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International legal theory Ph.D. student at the University of Melbourne with some professional experience!

I have always been convinced on the benefits of both problem-based learning or any other method which works on the analytical skills of the students rather than the mere passing of information. This is why I prefer to engage with students in a conversation more than proper lecturing.

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UQ Philosophy PhD Candidate offering humanities, English and history tutoring to high school and tertiary students in Brisbane

My teaching method is broadly based in the model of humanities university tutoring, with an emphasis on closer analyses of subject content and helping the student to relate the topic to a wider context. I am available for both general ongoing assistance, as well as help with planning and writing assignments.

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An ex- lawyer, current applicant to be a research fellow Adelaide Law School. Passionate in teaching humanities and legal subjects.

I am an Ex- lawyer with more than 7 years of experience in practicing law along with being a holder of Masters of Political Science. I am pursuing an application for Doctorate in University of Adelaide law School since my passion is teaching and I have been besides my professional work been teaching subjects of humanities to secondary and high school students.

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Homeschool Philosophy - Diogenes - the original cynic - who pooed on the streets of Athens

Diogenes believed in living by his own rules. He didn’t believe in toilets, partially because toilets weren’t invented yet, but mostly because he lived in a barrel.

Highgate Hill
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Recent TEFL English teacher (in China) looking to teach his degree, History, or English, here in Brisbane

I structure my lessons so that they are both informative and engaging. I think it's vital to have history taught chronologically but also holistically.

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Learn Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Politics, and the History of Philosophy in Sydney.

My approach to teaching is to both (1) understand the student's educational needs, level of knowledge, ability to work with abstract concepts, and degree of motivation; and (2) to begin to introduce the subject matter in a way that is appealing and stimulating intellectually, and takes the student to a level where he/she begins to formulate his/her own questions and his/her own analyses and...

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Current Australian National University student completing Bachelor of Arts (ATAR 91.10)

My teaching methodology is full of rewarding excellence in learning so that the student will be encouraged and want to learn as much as possible. I hope to pass on my passion for learning as I found myself interested in all types of subject and keen to pursue everything.

Parramatta Park
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Social Communication and Journalist currently studying Marine Biology offers lessons in Cairns for humanities and sciences!

I know that the best way for learning is by believing you can do it, then understanding, practicing and in the end, explaining to others. And that's the method I always use and the one that has shown the best results.

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I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in history and linguistics and an Honours degree in history. I can tutor students in Armidale, NSW, in person, and others elsewhere via Skype, Facebook, etc.

I try to work in with whatever is best for my student/s, so I don't have a rigid approach to lessons. Not all people learn most effectively in the same way, and I believe that, wherever possible, a great educator should accommodate their students' learning style as best they can.

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Utas student, (F 20) tutoring TCE & HIGHSCHOOL History, Religion, English, Philosophy ESSAY WRITING worked with Autistic, dyslexic and other learning difficulties happy to help anyone! :)

My tutoring philosophy : I think it's so important to first get the person I am tutoring interested and excited about a subject, I despise old school teaching on just rewriting the same thing over and over again (although I do see the benefit of doing exam practise questions.

Fitzroy North
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Melbourne University Philosophy major helping Uni and High School Students in Melbourne

My teaching method is based on building blocks. I.E. getting the students to build on what they already know and use that as a model for new concepts. This way the content/knowledge is firmly ingrained. I also get the students to repeat new concepts back to me in a clear and succinct manner as a further way of ensuring that the knowledge is embedded.

Redland Bay
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Philosophy and Gender Studies Student Turned Tutor Giving Classes on High School and Uni Level Gender Studies and Philosophy Subjects

As a student of philosophy and people lover, I change my teaching method for each and every one of my students! Building a strong communicative bond with my students is the BEST way to make sure lessons are both productive and enjoyable for the both of us.

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Studied History at ANU, Studying Teaching, Philosophy and Creative Writing at UC. Offering help to anyone in the Canberra Area. Personable, Great Communicator, Reliable, Passionate and Energetic

My approach to teaching is derived from my ability to communicate well with my students. I do my best to differentiate how I deliver content based on how my students learn most effectively. I always ensure that whoever I am helping has a full understanding of the content before moving on to the next stage, and that the information being delivered is relevant and relatable for them personally.

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Philosophy and formal logic lessons in Perth - First class honours in philosophy graduate

Hello! My name is Ben. I can help you with all things philosophy-related. As a tutor, I can offer any of the following: - The clarification of specialised topics and concepts in philosophy. (Including: ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, formal logic, philosophy of mind) - Strategies for clear, concise and structured essay writing.

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Years 11 & 12 Philosophy Tutor - Canberra - Understanding Concepts, Reading Texts, Writing Essays

True exemplary performance in examinations is achieved through two principles - understanding of the course content, and understanding of what the examination requires. In my lessons I will focus upon supplementing your learning in school with more focused and detailed explanations of ideas, thinkers, and texts that are not available in a classroom environment.

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(Masters degree) Giving lessons on logic/philosophy/History/film productions near Perth/Mandurah/Online (With 10 years of experience)

I am currently 53 years old, so often I like to just get into the point. I can't guarantee you'll be a billionaire by the end of my lessons, but if you pay attention, you will flourish. I know learning can be hard sometimes, so I hope to do my best in making you do the best of your abilities.

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University of Queensland post-grad history student giving lessons to high school and Uni students in Brisbane

I view the tutoring relationship as primarily one of mentoring, a partnership of equals with the mutual goal of improving the student's overall academic ability as well as their ability to perform well on assessment. All students are different and I am committed to ensuring all students are capable of learning within an environment that suits their needs and learning style.

Sharmil kaur
(1 review)
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Passionate teacher making boring subjects like history, geography simple and super fun to learn

I am a tutor who can make difficult and boring subjects look easy and interesting. I have experienced this by teaching students from 10 to 15 years of age at school that is grade 5 to grade 10. My lessons are always structured in a pattern of a story or sometimes I try to explain students with pictures because I believe that visual learning leads to better learning and understanding of the subject.

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Broaden your knowledge or expand your depth in any historical period, for High School or University Students in Canberra

My approach towards teaching is geared not towards remembering vast amounts of information or content, but rather is focused on creating effective practices in processing information in order to develop stronger critical thinking skills that can be applied not only to History, but to any other topic or field.

Victoria Park
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History graduate gives lessons to high school students and undergraduate uni students

My teaching method would be based on the person that I am teaching and how much they already understand about a topic. I have great people skills so I am confident that I would be able to be flexible and effective in my approach.

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Monash Honours Graduate with a broad knowledge of European Philosophy and the History of Philosophy

My teaching method is to get students to understand some of the more difficult concepts which are approached in philosophy. I will help students write up an essay plan, as well as help them construct arguments. I prefer to read materials that the student is working with so that I can engage them with their ideas properly.

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English, Drama and Media teacher to teach all levels of English (5-17 age group).

I work with students to improve without feeling like anything is too difficult. I give positive reinforcement and encouragement at all times.

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Passionate learner of history with a focus on the classical era and full-time student of town planning at UQ

I am a very hands-on interactive person and I learn how I teach. I cannot stand being lectured to for an hour and I don't teach this way. I much prefer to have questions asked, pose my own questions, and if applicable explore topics we both may be unfamiliar with to blend the teacher-student dynamic into a collaborative learning environment.

Forest Glen
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Education Student majoring in history. Will focus on teaching efficient research skills to help prepare students for higher education.

My teaching method is dependent on the needs of the student. If they need help with a specific topic or assignment, then that will be the focus of the lessons. If they are seeking a broader understanding of the topic then I will attempt to explore and find the students interest and use that as the tool to explore further different aspects of history.

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History enthusiast gives art history classes in Sydney to any kind of learner

I've always been passionate about history and I love sharing my love for it in the best way I can: narrrating and sharing images. I'm an Illustrator that has always thought that images are way more powerfull that we thing.

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3rd Year Macquarie Philosophy Student and Cert III in Theology. Given lessons in many relevant subjects.

I like to engage my students with the purpose of why they are learning that particular material foremost in mind. They are brought to their own conclusions in a way that gives them an understanding of the whole, as opposed to just the facts.

Marseille 5e
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Certified teacher gives out class courses and workshops intensive individualized


(10 reviews)

Doctor of Philosophy - 10 years of experience in higher education - individual courses in philosophy, methodology or logic

Doctor of Philosophy, I taught at the university (Bachelor, Master) from 2007 to 2017. My private lessons are for high school students (preparation for the bac, methodology of the discipline), students (preparation for competitions and examinations), or adults wishing to discover philosophy (and the grandiose notions of world, spirit, self, etc.) it mobilizes.

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PhD in philosophy, author of philosophical texts and teacher, offers lessons of philosophy and humanities in Bologna and online

Hello to everyone, I graduated in philosophy first in Italy (three years), then I got a master's degree and a doctorate in Germany. My philosophical preparation ranges from ancient philosophy to contemporary philosophy. I wrote on the Renaissance philosophy, graduating on Wittgenstein's thought, and I published a book on Foucault.

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Philo up to level 3 Degree (Master 2 student at the UNSA)

I am a student in Master 2 Philosophy. I am currently preparing the CAPES and am happy to give during Philo (BAC (all sections) in the Licence 3). - Support Course (explanations misunderstandings, training concepts etc.) - Monitoring readings - Preparation for the methodology of the comment, explanation and dissertation (and spelling corrections, syntactic verification etc.

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