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Guitar lessons with Miles - Learn the theory, prepare for exams or learn for fun!

My teaching method is to evaluate your learning speed and experience on the guitar. From there, we work out what you're interested in the most - learning for fun, theory, or AMEB exams. I am also very happy to take requests or teach you your favourite songs.

Gin Gin
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Singing and Guitar Tuition, Singer with 20 Years experience would like to help you, Follow easy instructions and learn new skills that will have you preforming at a high levels of performance in no ti

When it comes to Guitar I am self taught but have picked up many new skills along the way from other musicians. With my singing it came naturally from childhood after I developed a love for music and would sing along to all styles but I am mostly classed as a country artist.

North Melbourne
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French teacher guitar classic / folk / pop / rock / jazz / blues in Melbourne let's do this !

I will help you to develop your creativity , in first Time i show you the basic chord and explain to you how we find the tones on the guitar , After that we Can choose a song that you like ans try to do it with our guitar ;)

Old Noarlunga
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I teach Guitar. I am based in Old Noarlunga, South Australia, but can travel anywhere. I use a student centred approach to teaching.

I like to start by asking the student their favourite song that they want to learn. We then learn it! Along the way I introduce the relevant theory but only as much as is needed and as deep as the student wishes to go. I can tailor to any student. I feel there is initially a joy in music that leads the student to want to learn and I wish to foster and use this joy.

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Humane being offering to assist people to draw out their inner creativity through musical practices.

Every one of us is unique, and so it is essential that an intuitive learning approach that focuses on the individuality of the student is employed. Raising the awareness of your inner self is the best way to open the floodgates on your innovation and ability.

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Qualified music teacher. Holds a Bachelor of Applied Music Performance and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Very passionate about music and education, and positive lifestyle choices.

My approach is student centered. I design lessons to fit the individual needs of each student. This is the main reason I prefer to teach individually, as i can give my full attention to each student. I teach a combination of music theory and technique, but the lessons are flexible.

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Guitar tutor located in Adelaide. Own a bachelor in Music Performance with Honours, beginner to advanced, theory and practical.

My lessons typically consist of finding out where the student is on a technical and playing level, what they are interested in learning and then developing a long term plan that is designed to push them forwards in their playing and musicianship.

Kenmore Hills
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Music Industry College Student offering flexible tutoring in Guitar to youth in the Brisbane Region.

My teaching method focuses on helping the student become comfortable behind a guitar, paying particular attention towards technique and theoretical applications such as fingerpicking, strumming, fretting, chordal and melody conjunction, as well as the ability to fluently read tablature.

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Sunshine Coast Music Graduate with years of experience gives guitar lessons. I come to you.

My teaching methods revolve around the right pedagogical approaches for the student. I cater for the students level of playing guitar. I use fun and enjoyable songs that challenge the learner and help them towards their overall goals for the lessons.

Port Macquarie
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Music lover teaching beginner guitar in port macquarie nsw,loves the instrument would love to teach what i know

i am new to teaching but i would like to teach people classic rock/ pop songs from the sixties to the present,the rock band KISS are my favourites but i like most styles of music,I would teach the basic chords and some extra's such as bar chords.

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GUITAR lessons (acoustic and electric) at all levels, for pleasure or serious pursuit, tailored to your needs and musical preferences. Experienced teacher, performing and recording artist (Melbourne)

- RHYTHM GUITAR (various types of accompaniment) - LEAD GUITAR (lead parts, melody, soloing/improvisation) - PLECTRUM and FINGER-PICKING techniques for Songs, etc - CHORDS, SCALES, FINGERBOARD knowledge, MUSIC THEORY - developing RHYTHM, reading MUSICAL or TABLATURE NOTATION - and many other useful skills Hi, my name is Tim, and I can help you develop your musical, creative and expressive...

Ascot Vale
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Guitar Teacher - ALL Levels. Technique, Songs, Theory, Improvising, every genre imaginable!

Want to learn how to play some riffs to get started? DONE Want to learn to improvise over the Donna Lee changes? DONE Want to learn how to read music or read TAB? DONE Want to learn the theory behind music and how it all works? DONE Want to just talk about music? DONE I am passionate about making YOUR dreams come true. I've played all my life and am competent in a lot of different genres.

Mount Cotton
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Lead guitar Soloing Blues, Rock, Metal, Shred Are you ready to rock ?

Practice, Practice, Practice, but is great to be shown how to get you 10 000 hours up as quickly and enjoyable as possible.

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Basic Foundation Level Guitar Tutor - Learn to read music on guitar!

My Teaching curriculum is based off of the Hal Leonard essential elements and method series textbooks, with a focus on skill enhancement, Musicality, Musicianship and Score Analysis. Every Guitarist should know how to read music. It provides a more concrete foundation for your musical creativity. I will help you read music...

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Learn to Play Improvisational Guitar and Write Your Own Songs with Me!

I'm a huge proponent of delimiting the playing potential of others. I can use my basic understanding of certain scales and intervals to allow others to move away from 'boxes', and use the entirety of the fretboard for creative potential.

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Australian Institute of Music student gives guitar lessons on the Central Coast

My approach to teaching is solely driven by the goals of my students whether that be their next music exam, completing Music at a HSC level or just learning it out of interest and passion.

1st lesson free !

Friendly Guitar Teacher, Noosa Area to Maroochydore, You will love to learn guitar

The best way to learn how to play guitar is to practice it every day. We will learn together the first step of guitare base. Then I will teach you how to play a lot of records that you would like to learn. You have to tell me what style you are looking for and I will teach you how to play it. Everything in a good and friendly moment.

1st lesson free !

USYD student gives guitar, maths, science, english and history tutoring around Newtown

My teaching method is targeting on an individuals weakest areas and working up from there. I incorporate what the student also wants to focus on in their studies and try to make the experience far more enjoyable for them too.

1st lesson free !

I am passionate about music and would love to spread my music knowledge. I teach music and guitar lessons in Brisbane. I believe music can't be learnt within 4 walls so there's going to be some outdoo

I don't go by rules when it comes to music classes. There are basic things that the student will be learning about guitar and music in general but other than that there is no hard and fast rule. I would approach the class by connecting with the student on the common ground of music and gaining their trust to take them a step closer to their passion.

Coffs Harbour
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Experienced guitarist and recording artist offering private guitar lessons in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas

Music should be FUN!! I tailor each lesson to the individual and teach you skills and techniques you will use in your everyday playing. Music theory is important but i strongly believe it should primarily be utilized to develop your musical ear in order to play and create the music you love to play.

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Learn basic guitar at your own pace and get the basics to where to begin.

I have always believed the music comes from the soul so that whatever style or sound you produce is a part of that person and their soul and who they are as a person. It is an instrument anyone can learn as long as they feel it enough to want to learn. Slow and steady and taking your time is a big must when learning guitar.

Sandy Bay
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Efficient guitar training course from 0 basis to performance stage with short time and reliable method

For a brief introduction, my course follow the "Acoustic Guitar Examination Course" , some of the tracks will be added that need to practice when students get started.

Deception Bay
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Brisbane Highly Experienced Musician and Guitar Teacher / Player with over 10 years or teaching and playing guitar

My teaching method is simple easy to understand and relevant to the players experience level I love working with new student and introducing them into the wonderful world or music and guitar player I am a very patient person who will work at proving the students with advanced playing

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Guitar Teacher Sunshine coast with over 30 years experience playing Rock and Blues

My lessons are geared to beginners and people intermediate level guitar players who wish to learn more. I will give you basic riffs and chords to learn songs completely. I believe anybody can play any instrument with a little bit of motivation. And that's where the fun comes in, cause if its fun, its easy to learn.

1st lesson free !

Qualified Musician gives private lessons on the Guitar, learn to play fast!

my teachings methods are i try to have as much fun as possible while keeping it very hands on, more playing the guitar than trying to explain how it all works! i like to give students the right playing habits and fundamentals to put them in the right path of being a great player by learning the correct techniques in a particular order.

1st lesson free !

Melbourne finger lickin finger pickin guitar lessons blues / rock / finger style!

My methodology for teaching is to create a fun and no pressure environment but also assure the student that each lesson is a step in the right direction for their musical journey, making music accessible for everyone is my greatest goal as I believe that anyone can play any instrument to any level as long as they put their mind to it and keep that passion in mind the whole time with small goals...

Mount Pleasant
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Old School roadie leaves early with task ahead for begginer to grow

i would learn as easy as i could then i was introduced to lessons then i understood more and never stop playing until i had more compatibility with better rhythm so u don't just jump into as high if u have to and receive assurance of accepting the learning of control and making some or your own rhythm

Lake Heights
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Mature singer-songwriter, gives acoustic guitar lessons, melody and chords at home studio

I am a mature female and work from my home studio. I have experience teaching guitar to young children, teenagers and adults. I teach from Hal Leonard Guitar Method book 1, note reading on the staff , strumming and fingerpicking.

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Professional guitarist who specialises in a range of genres. From the beginner wanting to learn for enjoyment or who has aspirations of making a career.

I work one on one with people teaching them the basics - step by step strumming coordination. I can relate to peoples learning style and can adjust my teaching method to suit the individual needs of the student. I take time to ensure that the student is competent in each step before progressing further.

1st lesson free !

Guitar aficionado that is really interested in nurturing shredding, electric, soulside vibes

Keepin' it super real. If there is any intention to not keep it super real then you have most certainly come to the wrong place. If there was a such thing, i would get a musical restraining order until you agree before the gods of rock to keep it super real for the rest of your life.

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Perfect! Michael started giving our son guitar lessons 1 Month ago, we are very happy and will continue with Michael. I would very much recommend him as a teacher as he is very patient, very friendly and very caring for his student.

Patricia, Student
1 year ago
(8 reviews)

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