAR GODDEN lessons today!!!

I base my classes on developing musical skills needed with a focus on the style the student is most interested in. Each lesson consists of - Rhythm skills on selected instrument (Developing strumming hand technique and rhythm accuracy) Scale Patterns Chord Patterns Learning a simple song that the student relates to.

1st lesson free !

Modern Jazz Guitarist, extensive teaching experience in many styles, based in Brisbane.

My teaching is both practical and theoretical, with an emphasis on improving technique, aural skills, repertoire and exposure to modern musical approaches. Lessons are either in person or online and tailored to the individual. Music is the real teacher, but I aim to guide, inspire and clarify.

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Basic acoustic guitar lessons to high school and uni students in Bundaberg

My teaching method is playing by ear as I have been taught and not from a book. I have a little knowledge about basic chords of how to play the guitar but not professionally.

Coffin Bay
1st lesson free !

Musician with 22 years experience who wants to inspire others to learn Guitar

I love teaching beginners, watching them develop their skills and grow into their own guitar players, I find it extremely rewarding. I believe everybody learns at their own rate and should be encouraged to develop their techniques in that manner. I consider myself to be a very patient and supportive teacher. The thing to remember, it should be rewarding, but most importantly fun.

1st lesson free !

Guitar,Singing and musical theory from ages 10 and up, Hobart region. for people starting off or needing an extra hand.

my method depends on what they would like to learn, if they would see themselves making a career out of it or a hobby. the lesson structure will depend on what level they are at and what exactly they would like to achieve.

Frankston South
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Set yourself and your musical soul free! Learn how to express yourself and feel the benefits of connecting yourself through music

My method is to bring emotions out regardless of what emotion that is and turn that into an audible expression, and how my experience can assist with that process. I base my classes on expressing yourself, being yourself, and inspiring to create.

King River
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With 10 years with Acoustic and Electric, scales, solos, background, covers, improvisation, song-writing

I use set material, we practice with a warm up before grinding out the hard stuff and try to have fun with sound at the end. We can learn your favourite songs, cover different genre's, or learn to make your own style.

1st lesson free !

James Cook University Bachelor of Arts student, been playing the guitar for 8 years! 3 years on stage!

I teach through music theory and the breaking down of individuals aspired song learning into bite-sized pieces for one comfort in learning to play the guitar. I come with chord knowledge and a recommendation of songs to start with, but if an individual wishes to learn any specific songs I can prepare and work on that song with them in the following lesson.

Princes Hill
1st lesson free !

Guitar (classical and contemporary) and Music Theory Lessons, Carlton, B.Mus (2016) UNIMELB

Lessons are available at my home in Princes Hill. I am Experienced teaching a wide age range from small children to retirees. I Teach Classical and Contemporary guitar and Music Theory Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

1st lesson free !

Passionate Music Student gives excellent guitar lessons to kids aged 6+ in Cairns

I base my classes on beginners to intermediate learners/players. My teaching method is simple: 1. Introduce the chord/rhythm or song. (I do) 2. Play the chord/rhythm or song at the normal tempo. (I do) 3. Break it down (We do) 4. Student listens, follows, performs, etc.

1st lesson free !

Music theory and performance Certified Diploma to teach beginner Guitar, Vox, Uke

I cover general knowledge about how to approach which direction/discipline you would like to specialize in. From which instrument to choose/buy to practice routines 'what not to do' and applied knowledge of notation, chord formulas, chord progressions and how to set up for long term goals.

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Guitar lessons/coaching by a qualified and experienced guitarist, bassist, and singer songwriter, with performance & recording experience. Private lessons available in home located on the Mornington P

I'm a dedicated musician, singer songwriter who is passionate about seeing others reach their dreams and potential. My methods are based upon securing the basics of rhythmic chord structures and solo technique. An initial assessment process to determine suitability and achieving an agreed strategy on how best to reach the goals of the student.

1st lesson free !

Captain Gill is an artist graduated from Hillsong College majoring in vocals,he song writes plays guitar.

I teach by taking my students through some music theory and then I find out what music they like. The guitar we will go through various chord shapes,bar and open,starting with 12 bar blues. Vocals learning scales and voice protection.

1st lesson free !

Music Tuition, Established 1987, AMEB Theory and Practical exam standard. CQU Diploma with Distinction.

My teaching methods are based on proven results, I prefer the student to receive lessons in a variety of music styles, using both traditional and modern approaches to learning. Lessons are geared towards receiving new information each class with progressive understanding.

1st lesson free !

ANU Politics Student and musician offering guitar lessons, based on what you want to learn

I base my lessons on what my student wants to learn. I ask them what their goals are in the topic of study and aim to create lessons and teach in order to help them achieve those goals over time. I always want to make sure I am catering to their needs and wishes in terms of what I'm teaching.

Banora Point
1st lesson free !

Are you tired of singing along to the radio, learn guitar and your sing your own tune!

My teaching method is tailored to the student. Some students come to me with a very specific taste in music and like to talk about their passion and guide the lesson through their interest. I always employ the 'I do, we do and you do' method of teaching. I also provide students with an MP4 of the song they are learning so they can take it away and practice in between sessions.

1st lesson free !

Playing since 10 years old for over 30 years knowledge and experience

I teach people what they want to learn and try to teach each student in a way they will learn quickly while having fun. Some people learn in a tactile way while others prefer a more structured approach. I can also teach from beginners to advanced and even the most experienced players will learn something new including me.

1st lesson free !

Masters of Teaching graduate teaching guitar to students of all ages in Wollongong

I find students learn much more effectively when they are enjoying themselves, and for this reason I always tailor lessons to the musical tastes of each student. By allowing students to pick the songs they want to learn I find they have a lot more fun learning to play the guitar and as a result make much quicker progress.

Segundo jr
1st lesson free !

It's Never Too late to learn New Things like Playing Instruments - Music Express the Inexpressible...

First things first i will ask the students what made them get interested to learn Guitar and what kind of music they like and want to play and learn. Thru it i can integrate materials to use to fit and keep their interest to study further rather than for filling their free time.

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Perfect! Michael started giving our son guitar lessons 1 Month ago, we are very happy and will continue with Michael. I would very much recommend him as a teacher as he is very patient, very friendly and very caring for his student.

Patricia, Student
1 year ago
(8 reviews)

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