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Experienced gigging musician with 30+ years experience gives music, guitar and vocal lessons for people in Austin, TX and online

I started music by taking private violin lessons as well as classes in the 4th grade. I was active in church and school choirs for many years and played percussion in my Jr high school band. At the age of 15 I picked up guitar and within 8 months I had my first paying gig.

Upper Tadmarton
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Electric and Acoustic Guitar Tutoring in North Oxfordshire from an Experienced Instrutor

I'm an experienced guitar tutor based in north Oxfordshire. I have an honours degree in popular music and recording and I have an up-to-date DBS check. I can give lessons at my home, or at a local music store. The lessons I plan for my students are bespoke in nature, so you can learn what you want to learn.

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1st lesson free !

Professional musician gives professional guitar, theory, and general music classes in Toronto

I work with each individual student to provide an education based around the individual. Everyone's goals are different, especially with music, and I focus on yours.

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Graduated in Flamenco Guitar, he offers classes in flamenco guitar, musical language, harmony and analysis.

Classes will be taught individually. The first day will be a brief test to the student to know their level. In this way, we can start working knowing that aspects should be improved. Students will be given material to be able to start working and perform exercises to improve technically and musically.

San Juan
Angel axel
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Music Producer teaches Guitar lessons with advanced method from level 0, CDMX South and Center

Through the 14 years that I have been teaching, I have made effective techniques as well as I have left aside others that are not so much. My general ideology nowadays is: No matter how technical the exercise is, it must always be musical and stimulating for the new performer, even for the one who has never even played in his life.

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15 years experienced guitar player gives electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Bournemouth area.

I focus on improving the following skills : - Music Theory - Reading music - Technical guitar skills - Improving your sound - Making you able to coordinate your voice while playing guitar We always take a little bit of time to set your objectives on the first lesson, in order for us to be as efficient as possible.

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Young professional musician with BMus (Hons) in guitar offering guitar lessons for all levels of playing at competitive prices!

I generally tailor my teaching method on the student’s needs and abilities: the first lesson is usually longer so that we can get to know each other and that I can understand where the work is needed and what excercises I should give them to make them achieve the best results for their capabilities.

San Francisco
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San Francisco metal guitarist will teach you how to SHRED (6 years shredding experience)

I believe that guitarists should play whatever music most excites their passion. It's easy to do what you love. I will help you discover what lights your fire, so that you can pursue it relentlessly and keep motivated effortlessly to practice and improve. I will teach you what YOU want to play.

Los Angeles
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Pro guitarist/ experienced teacher offering music lessons of all kinds in LA!

I have Master and Bachelor degrees in Music. I'm very patient and am committed to the student's goals. Even though we're working hard, we should be having fun. If you're a beginner or a hobbyist, I've got a lesson plan for you. If your goal is to be a professional musician, composer/writer. or performer. I've got a plan for you as well. I customize YOUR lessons to YOUR needs and learning style.

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Educated musician and teacher teaches guitar, bass guitar, double bass and ukulele. Living in Oslo.

I offer lessons at all levels and am committed to adapting the teaching program to the individual student and being able to have an open dialogue and listen to the students individual wishes. I put particular emphasis on music understanding and improvisation, but my lessons will cover all necessary areas such as technique, melody playing, chord playing and reading notation and chord symbols.

San Andrés Cholula
Carlos josé
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Private lessons of classical guitar in Cholula Puebla. Flexibility in schedules and personalized advance.

I teach both theory and practice. With me you will learn not only to play the guitar, but also to read tablatures and many interesting musical and cultural data. I love using technology to improve learning. I will help you play your favorite musical genre.

Ciudad de México
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Nicaraguan jazz guitarist with studies in Mexico and Spain offers electric guitar lessons (of all genres of music) in the western area of Mexico City.

My way of teaching is completely molded based on the tastes and preferences of the student. I am of the firm belief that a student has to play the style of music that he likes the most. Having said this, I am very clear about the universal things that have to be taught on the guitar so that the student can freely express their creativity.

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Whether you’re just starting out or wish to develop your existing level of ability I cover many styles of both acoustic or electric guitar.

“An exceptionally creative lecturer with an excellent depth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm and ambition for his students and colleagues.” Susan Kenyon, OFSTED. Managed, innovated and developed specified programmes of study. Provided learning support and guidance to students. OFSTED awarded outstanding grade 1.

New Delhi
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Professional music performer and guitarist of delhi based band gives guitar lessons.

My teaching methods and philosophy primarily revolved around trying to find the perfect balance between teaching the students the technical aspects, including various techniques of guitar as an intrument, associated styles, music theory and arrangement, at the same time also providing enough practice and skills to students, to be able to apply these techniques to compose their own music, or cover...

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Learn to play your favorite songs on Guitar, Bass or other instruments!

I first learned to play instruments by playing along to my favorite songs. I believe it is the best way to keep yourself inspired, get over the learning hump and it's a great way to learn many different styles of playing music.

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Berklee College of Music Graduate, Boston University Music Education Doctorate student giving online guitar lessons

I am deeply committed to education and course development. As a teacher and performer, critical listening and research have provided the analytical foundation for my instruction. I focus on educational quality and pedagogical need so students, both in private lessons and ensemble situations, can develop as musicians.

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Graduated from MAI (International Music Academy) and Guitarist from International Group (MYRATH)

I am based on Simple exercises playful but very effective, which my personally helped to understand and to evolve, we will treat various subject, that it is the bases, the strikes the agreement to 3 his, or but also more complex technique as the tapping the sweeping, arpeggios the round trip, and much more ...

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Guitar lessons and musical training: rhythm harmony and improvisation

basic and intermediate level. Any age. Methodic practice with: Technic Harmony Theory Rhythm Improvisation Music Education diferent stylesand Varied Methodology focused on an organized and sustained study. dynamic stymulation of music studying. methods for self improvement over a period of time.

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Guitar and Music lessons (Blues, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Funk) for beginners and advanced students

The lessons are based on sharing a passion for music and having fun playing together. The learning path will be divided into the different lesson days between: - Learning of songs; - Theory of music; - Technical exercises; - Listening and Improvisation. Lessons are generally 1/2 hours and once a week to allow the student to learn and practice the study material.

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Creative Music Production student offering Guitar, Bass and Doubloe Bass Lessons in NI

I am namely a jazz/blues guitarist and have studied to a Grade 8 standard - I also play double bass, bass guitar, piano and sing. I write a lot of poetry and draw illustrations which have been commissioned for use by several bands/companies. When teaching I try to cater to the needs of the student, dictated by their learning styles and enthusiasm wherever it lies.

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Guitarist with 10 years of experience offering guitar lessons at home and online

My teaching method consists of leading by example as well as relating towards player experience.

Mount Clemens
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College Student with over 2.5 years of Music Instruction experience through Ardis Music.

My teaching methodology is different for each student. After asking them questions and looking at their personal goals, I then create a lesson plan to fit their specific needs. I work one-on-one, and never give up. If the original lesson plan or explanation is not working, I change the method until the student achieves their goal of understanding the subject we set out to conquer.

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Start this 2019 making your dreams come true, enroll in Guitar, Ukulele, Piano and Solfeo lessons in Sopó, virtual private classes and at home.

I work from didactic methods where I combine the technique, reading, suggested repertoire and songs that the student chooses in order to motivate and accompany him in his progress step by step.

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Guitar lessons - in Paris or by Skype - by musician graduate

I am a professional musician from Sweden currently living in Paris, recently graduated from Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (student exchange). I offer guitar lessons, acoustic and electric, beginners and advanced. - pop, folk, jazz, pop, blues and improvisation - private or group lessons, at home or at my place.

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Student Offering Awesome Private Guitar Music Lessons For All New to Music!

I start out with learning the feel of the instrument then move onto very basic finger exercises. On the side, I go over some music theory.

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Guitar tutor - acoustic and electric available. Take your first step to guitar mastery!

My teaching method is catered to each individual student. After outlining goals we will work toward achieving results in an effective and most importantly enjoyable manner. A mixture of theory and techniques will result in swift progression for the student.

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ANYBODY CAN DO THE STRINGS! Trust me when I say this, I make learning music much more easier than you actually think it is!

My only aim, when it comes to teaching music, is to make the student fall in love with music and it's beauty. The rest will automatically fall in place! I focus on both, performance and production which is essential for all-round development of budding musicians.

Greater London
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Beginner to Advanced progression guitar lessons provided and tailored to the individual.

I don't have a rigid process of teaching or progressing things as I feel it may restrict it's potential. Every individual is different and so why should any of the lessons be the same? Adapting to the circumstances and with the help of hard work, willingness to learn and give simultaneously is the work ethic I adhere to.

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I have been teaching guitar, electric guitar,bass guitar music theory & songwriting for 18yrs and a professional musician for over 20 years I have experience teaching pupils with learning difficulties

Lessons are tailored to each pupil adults or children. I have taught children and adults with learning difficulties such as ADHD, pupils on the Autistic scale, dyslexic and I and currently teaching an adult who is blind.

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